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Just a thought for the day.

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Okay wild & crazy thought I had last night as I was falling asleep.

Is ms in my particular case (yours) a good or a not so good thing?

I was honestly in a dilemma, I did not know. I could and did think of the trials I have gone through, the PAIN the loss the disability. Then I thought of what I had gained, you all, sleeping in until 10 am, victories over adversity. Knowing now that I CAN I WILL because I have achieved and will continue to do so over any obstacle .

So is it really good or just different to what I expected it to be. Now I try to control my expectations. I allow myself to experience and enjoy my victories. It is easier to be grateful than to constantly fight and struggle against ms, because it Will find away around most things u think of, because it is tricksy like that. Do not struggle and fight just stop wait a minute & accept, do not try to understand.

The answer is BECAUSE. Because it had to be somebody, BECAUSE you really can cope, BECAUSE, just BECAUSE. Accept understand that, and find away threw your maze. There is away and only you can find it, it is your maze.

You have 2 choices, Do or Do not do, its up to you but I believe u CAN navigate this maze, and come out a different you than when you went in, the scary bits can be scary but YOU CAN do this, just because YOU are YOU.. Run the maze and achieve, surprise yourself. You really are amazing.

Everyday in someway we are getting better & better,


12 Replies
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Good post RoyceNewton Although the MS truck hit me at an older age, 68. I have learned to appreciate all I was blessed to do before MS and Maybe even more importantly, What I can still do regardless of MS. I can still drive, read, appreciate a good movie, garden, cook enjoy my friends. I can't wait to dress up for a friends wedding on June 16. Life is still good, just different. I may not be spending my time riding my bicycle, now I have time to take care of my complexion and hair! Other s can't figure out why I'm looking younger instead of older.. That's my secret!

I wish I wasn't tied to phone alarms for various meds, then taking them and wondering what they are doing to my body. I am blessed that I have found out just whom my "True" friends are, many have distanced themselves as if I have a case of measles, not MS. That is their loss because they don't take the time to ask me or research MS. Even my two very intelligent daughters have distanced themselves from me. One thinking I have Alzheimer's Disease, the other just calls it my neurological condition.

I have found a new freedom of my mind and body to do what I want to do when I want to and can. MS has made life different, but as of now I don't consider it a death sentence. I can still enjoy life! MS Can Do! MS Warriors never give up!

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RoyceNewton in reply to CalfeeChick

hope I am as resilient as you one day.

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CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to RoyceNewton

Just keep trying and perhaps count your day's blessings each day before you dose off. What was good about your day, etc. Or start each day with a prayer or inspiring paragraph that helps you cheer yourself up and get your day going. A few of the other Community Ambassadors know what's been going on with me since March, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel now!

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Great Post Royce! Thank you for your inspiring words. 🙏 Linda

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RoyceNewton in reply to Linda3579

Thank you for your kind reply.

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This is just what I needed to hear today thank you. You never know when you're thoughts just maybe what someone else needed to hear. :).

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RoyceNewton in reply to ShelbyRhea01

Thank you glad I said it then & it was there for you.

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RoyceNewton in reply to luvhair

thanks very much, glad it helped you a little.

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I like this post very much :)

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RoyceNewton in reply to falalalala


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RoyceNewton in reply to RoyceNewton

That meant thank you, I missed that sorry

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