I thought this was fake at first. Kristi? If anyone would know....

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  • Wow. Would that be awesome or what. I volunteer to be a guinea pig.


  • I'd wait a little while! But, after all my surgeries. I'm Leary.

  • @rlh1974 I have no idea if it is legit, and agree that it certainly appears fake (like a device from a sci-fi movie), ... but can at least offer that the statement, "It is awaiting FDA approval, but Sen, who has been working on this for four years, expects TNT will be tested on humans within the year. He says he's talking with Walter Reed National Medical Center now," ... means that (1) it is years away from being available to patients IF the testing shows it is safe and effective. (2) Since it has not yet been tested in humans, it might not work. It is fairly common that what works in an animal model doesn't work in humans. (3) Note that "awaiting FDA approval" is misleading because it is not like the data is sitting at the FDA waiting for their review and their decision to make it available (or not) to patients. There's no clinical data yet. They're at the first stage which is to propose, to the FDA, their plan to *begin* testing in humans. The photo of an arm and the device is also misleading since human trials have not even *started.*

    ANYWAY, that's not to kill hope that such transformative technology exists or will exist. I too hope for a breakthrough that will free us from the "MS Prison." Lol. I'm just offering info on one aspect of the article. It will be interesting to learn more about this and watch its development. Like @Double51, I'm (almost) willing to be a test subject!

    Sadly, though, I suspect it is just irresponsible journalism, trying to hype early-stage science as being the next miracle cure. There are so many people with dire medical conditions, that the thought of them reading the article and believing a cure is around the corner, well, ...it just makes me mad. That's cruel.

    There isn't mention of how they would propose getting the "transformed skin cells" to the damaged area.

    On a more encouraging note, we do have adult stem cells (i.e. non-specific cells) which can be harvested from a patient and which have the potential to become specific cell types. This concept is similar to what is proposed in the article. It's research and development is more advanced, at least.

    Sorry to be a party pooper.

  • Hahaha! Man, no one invite you to a party!!!πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜œ kidding. I know it's a long long long way away from being viable. That's why I didn't post as look what I found! Are cute is around the corner. Just found this incredibly interesting. I hope and pray for things like this for my grand kids.

    Anyway, as always. Thanks for the input!


  • rlh1974 I know huh?! What a Debbie Downer!!!!! Geeeeez. πŸ˜‚ Hope for a cure.....and she squashes it! :(

    And yes, it is interesting, and I hope and pray for the same thing, if not in our lifetime, then for the next generation!

  • Nom_De_Plume and rlh1974

    Can't they print 3-D organs now? Who knows what's next πŸ˜‰

  • 3D brain without lesions! πŸ˜‚

  • My son is involved with 3D printing in his engineering classes in high school and now in college. They already use it for limbs for kids. Super cheap! And as they grow, they can just scan there hand, leg etc and print a new one! Even with moveable joints. They now have a process in which they can print metal with a powder, heat it. Then it turns into metal. Many car companies are making dealership parts departments have one. That way they can pull up a file and print small plastic parts instead of ordering them. Or having dozens of diff plastic parts on the shelf! Amazing stuff!!!

  • rlh1974 wow! I'm putting my order in for the lesion free brain πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I'll take 3. I for me 1 for erash and 1 for Rob. Lol. And put a rush on that order Pease.

  • Maybe we can get Amazon drones to fly them straight to our homes? I'll leave my living room window open. πŸ˜€

  • For one of those I'll leave the door open.


  • Don't know why I said are cute? Freakin MS brain!

  • We know what you meant! Our MS brains understand other MS brain language.

  • Oh how I agree with what you say BUT...there it is..hope on the horizon, what is too good to be true probably is?Yip...I do look at the original star trek and now see how far we have come since their imagining the show....WOW..Unruly journalist(if you can call them journalists...Don't understand MS prison and how an article can make/break a person on the edge, or misinform..Hang in there.....

