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hello, what do you do

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You wonder how to answer this don't you? What you were you are no longer. Our lives today we are so entwined in our jobs careers, it really is how we measure ourselves and how others judge us.

I refuse to be powerlesss, to be looked on with pity. I prefer to be judged from a position of wonder and strength. my answer is always " I am retired" said of course with a smile. Now they are wondering not pitying me. I like them wondering much better. If I care which I often don't I will say "disabled". I do not need to explain myself, I can be vague, I will maintain my position of strength. I do not need to be pitied or be judged as weak.

I will maintain as much control over my environment as I possibly can. I have learned what to do and what not to do. I do not need the world to judge me, or to see any weakness. I will always give an appearance of strength and control. Do not mess with me ever. Keep people wondering,you do not have to admit your disability to all, it is ok to let them wonder. Wondering is good for them. be careful who you give your secret to all willy nilly.

Remember this is how I do it, it is just an idea to make you think.


from the drivers seat

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That is so true don’t let anyone know you have any issues that was my down fall I let the cat out of the bag and once my job new that they worked on how to get me out of my job. It worked but I didn’t give in that easy it took them seven years please to all if you can keep that cat in the bag DO IT.

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Yes the really is no need yo broadcast to the world every detail of your life.

I have MS, Lupus, and RA. I don't think I'm disabled. I can drive, shop, cook, clean, and do pretty much anything else you need done as long as I don't have to stand on a chair. I can't stand on a chair anymore since MS

wow better than mr.

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