Alrighty folks...what do you think?

Awesome update on drugs, even if I can't take them any time soon. 8weeks? Now I get why Ocrevus is called "stem cell light"! 🤓

Less resilient than spinal cord injuries and diabetics? Who comes up with these comparison ideas! 😂 At least tell me they expected to find lower resilience 🙄 😞

Hope everyone is having a beautiful day!

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  • Thx for posting this kdali

    I remember when Ampyra first was approved and I asked the pharma co. about its cognitive benefits (the mechanism of action suggests it would be helpful for cog function as well as walking). Their response was that it hadn't been studi d for that...

    In regard to resilience, my theory is that it's tougher to be resilient when you don't know how or when a disease will progress, and symptoms vary from day to day, and you have little control in determining the progression. What do u think?

    Nonetheless, diet, exercise, mindfulness and positive attitude seem to be ingredients for resilience for all.

  • You may have hit on something there, erash. Perhaps we are more resilient (hopeful, unwilling to give up) because we do have the hope that tomorrow will be better due to the uncertainty and unpredictability of the disease. 💕

  • That's true too Tutu !

  • I agree 100% with your "resilience for all" ingredients!

    I think it's a weird trio to be comparing! There are mild to horrible cases in all three, but lack of control or predictability, as you pointed out, is life sucking for most people.

    I hope in the future there will be fewer silly comparisons and more focus on how to increase resilience.

  • Thanks for posting the update, kdali! 💕

  • Looks like CanDoMS is on it!

  • This was on my calendar...but I forgot. Will have to watch the archive. Thanks! kdali

  • And this one

  • I went to a MS support meeting last night and watched that video. There's a 43 page book that came with it. I'm planning on that being my next read. Never really thought about being resilient but I actually am. I've had some tough times with this scary disease but I've managed to remain positive and hopeful!

  • Of course you are! What's the name of the book?

  • kdali Resilence: Addressing The Challenges of MS. Put out by the National MS Society.

  • TY!

  • kdali Thanks for that link! If true, it explains a lot for me. Considering 3 spinal cord injuries and diabetes.


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