Some of my favorite scientists in the same article! T cells, stem cells, fasting, oh my!

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  • Thanks for this link kdali! I've read a few other things about intermittent fasting and its affect not just on wait but also on the immune system. At this point I'm still just curious about it. Have you tried it or are you thinking about it? The article that you shared has much more info than I've seen elsewhere. It will take me multiple readings to get through it. (One of my many curses from MS!)

  • Just be careful fasting with MS. I get super shaky so my doctors told me it wasn't wise anymore.

  • Hi StacyHayward...I appreciate the concern and the warning. I've been dealing with MS for a long time and know my body really well. I'm very cautious and check things out carefully before I make any changes. I also know what I can tolerate and wouldn't continue anything that appeared to be making me less healthy instead of more.

    I have had some really negative experiences with doctors over the years and have learned the hard way that it is in my best interests to check out any new recommendations and not just take what my doctors say on face value. We all need to remember that just as some MD's graduated at the top of their class, some barely made it. Not to mention all the quacks out there who try to get people with MS to believe in snake oil.

  • TY because snake oil has sure come my way.One day in the middle of a group someone said this oil cures cancer....then why aren't they giving it out to say millions from suffering?I do believe there are holistic means but I also know as with pharmacuticals greed sometimes is the meaning....

  • Raingrrl I have not intentionally tried it, but I try to keep my eating window to 12hrs or less. I forcefeed myself breakfast right now for the kid or I would be at 8.

    What I am going to try first is Longo's fasting mimicking diet, once the baby is eating solid foods and nursing less. Someone online hacked his (pricey) plan and posted that its basically eating 3 avocado, a multivitamin, and some greens powder. I may even have the labs done before and after, and I will certainly share if I do! Also, to order his product (called Prolon) I either have to lie that I'm healthy or go through my MD, so I'll prob do the hack.

    I have this article saved to I can read it again also, lol! There's a BBC recording that explains how fasting can help and features all of these people in it: "Eat, Fast, and Live Longer". I've watched it 3 times now.

    I think some of the books written on IF are scams with a ton of rules and can end up promoting psycho food behaviors. Don't get me wrong, I would eat a turd at 2:04am while standing on one leg if it made me better! This article even mentions one such author that took the science out of context.

    I'd love to know what you try out and how it works for you!

  • I have a few life events to get past before I try anything like changing my eating habits. All next week I will be visiting my daughter in NY and then when I get back, I will be preparing to moving from my sister's house into the condo I just closed on yesterday. Once things have calmed down and I'm settled into my new place, I'll be looking at what I can do to change things up.

  • best wishes on the move, make sure you take care of yourself..don't over do or you may feel it.Best wishes.....!

  • Raingrrl Im so jealous that you get to have real pizza!