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Life after MS is definitely possible!


I just joined 5 minutes ago. Never knew this site existed.

I've had MS for about 22 years that I know of. It came on pretty quickly and the diagnosis didn't take long but convincing new DR's that I had it and getting treated for symptoms was a real challenge the first years. Now that I am no longer doing the DMD'S I no longer depend on a wheelchair or walker like I used to or have exaserbation. Once in a while I may need a few days to lay low a rest because I just don't feel well or I'm very dizzy and off balance but that's the extent of it now. I've even gone back to work and absolutely love it! My job as a Service Tech changes every day and I'm finally using my Degree in Building Construction! At 62 my life is finally starting and I love this feeling!

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What are the DMD's?


Welcome to the group. Nice to hear you feel better and are able to go back to work. I hope you’re having a good weekend.

Good for you!

What wonderful news...and encouraging, too! I just joined myself (about 5 minutes ago) and already learning so much.

Tutu in reply to gaylaortega

A warm welcome to you, too. gaylaortega! 💕

gaylaortega in reply to Tutu

Thnx, Tutu! I'm already feeling very welcomed!

I’m glad everything is working out for you!

Welcome, Hendlern1 ! It looks like you are on a roll! Good job!

Welcome to the best group of supportive friends, Hendlern1! It sounds like you are at a great place in your life and your journey with MS. 💕


Hendlern1, welcome to a great place. I’ve learned so much and received so much encouragement since joining over a year ago.


That’s awesome!

Welcome. Do anything special to get back on track?

Welcome, Hendlern1

I’m so happy for you. What actually was the cause of your recovery? Stopping the medicine?

Was your recovery gradual or rapid?

Still, reading your account, It really sounds miraculous!

Good for you!!!!

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