Good news for Lemtrada people!

I signed up for a free dinner and talk about this one! multiplesclerosisnewstoday....

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  • Glad your looking into it. The doctor that performed my HSCT recommended Lemtrada as a 2nd choice.

  • 1RiskyRich I will not be able to change DMT's until I'm done having kids, but I'm trying to learn all I can now. TY for letting me know your neuro's preference, very helpful!

    How did they get the cells for your transplant? My husband and I are looking into private cord blood and tissue banking right now.

  • The Stem Cells were taken from my bone marrow thru a port underneath my neck. Stem Cells have no memory what so ever & reproduce new B & T Cells. They also have no memory of MS.

  • That's right, ty! How long ago was this? Or, did you share your story somewhere and have a link to it? I'd love to read about your experience.

  • My Transplant was May 8, 2016. I'm 13 months post. I HIGHLY recommend it. I went from walking tops 600 steps a day to 18,000 +. From selling my car because I wasn't able to drive it safely to driving for a living. Yeap, finally working again. The brain fog, tiredness & heat sensitivity have vanished. I finally got some of my tan back! I have a progress page on Facebook under Richie's MS Journey. Please look into it. Specially if iyou have or plan to bring children into this world. I did it cause I wanted to be standing with my sons at their wedding. They were my reason why!

  • 1RiskyRich Ty so much, I will check it out!

  • 1RiskyRich Loved your page! Recording and sharing your journey was a very selfless thing to do for the rest of us 😍 thank you again, and happy belated rebirthday!

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