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Neuropsychological Testing info


I will be having this testing done in 2 weeks and have heard many different bits of information about what it will be like. I found this site when I was browsing around this afternoon. I will spend a little more time on the site but wanted to share with my pals here on this forum..Hope you check it out.

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WOW! Thanks CalfeeChick, u r a true Pal. ❤💜💚😍🙏💪😎Blessings---Jazzy

Thanks for sharing 👍🤷🏼‍♂️🐾 Ken

I've had the testing 1 1/2 years ago and he wants to do it again but he's no longer in network. It's not bad. If you go in with a good attitude, it can be actually fun! Think of it as a bunch of brain teasers. I'm trying to sell more art so I can afford another round!


I've been doing some word games on Merriam Webster site on pc. fun, but my scores are low when compared to others my age. I'm getting to where, I don't really care. "It is what it is!"

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