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Catheters while travelling

Hi, I'm new here. Not new to MS, about 25 years in. I'm Australian and we (husband and I) are going to be in the states for a few weeks. We'll be in new hampshire, near Lebanon, for a month and I'll need to buy intermittant catheters. Could someone suggest where I could purchase a bunch online whilst there? When I travel I like to take the opportunity to visit with a peer support group, have coffee, chat a laugh. we'll be a week in New York, week Washington, month New Hampshire. Cheers

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Hi Denney Welcome to Our MSAA Community!💕 Sounds like you're going to need a vacation from your vacation when your done!😄! Sounds like lots of fun!😊

I'm not sure about the catheters, but would think you could order them from Amazon and have them delivered to where ever you are? Someone else would know better than me!😄

Check out mymsaa.org/calendar/ to see if any of your trip coincides with any of these dates for MSAA!😀

Or check out nationalmssociety.org/ to see if they have any support groups happening!😀

I hope this helps.😊

Jes 🌠


I don't use catheters but MSAA has a helpline that may be able to direct you to some help. Check out mymsaa.org/msaa-help/helpli... If that's something you need a prescription for, make sure you are bringing a prescription and note from your doctor. Sure hope you have a great visit to the USA. It's been very cold in the areas you mentioned, so bring the warm clothes. Best to you!


Sorry, I don't have an answer, but wishing you a great vacation. God's Peace and safe travels.

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