A reminder to be kind to yourself

Reverse is not the word I would have chosen here, it is more like there are things that turn on inflammation, or turn it off. Stop being kind to yourself for a while, and the "on" switch is flipped. Anyway, I'll stop being picky and go get the meditation on that I've been ignoring for a week 😁


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  • kdali

    Well I'm doing all of the above so I must be on the right track-I do feel pretty good but I agree, maybe not reversal but hopefully not progression related to stress πŸ‘

  • Wow, that's awesome! πŸŽ‰

  • kdali I have a yoga instructor who I became fast friends with. Amazing human. She has made it her personal mission to help he. She does just by being a friend. I love her to death, Ok to the point. She is so awesome she sent me a voice memo meditation. It is so amazing. So much better than all the apps and CD's Maybe because I know her, so her voice is more soothing. For those of you on this side of the pond. She sounds like Roz from Frasier. I could listen to that raspy soothing voice for hours. That is why I watched the show. HA! TMI, sorry. So I think it is important to find either an app, a friend, a CD or something that the voice to you is soothing and use it, When you wonder off, which you will. Squirrel!!!! It helps bring you back. I know without it. I would be so lost!

    My 2 cents for the day.(ok for now)


  • Thanks Rob! That's really nice of her to do that for you 😍 I use the Headspace app, I like Andy. There's a 2 week free trial if anyone is interested in that. I think there are free meditation videos on YouTube also.

  • kdali I use that as well. There is one called Calm that isn't bad. Also, I have been blessed lately. My wife's uncle gave me an Apple Watch. It has a breathing app. It is awesome!!!!!!!!! You can set a reminder. All it does is via vibrations walk you through breathing. I use that about 10 times a day.

    Also, yes it is really nice of her!!! Like I said her and I became fast FRIENDS. Appropriate friends.

  • The breathing thing sounds cool! I didn't know Apple Watch had that.

  • I was surprised too! I love it. Especially in emergencies. Like sudden panic attacks.

  • I need to get something like that for my oldest daughter, rlh1974 she calls me when she has her severe panic attacks. No matter the time😐 She can't even talk at that point, all I can is ask if everyone is ok. Get an uh huh and for the next 20minutes or so talk her down.πŸ’•

    J 🌠

  • Jesmcd2 the app headspace also has an emergency meditation also. It truly helps!!!!!!!!!

  • I live on stress πŸ˜•πŸ˜

  • You have too much or you are so use to high levels that you feel nuts without it?

  • Jesmcd2 I am so sorry that you have to live on stress! That is an unlike button! I think your Dr needs to prescribe you a vacation! Someplace breezy and sunny and no internet! And just the right temp!

  • kdali as I say, a lot of chapters in my book, I look back and think this really is no different, just the stakes are higher now I think when it comes to parents. So makes the stress levels higher.πŸ˜πŸ˜†

    Hey Rob I spent 3 years in Bermuda!😊 had 2of my Angel Monsters there!πŸ’• Would love to go back there!!! With no kidsπŸ˜πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    J 🌠

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