If my body was a car!

If my body was a car, I would be trading it in for a new model.

I've got bumps, dents, scratches, and my headlights are out of focus.

My gearbox is seizing up and it takes me hours to reach maximum speed

I overheat for no reason, and every time I sneeze cough or laugh,

My radiator leaks or my exhaust back fires.

Having ms is so much fun, blessings Jimeka

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  • Jimeka I can't stop laughing - 'twas the exhaust comment that got me ! : ))

    Remember 'Christine' from the film ? If only we could find a way to turn our clocks back and regenerate from damage : ) Stay 'Bad to the bone' with your humour - you are a classic : )

    Angela x

  • LOL

    I want to be a sleek sports car...

    One can hope 👍

  • jimena I agree whole heartedly with angelite. You are super funny! :)

    Making us laugh helps us feel a bit better. :)

    Thank you muchly! :)

  • Love it! Thanks for the laugh, jimeka!

  • Thanks for the laugh! Needed that, perfect analogy!

  • Man I love this!

  • Sad but true! Jimeka you're so creative😁

  • 😍 love it!

  • jimeka our funny, funny, girl. We can always count on you for a laugh.

  • Ha ha ha! That was really good jimeka !

  • Smiling ear to ear! I'm having such a good time laughing and smiling! Good one!

  • jimeka, you're a stitch! Between MS and the aging process, I don't have many parts that work well. I'm glad my husband won't trade me in for a newer model. The new ones may have more bells and whistles, but he's more comfortable with the old model.

  • Love it greaterexp!

  • Love it jimeka !!😅 Here's some Chocolate 🍫 and angelite Christine was on the other day.😅 I think that was one of Stephen Kings books l just couldn't get into😞 But l love his other books and some of his movies.😊🌠

  • I thought the film was stunning Jes - proper mechanical special effects, not a whiff of CGI fakery ! I used to be an avid reader and read many of Stephen King's books - I lack the vision, concentration and memory skills to absorb and remember a written storyline these days so I hope more of his work will be made into films : ) x

  • His movies are nothing like his books though! I actually met Stephen King once in a post office in Maine, many many years ago angelite ☺ l keep waiting to at Portland, but l don't think that was it. Ugh now it's going to drive me batty.😵

    If you can get through the first 2-3 chapter's of his books your good to go! Just don't read "It" by yourself! Nonono!😅

  • honk honk rattle rattle rattle crash beep beep... Please tell me that song from my early childhood educational training won't be stuck in my head ALL DAY!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Can't stop laughing very hilarious thank you

  • @jimeka Ohhh can I identify...especially with the "leak" and "backfire" line! Thank yoiu for the smile!

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