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Hi there. I have not been diagnosed with MS but I have had the MS hug (based on descriptions I have found) going on for about 3 weeks now. I am currently waiting for my primary care doctor to set up an appointment for me with a neurologist. It seems to be worse at night as I have slept very little in the last few weeks. The spasms around my waist get so bad sometimes it's almost too much to take. In addition to the tight band around my waist my skin is numb from my waist up to the top of my chest, under my arms and around my back. I also have had an excruciating pain between my shoulder blades which I can only think is related to the other symptoms I'm having. Muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds don't help at all. My doc prescribed some nerve pain meds which help a little more with the pain between my shoulder blades. Standing under a hot shower seems to help the pain as well but not the muscle spasms around my ribs. Has anybody else had these same symptoms and if so what meds have helped give you relief. How long is this going to last? Any insights at all would be appreciated.

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I forgot to mention that the numbness has also spread to my fingertips and my right hip/upper thigh.

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I have had those pains my neurologist called them Gouda pains very painful full before I was diagnosed I went to the E R they didn't help me I was put on oxcarbazepine I first was put on a high dosage of if I remember correctly it was 600 mg or higher every 12 hours but after a while I am now taking 300mg every 12 hours it does work but it does take awhile for it to work. I found I would get those pains when my stress level was high. It got so bad I would come home from work and would take off my bra. Good luck with it and make sure you let your Neurologist know what your pain is.

You seem to be describing my worse series of "the hug". My upper body would tremor like I had Parkinson's. They thought I had it initially. It took nerve, pain and mineral replacements over a period of time to ease the pain and slow the spasms.

I hope this helps and you receive a dx soon

MsMeli54 Have you tried the spasticity drugs such as Baclofen, Tizanadine, and Valium?

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I asked the PCP for an antispasmodic because I had read that they help and he said he didn't want to give me valium or xanax because they are addictive. At this point I just need some kind of relief. I had a horrible night with muscle spasms in my rib cage in the front on both sides. Only relief I could get was from an ice pack. I'm contacting doctor today and begging for something to help with those spasms as they get so bad it's hard to catch my breath.

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MsMeli54 If it gets too bad, maybe you should consider going to the ER. I got diagnosed in the ER, they admitted me, put me on IV steroids and 5 days later, I left feeling much better.

MsMeli54, the discomfort you describe sounds painful. I personally haven't experienced what you have, but I know others here will be able to share their experiences with you.

We're happy you found us here at the MSAA. This is a great place to ask questions, share your concerns and experiences with others, and find friends and encouragement. I pray you don't have MS and that your doctor is able to determine the cause and treatment for your symptoms. But make yourself at home here and ask away. We range from undiagnosed to newly diagnosed, to those living with RRMS to PPMS. Our symptoms and challenges may be different, but we all share the desire to help one another.

The MSAA extends you a warm welcome and invites you to check out additional information on MS at:





MsMeli54, your "hug" seems quite severe. I pray you get some clear answers as to what the cause is and the appropriate treatment quickly. Getting an accurate diagnosis is vital to getting the right treatment. I hope you don't have MS, but knowing what we are really dealing with can give us a sense of relief and gives us a place to start working toward feeling better.

I hope you'll let us know what you find out from your doctor and about how you are doing.


I had the tightness in my chest and difficulty getting a full breath in for @ 6 weeks last fall. Had extensive cardiac and pulmonary testing. All was essentially ok. Then it resolved?

Since u have seen your PCP, I assume other causes were ruled out?

If it's MS hug, meds like Lyrica, gabapentin sometimes can be helpful.

Hope u get some answers and relief soon

Hello I have had side and frontal rib pain for five years. Sometimes I'll get the hug too. I have ms and I take pain pills . It has never gone away. Only my pills help but it's too bad I have to take them . I had four nerve blocks which did nothing. Even the pain management doctor said it's the ms and I have to live with it. I also have medicinal marjuania which helps.


Wow, so sorry that you are going through all of this. There will be help, keep pushing your docs. I had a few months when it felt like my rib cage was going to collapse when I tried to sleep on my side. Hope you get relief soon.

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