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It's been a tough year so far. It's going to get better one way or another. Haha. After having my second major surgery on my ankle in February, I thought I was done for the year. The MS evidently had other plans. The spasticity in my legs increased past the point of tolerance. So I now am sporting a new shiney Baclofen Pump in my back. Had the surgery to put it in 5 weeks ago. So far so good. We are still making adjustments to the med amounts and will be for several weeks. Have to find a middle ground between MS Legs and Jello Legs and I have to wait 2 weeks between adjustments. But so far the pump is performing really great things in my legs. If you need one and get a chance to get it, it is definitely worth consideration. The only warning I have is that the pump is rather sizeable so be prepared for that and the surgery is really painful. But in the end it's been so so worth it in my case. I'm proud to be ALL PUMPED UP.

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Congratulations! It's wonderful that you were able to get your pump "installed." I hope you find that sweet spot in your dosage.

Glad your pump is working for you debbie-smith767 I hope that you and the doctors are able to find the right setting to give you continued relief! Keep us updated when you can!


Congratulations on your pump, I hope you get it dialed in and get the best out of your system and surgery!

Good luck, I wish you the best moving forward!


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