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Should I get 2nd opinion. Am so confused now :(


Am 43 years old and feel like half time I am in a cloud. So tired of doctors and test yet I am told I have MS then I have MRI done and told sinus infection. He said my Gate is off due to how I walk and if I want to stop falling I need to watch where am going :(

I stumble alot and shake at times. I also feel at times like ants crawling on arm or face. Last time I fell it caused me to injury arm on other side. I already went down cement steps and had screws put in other arm so doctor ordered MRI and said maybe the MS I was told I had a year ago before I moved to Oregon has gotten worse... This was findings and he said MS isnt there it is sinus issue. Am so puzzled confused and afraid to walk down street because I will fall.

Several small scattered areas of high signal intensities are seen on the T2 or FLAIR sequences; mainly around the ventricles but also in the right frontal lobe and in the left frontal centrum semiovale.

IMPRESSION: 1. Several scattered small areas of white matter change which is nonspecific and may relate to a variety of causes. No restricted diffusion, mass, hydrocephalus or hemorrhage. 2. Minimal sinus disease unlikely to be of clinical significance. 3. Trace fluid in the mastoid air cells unlikely to be of any clinical significance.

My doctor said All is fine maybe a sinus infection. My hubby feels he is idiot wants 2nd opinion. I did get referral to neurologist but am in small town and soonest I can get appointment is in 4 months.

Should I call it good with what my general doctor says... or a second opinion

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My opinion is NO get a second opinion asap and find out what is going on 🤷🏼‍♂️. Also an 👁, 👂,and 👃 specialist to figure out sinus infection 🤷🏼‍♂️ if that is what it is 🤷🏼‍♂️👍. Make those doctors earn their money 🤬 Wish you well and hope things work out 🙏🐾Ken

If you’re not sure of the doctor diagnosis it’s always best to get a second opinion

If you are not happy, get a second opinion, if possible with a doctor who specialises in ms.🦋 🍫


I’m sorry you’ve had so many problems and so many falls. I agree with everyone that another opinion may be a good idea.

Would it be a good idea to use a cane or walker to help you prevent falls? The results of falls can be devastating, as you know all too well.

Stay safe, and let us know how you get on.

Hi I also agree with everyone else you need to see an neurologist and get a second opinion. The doctor you have has no clue what is going on take those MRI’s and get a second opinion. I also had a spinal tap to find out what I have bring your husband with you and be strong and demand to find out what is going on with your body. I say bring your husband because it’s always good to have another set of ears and someone else to ask questions you might forget. When I had my spinal tap they told me to lay down for three days please do that because I didn’t and I got a headache 🤕 as big as my house 🏡 and I don’t have a big house.

Make a list of everything that is going on. And write down their answer. I know this is overwhelming take a deep breath and you can do it.

One more thing you might want to get a cane so that you can balance your self. I wish I had used one earlier falling is not a good thing.

Good luck and call around to find a neologism.

Most definitely get an opinion from a neurologist, even if that means you might have to drive a few hours. Do an internet search for neurologists who specialize in MS. I think I read somewhere that Oregon has a really good MS center, but I can't remember where it was exactly in Oregon. Also start keeping a journal to document everything that you are experiencing. My 2nd neurologist had me do that to better track what specifically was going on with me. She told me to hand write it because changes in hand writing can also indicate changes in the nervous system, that might go unnoticed if it is typed out. Also hand writing helps to retain memory of events. I've been doing that and it helps to add to the discussion with the Neurologist. Due to moving I'm currently on my 3rd neurologist. All of them have appreciated my journal.


Good morning and Welcome to our amazing chat room momof4rugratz! It's Fancy1959 and I love your sign in name of Mom of four Rugrats. Let's sign in is fantastic!

First things first I want to welcome you to this amazing chat room. Here you have a safe place to come and ask questions, voice concerns, or simply speak to others who truly understand what you are going through. This chat room is also full of some of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever had the privilege to work with. There is much we can learn from each other as we interact with each other so I look forward to getting to know you better.

One thing you need to remember is you are always the best advocate for your own health. If you do not like or are confused by a doctor, make sure you don't leave until you make sense of things and get the answers you need. Do not let any doctors office put you on the back burner. Second opinions are a primary resource and feel free to use them anytime you have questions or disagree with basic care diagnosis given by one office. A great resource to find a neurologist office close to where you live that is a top-notch practice is to call the National MS Society at 1 800 fight MS. They will recommend you to a practice they call their Partners In Hope and believe me they are top-notch neurologist. I know because I am currently a patient at such a practice and have had my prognosis and outlook on my MS do a complete 180 turn from the previous neurologist! One thing you have to understand is we are not doctors and we do not offer medical advice. You are the one who has to decide what is best for you and which direction to turn. We can only encourage you to seek out medical assistance ASAP. I personally have never heard of MS attacking sinus cavity. MS is a disease of the central nervous system so it basically attackes only areas of the central nervous system which consists of your brain your cervix area on your neck and your spine. Now it could attack areas of the brain that control your sinuses and cause issues with your sinuses non directly.

I hope this helps and I look forward to talking to you soon. In the meantime please take care of yourself and remember together we are stronger in our fight against this dreaded monster we call MS!


Yup what they all said. 😊


You should see Neurologist. Get copies of your MRI. Try to get on who specializes in MS.

Get a second opinion.

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