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I hate that it came to childish banter but I enjoyed the fact that I can listen and chime in on something that affects a lot of people but to bring political and or religious agendas to a place of learning and understanding is hard to swallow!!! If I need to I will leave this site before harsher words will be exchanged. Plz chime in, I'm a big boy and can take it!

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Ever single person with MS is welcome. We learn each other's in and outs. We respect them. If you do not wish Christian views shared with you. Than, they won't be. Anyone here will respect each other's boundaries. This is a sad beginning and it started with me. I feel terrible! So, take it as you will. We all love here! And hate MS here!

Thanks my friend!


Everyone is welcome here. We are all adults here and sometime I too feel like screaming. I also have depression and sometimes I can't tell what is what I had and what was added by MS. My symptoms don't appear as severe as yours but I have some cognitive issues that give a new twist to mental health.


May I ask what was said I try to read everything on this site but I do have to say I done read it all.

Some of us may say things that everyone likes but like they say you can only please some of the people some of the times, but you can't please all the people all the time.

That's how it goes The first neurologist I had said to me just let it roll down your back and don't let it get stuck on. I know that's easier said than done believe you me I know. I worked in a job for 13 years and 7 of those years they spent there time trying to get rid of me and in the end they did. You want to know stress I can tell you stressed but two years being out of that place I am finally trying to relax.

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Since we still attempt to live in the USA one should be allowed to share religious/ political thots without someone else feeling they need to suffocate those ideas. Learning and understanding can't happen without communication. Good luck on your adventure



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