  • rlh1974 it sounds to good to be true. Let's hope and pray that this is a miracle people have been waiting for. Hope all is well your end, how are you coping with young Rob away? Blessings Jimeka πŸ¦‹ 🌈

  • I had a med change. They added Wellbutrin to my antidepressant. It helps with my head and my day to day energy! So far so good. Hoping it doesn't increase my panic attacks. It can do that. So I am napping less (😒) ha! And have the ability to be up and involved in the family more! So far so good! I love you guys for always remembering!

    Love you all!

  • @rlh1974 Great news! πŸ‘πŸΌ Yay!

  • At this point of being so MS exhausted trying to do anything, I would say, "SIGN ME UP!!" I'm only a little over a year if this MS and it seems so frustrating.. No energy, My feet always bother me.. can't remember the important stuff.. SIGN ME UP NOW!!

  • I second to that! SIGN ME UP THAN TO DEAL WITH MS!

  • You are in my prayers everyday!

  • CalfeeChick it is breaking my heart you seem to be having such an incredibly hard time. I am praying for you! If I can do anything. Info, share with you my journey. Please PM me. Or if I can just listen. I am always here.

    I love you all!!!


  • As jimeka says it sounds to good to be true and that usually means exactly that.Lol. but in the immortal words of Martin Luther King Jr "I had a dream". And I think that's exactly what it is. Lol. God bless you all anyway.


  • I clicked the link and the page says "oops"

  • Ok, Kristi. You are sounding old! Not getting links to work! You are like the youngest among us!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

    Sorry, couldn't resist!

  • You should see me just trying to get out of bed these days! πŸ˜‚

  • I am glad I'm not pregnant!!! But you are a rockstar!

  • Ok, got it to load! Nano therapy is the closest thing to curing disease in our lifetime (we hope) because it promises to stop disease and restore lost function. MS trial of nano is suppose to being in 2020, and after the FDA approves it, some of us might still be alive. Maybe even still walking!

    Here's so nano info: understandingnano.com/nanot...


    While the article is written to sound like click bait to me, I don't think this technology was expected to exist this soon. Definitely something to follow!

  • Yes, that is certainly frustrating. I'm 69 and don't qualify for many local trials, even some from my own Dr's group. They wanted to follow me because of my age of first symptoms and diagnosis at 68.. I'm sure we all want our old life back..

  • You have no other treatment options? I'm sorry, I don't remember which MS you have, but I do remember you are newly diagnosed?

  • Doc hasn't clarified type. I have lesions in spine, T2-T5. I have 20+ white spots in brain, but they have not changed in size, shape, etc and no new ones between Oct. 2016 and March 2017 MRI's. Started with numbness/tinging ribs down, June 28, 2016. Now it's mainly in my feet and calves of my legs, I'm very sensitive to Heat, Cold and Stresses. I had some family issues in late June of this year and it literally exasperated all symptoms and I was bed ridden 4-5 days, cracked a tooth in half from grinding them. Spent morning of July 5 at dentist. Thankfully the cause of problems has gone home to other side of country.

  • I'm taking "symptomatic" medications, Gabapentin for nerve tinging/numbness. Modafinil 100 mg for Alertness, fighting MS fog.

  • I know it won't be in our life spans. But we can hope for our grandkids!!!! USA Today likes to get people excited like its right around the corner. But, was an interesting read none the less. Nano therapy excites me and scares me a little. But hey! If it can fix my thoracic spine and brain stem lesions. Sign me up!!!!

  • Very interesting article!

  • Look at what man has accomplished in our lifetime so far. Anything's possible, and with so many really high tech people these days, it wouldn't surprise me when it does become available. Examples: Look at all the surgeries done without scalpels. My wife had cathetor ablation to resolve electrical heart problems years ago. A day proceedure, went home the same day! Today it's no big deal! Look at phones....

  • I had fusion done in my neck 8 years ago. Over a week in the hospital. My friend just had the exact same 4 levels done. Out patient! They put in artificial discs now! Ball and socket. Still has all his movements. No worry about bone rejection!!! Amazing! Because the first time, I rejected the cadaver bone, had to have it redone with my own hip bone. Just like my lower back. Now both my hips hurt like crazy!!!

  • Imagine the possibilities!!! Lots of trust in the Ohio State University... OSU is top notch!!! xo Cj

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