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I took my mom to a Copaxone sponsored dinner last night, and she got a lot out of it! Anyone else go to these? If not, here's some links so you can search by your zip code. This is not a complete list, just what I've found so far.

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  • I've attended some kdali

    in addition to the presentation, they can be a nice way to meet others in your area with ms

  • We met a really nice couple! It was nice to chat with someone else who looks fine 😂

  • Great info, kdali. Thanks for researching and posting the links. 💕

  • Thanks for these links. Unfortunately, I'm now up in Nowheresville. I searched the Gilenya one and it said there wasn't any events within 100 miles.

    But it's only 65 degrees and sunny!

  • Iona60 I got the same result when I searched for it too. But I found a Lemtrada next month, Navigate MS next week and one other one. They have options to send you reminders which is nice. I hope you end up finding one near you!

  • kdali When we are at our permanent home in FL, they are everywhere, all the time. There are several every month within 15 miles. I have only been to two, but will probably go to more after I stop working.

  • Kdali, it's Fancy1959. I go to the pharmaceutical sponsor Dental dinners as often as possible. Different speakers Fitness information in different ways and I've never failed to leave the dinner without learning something. I love them and they're a great way to network with other people with MS in your area and gain knowledge great things at the same time!

  • kdali, how thoughtful of you to post this. I almost went to one, but it was on a week night and too far for me to drive home that late at night for about 2-1/2 hours. Maybe one of these days! Thanks for the reminder to keep checking.

  • kdali

    I love that you went with your mom and she got so much out of it. Helps if others hear about MS from "instructors" (for lack of the word I can't remember-hahaha)

    I went to the Aubagio presentation after I was first dx with MS and made both my folks go with me. They learned a lot too and were told by others with MS about the fatigue etc. Turns out my neuro was one of the main speakers and when I discovered he's an MS Specialist.

    These meeting are a great way to meet others with MS as well as receive really good info! I hope they have a meeting about Ocrevus too!

    Thank you for sharing!

  • jennie62 It seemed like a great way to help family members understand and/or cope, it was good for her to see other moms there.

    I hope they have one of those near me too!

  • Here's another quick link to all the major MS drug manufacture speaker presentations nationwide. Most venues take place in restaurants. Just insert your local zip code.

  • Wow, another excellent resource. Thanks, postmanjim! 💕

  • postmanjim ty for the link! Jackpot! 😁🎉

  • Great post! I go to these often. Me and a few MSer's go. Great way to hang out & shoot the breeze. Every pharmaceutical has them around me. It's s great way for doctors to make extra cash & MSer's to hang out!

  • I go and love them. The best ones were 15 years ago. I don't remember who sponsored them but they were MS based not drug specific. The resources and information I received then was priceless.

  • kdali my husband and I go to these when ever we can, the problem is most of these are in the southern part of the state, not many are within reasonable traveling distance. But when we do get to go we always learn something new, have a good meal, and meet some very nice people who understand and accept you as you are. The only thing that bothers me is thinking that sponsoring these is the reason their drugs are so expensive!

  • bavery207 I wouldn't think that, they probably tax deduct it somehow.

  • kdali good point.

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