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Long term disability harassment

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So, I've been physically unable to work for 16 months now. I am receiving LTD payments from my former employer. I get phone calls, letters, etc on a monthly basis. It's ridiculous. I spoke with my PCP yesterday and he agreed that their scheme of finding any way out of having to pay my LTD benefits that I paid for over 10 years is ludicrous and thinks they are teetering on the line of illegality Anyone dealt with these scum bags? I need advice on how to not be anxious and defensive about their constant requests, letters, and phone calls. I'm at the point now that I have a monthly PCP visit just to appease them. Help!

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tenessa24 I had to jump through hoops during the first 6 months. Maybe you could find an attorney that specializes in LTD.

@tenessa24 , I have been there, done that! All I can say is to "Hang in there!" I believe they really try to trick you during those phone calls and to be honest, that's their job!. I remember when the smiling, happy voice on the other of the line said, " I bet you really miss your friends at work and stop to visit them often." I replied, " I can't even see to drive in to visit. DEGU - Don't Ever Give Up!

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erash in reply to SueAB

tenessa24 and SueAB even before hiring an attorney, once I realized what was said via phone was not consistent with what was done, I insisted ALL communication be in writing (email or snail mail)

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tenessa24 in reply to erash

Great suggestion. That will be my next move. After that, I'll let my lawyer handle them

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I paid into my LTD over 20 yrs. They were very harassing, and after 18 months said I wasn't "Disabled enough" & stopped payments. Aaarrgh. I hired local attorney and took case to local then state court and was denied. Their lawyers were always a step ahead of us. I finally filed Federal suit and again was denied as not disabled enough. Wanted to hit them with my cane!! Wish you well with it. Stay ahead of them for sure.

I never answer the phone for a "live" conversation with my case manager. I let her leave a voicemail (so I can save the recording) and I never return her calls until after her working hours, again, so I can leave a message that I'm sure they save, as well) I have an attorney who is dealing with my SSDI, I'm a Split hair away from turning her loose on Liberty Mutual as well! LTD closed my case after 4 months (Dec 2016), citing I wasn't "disabled enough" only to reinstate my benefits 5 months later with back pay, because I may have MS, but I'm not a moron. I make triplicates of every single piece of paper I send or receive, along with never allowing them to back me into a corner by catching me off guard on one of their gazillion phone calls.

My mom had to jump through all sort of hoops. She paid for her plan for 30 years and her rheumatologist said he'd never seen someone work as disabled as my mom was. She was 62 when she filed for LTD. She had already been approved for disability SSI. They did everything you listed, then harassed her doctors and finally sent her a tape they had recorded by a detective. They followed her into the Y and took video of her exercising (yeah, in the mobility class). They also took photos off her Facebook. The detective followed and recorded everything she did for a few days. And my mom and I were "interrogated" by this woman who seemed so nice but was obviously sent to get us to talk. My moms rheumatologist wrote them a nasty letter calling them scum (or something to that effect). After all that? She waited and they sent her a letter saying "your right, you are disabled". It was only a year left of payments (the policy was only until 65). I hope they don't do everything they did to my Mom. It was ridiculous. She was approved for disability within a matter of weeks. She has x-rays and surgery and pictures of her mangled feet in their file. And she was 64 years old after 30 years of a degenerative disease. Good luck with your claim!!!

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erash in reply to cheshcat

cheshcat my attorney said be careful what u post on social media and be prepared they will send drones to follow you! Unbelievable!!!

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tenessa24 in reply to erash

Understandably so, however, they would have to subpoena my social media accounts (to which I NEVER post what could be seen as legally incriminating) because all of my accounts are on complete lock down. Can't even see my profile photo unless I invite you. That's what these companies don't understand. If given the choice between being healthy and making a hell of a lot more income than being unable to do so and constantly be poked and prodded like a research monkey only to jump through flaming jaws of lions to receive their measly benefit check. I'd take working the job I loved for over twenty years with impeccable insurance benefits, a comfortable living, and being healthy in a milli-second.

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erash in reply to tenessa24


Attorney said they will pose as a friend and make a friend request etc.

So with all of the govt. corruption, it's amazing anyone would go to those lengths for my disability check!?!

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tenessa24 in reply to erash

I keep my circle small! 😂

Amen to that!!!

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Nom_De_Plume in reply to erash

Wow 😮


The LTD stopped the harassment as soon as I retained an attorney and he told them all communication goes through him. They stopped everything but sending the checks (at least for 8 months now).

Yes, I had to pay 3k but it's been worth it. And if there is any problem I feel reassured my attorney will be there to help.

The ltd insurers job is to keep their money--they will go to all lengths to do so 🙁

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tenessa24 in reply to erash

Sadly, I'm sure I will have to put my lawyer on this as well. You know? I have panic, anxiety, and stress because of the constant harassment. That's definitely not improving my symptoms!

@tenessa24 isn't the harassment illegal??

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cheshcat in reply to erash

We never considered getting a lawyer because my mom is so obviously disabled. But we had no idea the lengths they go. They truly didn't care my mom was obviously disabled and it wasn't like she was in her 30s or even 50s, she only collected for 3 years. Seemed a total waste of time and money on their part. But they did it. The tape still bothers her, that someone would follow her and record her like that. I'm so glad you've gotten the harassment to stop @erash.

Wait, are you required to answer the contact, eg, answer their calls? Was accepting the monthly contact part of the the ltd contract? If I were you, I would contact your State's insurance commission. They are tasked with ensuring that companies do not violate consumer insurance law and that they don't violate the contract you have with them.

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tenessa24 in reply to Karen-x

Thank you! I'll look at the requirements. Genius! I had no idea.

I am having a problem getting them to pay and they are still taking it out of me. They are saying I needed to work one more day ugh

If I were you I would get a note book and keep a record of ever time they call, letter/notes and any thing. Even when you go to the doctors they send you. So that you have a recording of what they are doing.

Good luck.

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tenessa24 in reply to ssdw1958

I'm so sorry that you're experiencing similar problems. As if losing our health (and minds, sometimes) isn't enough to deal with. I most definitely keep a log and I make sure that notes are left in my medical file for each visit that a source of my anxiety is the harassment of my LTD company.

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ssdw1958 in reply to tenessa24

I need to find a lawyer I am not sure 🤔 how to choose one any thoughts ???

Get a disability lawyer

They don’t get it! They probably never will. I’m saddened to hear about your ordeal, I had to submit several updates to them about my condition. My Dr. (I’m sure) was getting frustrated with them. You could see it in the way he filled out the forms. Hang in there, insurance companies are not in the business of being helpful.

Just my $.02

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tenessa24 in reply to CraigS

Insurance companies are twisted, that’s for certain!

Hi tenessa24, have you looked into getting SSI disability payments or social security disability?

Could that help you to avoid the annoyances?

I definitely sympathize with you ☹️

Yes ma’am. I was initially denied and am in appeals proceedings with an attorney to represent me.

Great! I’m sure everything will work out in the near future! 🙏

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