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Advice from the driver


ASK, TALK, LEARN, NEVER EVER GIVE UP no matter how dark the road is, You can get through this. Others have, I HAVE and trust me I am not special, I am just a temporary bus driver Just plow on, you CAN and if you LET YOURSELF, YOU WILL. Let yourself.

If A + B does not get you what you want try A+C to get to your goal. It does take work, perseverance but YOU CAN DO THIS, so buckle down, do what YOU need to & get through it.

There is NO failure until you stop, throw your hands up and surrender. This may not be a total victory illness but only YOU make it a total DEFEAT. CRY YELL whatever but know YOU can do this IF YOU let yourself do it.


Enough years that I forget but not as long as some.

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