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The Creative Art of Quilting


The Creative Art of Quilting

I know a lot of you quilt so I wanted to share an article I read

Link below

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Thanks for the article it was great. I forwarded it to my sister. She's a therapist for autistic children. She might find the idea useful for some of her patients.

This was a great read. I started my dad quilting when he was 80 and had to give up his power tools due to visual loss. I think he made 15 or more quilts over the next few years. It became his job and it gave him a sense of purpose.

Thank you! I can identify with those folks in the article. I passed it on to all the gals in my quilt group.


Hey rjoneslaw,

Great article! It touches upon many things that I can relate to!

Keep smiling,

Carole :-D

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