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I have had two days with PT the first day was he had to write down his info my meds ext......

To day he had me from a sitting position stand up I was able was able to push up from the arms of the chair. He timed me for 30 seconds the first day I did 6 the second day and I did 7 yeah.

Then he had me walk and wants me to bend my left knee when I walk that is my drop foot. Then I had to stand with out holding onto my kitchen counter for 30 seconds ( my feet had to be close to getting. The next thing to do was I had to put one foot in front of the other toe to heal and stand for 30 seconds or as long I can the switch feet it wasn’t that bad he stood be hind me when I do it by myself I will have my rollator

I just wanted to give you some information so if you have never had PT it’s not a bad thing and I have had PT before and it wasn’t like this it was more sitting down and just move your legs which is good but really I want to be a little challenged

I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GREAT FOURTH OF JULY My husband has been called out to work but my son is home so this the third of July and there are firerworks to watch so we are going to get a pizza 🍕 and watch firer works oh by the way the heat indexed is around 100*f I hope his air conditioner is working

18 Replies
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Stay cool and enjoy the 4th! I’m so happy PT us helping you!

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ssdw1958 in reply to greaterexp

Thank you

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Keep up the good work! I'm glad you've found a physical therapist you like.

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ssdw1958 in reply to Tinker-Belle

Thank you

enjoy the fireworks, stay cool, and I hope the a/c works well for you ;)

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ssdw1958 in reply to MS_Indestructible

Thank you

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Thanks for sharing. I will have a go with those, glad the fireworks were good. Blessings Jimeka 🎇 🎆

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ssdw1958 in reply to jimeka

Just make sure something or someone is behind you when you do try them just in case you should fall if I don’t have any one I am going to have my rollator locked

Be hind

I have PT on Thursday. I went to this therapist last year 2 or 3 times a month for 6 months and she helped me a lot. She specializes in neuromuscular diseases and understands the MS pathology. I've been to others but she's the best for me. Unfortunately I'm in the worst relapse ever and I'm barely walking. But I'm trying to keep as much mobility as I can so I'm going to go, though I might postpone more visits until this relapse passes if it's just too hard right now. We'll see. I think it's good you want to be challenged. Sometimes we don't think we can do something until we are challenged and find out we can. Happy 4th!

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I hope your relapse passes quickly just so that you get more mobility back. Happy Fourth of July I hope you have a good day!!

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So happy PT is working for you. Keep us updated on how it goes. Happy 4th. It's nasty humid here and we had our fireworks tonight and my dog hates them 😔


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Thank you. I don’t know where you are but in New England is so bad when my son brought me out side so we could go and watch the firer works I couldn’t believe how nasty hot and humid it was out side thank goodness for air conditioning. Have a Happy Fourth of July !!

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I’m so happy for you. My insurance won’t pay for pt saying I have MS and I’ll never improve.

On the bright side I found a woman who teaches a tai-chi class here in Chicago IL. She has MS. One of the MS society recommended her class. She was once wheelchair bound now she walks without a cane.

I have only been to 2 classes but see improvement

It doesn’t hurt that I’m doing the MS gym on Facebook as well

Happy Movement and Improvements

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ssdw1958 in reply to rjoneslaw

I’m glad you found a class that works with you and I can’t believe your insurance is so insensitive and also jerks.

Have a good day!!

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Happy to hear you found the right PT that works for you keep up the Good work and have a Happy 4th.

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Sounds like you’re rocking it! 🎉

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Thanks for the info. I want to begin PT next week myself. Happy 4th!

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ssdw1958 in reply to Juliew19673

You also have a great 4th! I hope you do well with your PT.

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