Stem cells ineffective?

I thought from the title that I would be reading something about stem cells and Lupus or Diabetes. It offers zero explanation on how those with RRMS (hello? Inflammation) have halted their disease progression with stem cells. Boo 😒



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  • kdali, I only skimmed the article, but I found it confusing, too. I hope someone can clear it up.

  • Good! It's not just me!

  • kdali It seems like this trial used a patient's own bone marrow stem cells, which seemed ineffective. Maybe some of the stem cell success we are reading about are stem cells from areas other than a person's bone marrow or from stem cells from someone else.

  • I read the study blurb and you are right, my brain skipped over the msc part. Ty!

  • I halted my MS with a stem cell transplant. Had it on 5/8/2016. It has worked miracles. Most symptoms are gone & what's there has been relived. Back to sun bathing, driving, working etc. My only regret is not having it done earlier. It will be approved in the USA in 2022. Already approved in other countries. I left to have it done. My MS didn't want to wait another 6 years.

  • You had the kind I was thinking of when I read this article, but this is mesenchymal cells, they make skeletons.

    I've read a lot about the clinic in Chicago that does what you had, but only for the sickest. I wonder, in 2022, if they will let people like me in (or who knows what anyone's MS will be by then!).

    How does your follow up go? Do you fly back to Mexico or get MRI here with a neuro?

  • Hello. No flying back to Mexico for the MRIs. My Nuerologist does it here. All the after care I do here in the states. I'm already downed. The aftercare consisted of 2 meds for 6 months that were mandatory to avoid bacteria & infections (which I purchased there) and 5 100 mg Rituxan Infusions every other month & done. My last MS medicine was 2/2/2016 & since diagnosed my last MRI was the best one yet. Your right, won't be FDA approved in the USA till 2022. But the same recipe is already approved in other countries. USA is just behind, like they were with Lemtrada.

  • Sounds like very reasonable aftercare, ty!

  • You had a real stem cell treatment, Rich. As you know still not legal in US. Sure wish it would be soon. I've had friends that thought they had "real" stem cell treatments with injections in knees, etc. It's good to see you on here, how are you doing? Was a year in May wasn't it? Hope you are still feeling fabulous. Please keep us updated, Lynn

  • Sorry, didn't read all of the above. So happy for you!!

  • Can you give us a link to the organization that did the stem cell transplant?

  • kdali The main point of the study is that stem cells obtained from the patient (autologous) appear to be less effective than cells from a healthy donor. It's just one study. There is not a lot of info on long term outcomes after this treatment, but there is some -

  • Ty for the link! I read the article wrong to begin with and did not go to the study. I shouldn't try to think and eat Indian food at the same time 😂

  • Definitely needs more information. I'm goofy and could of written that.

  • I don't share much from them because this is the norm, in my opinion 😞 more click bait than helpful articles for me

  • Dr. Burt in Chicago only takes RRMS patients for now. They see the biggest reversal in symptoms. He's the only one truly trying to get it approved & will cherry pick his patients to show great results to the FDA. Just like all the pharmaceutical companies. They say 60% of the people saw no new leasions. The don't say 40% were shit out of luck or suffered so much threy had to switch meds.

  • Ahhh, ok. He's also 4 times what the clinic in Russia costs. I read about him through a Devic's disease blogger.

  • Yes. Dr. Federenko in Russia is only $49,000. I am done with HSCT in Mexico but am still in Russia's waiting list.

  • Still waiting after a year! That's good to know. How long did you wait for Mexico?

  • Mexico was 10 months and Russia three years long

  • Wow! That's a hard pill to swallow once you have made your mind up to do it. Ty so much for answering my questions!

  • Google Clinica Ruiz in Puebla Mexico. I didnt go they their website. I called & spoke to a Danielle.

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