afo's and plantar fasciitis?

Wondering if anyone has had plantar fasciitis or foot pain they think may have been caused by their afo? I have a carbon fiber afo that I have been wearing more often and am starting to have some foot pain and wonder if it is the afo causing it. My son had a football injury to big toe and was given a turf toe plate (very similar to the part of my afo that goes under the foot) which caused a severe case of plantar fasciitis. It took 8 months of Dr appts, PT, orthotics, night splints, exercises, icing, etc before he could walk without pain. I guess I should follow up with the place I got my afo from.

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  • lois52, yes, you ought to return to the place you got your AFO, and possibly your podiatrist as well. If it is from AFO misfit or rubbing, keep going until the AFO fits perfectly. My podiatrist said the AFO is the most difficult orthotic to fit, but to keep going back until it is right. AFO folks are used to that and won't think you are a pest.

    I have some neuropathy in two of my toes I thought was due to the fit of the AFO. May just be MS as it isn't constant and AFO adjustments haven't completely corrected it. That feels like burning pain.

    Another thing-I have tendinitis in both of my feet (very painful). My podiatrist treats that (she is well versed in MS). She said the foot drop causes this. I wasn't wearing my orthotics religiously. I do now. Pain is still there, but not as bad.

    You need to get the pain taken care of. But you might need to see a podiatrist (or PT/neuro-whoever prescribed the AFO) to determine if it is more than the AFO. Hope it isn't plantar fasciitis (my husband had that). Don't wait! 💕

  • Tutu I have a constant numbness with occasional burning sensation in all toes and most of foot but never pain til recently, which I think if from afo but could be ms I suppose. Sorry you have pain with your feet also, I hope the tendonitis continues to improve, and quickly.

    I actually had an appt with my uro PT today (that's a topic for another post) so I asked her about my afo situation. She checked things out and said part of the problem with the foot rolling and the toes curling is the ms but some of the foot roll is due to having broken that ankle almost 7 years ago. She thinks I should get the hardware removed, (anesthesia, a topic for another post) as the afo will rub on it sometimes. She showed me some stretches and exercises to strengthen ankle and hip as my hip is quite weak. Also said that an orthotic could help keep foot from rolling out and suggested I see either a podiatrist or go back to the orthotic shop for an orthotic that could be worn separately or be attached to the afo. I couldn't believe she spent so much time on this with me as that is not why I am seeing her, she is such a sweetheart. So I will be setting up appointments with a podiatrist for othotics, the orthotic shop to get my afo checked out, and possibly the surgeon to talk about hardware removal.

  • lois52, I really thought I had replied to this. Must have dreamt it. I've scrolled down and can't find it! 🤔

    It sounds as though you had a wonderful appt. What a blessing to have someone spend that time with you, listen, and help point you in the right direction!

    The surgery sounds as though it may complicate things, but you're on track to getting things taken care of. Praying you get long-term relief soon. 💕

  • I had a carbon fiber AFO, which caused me discomfort and problems, too. The AFO cured the whole issue for me, however, when the plate thereafter snapped just under ball of my foot 👀 (apparently, this is a fairly common occurrence with the carbon fiber models).

  • GasLight Well that solved the problem for you... Do you wear a different type of afo now?

  • Hi, lois52. I was in the hospital for an extended period recently, and during that time they moved me into a wheelchair. Not sure whether the AFO question is now mooted (since I am no longer walking). I am trying right now to get a new patient appointment with a local neurologist, so that I can get guidance on that (and several other questions).

    If I do get another AFO, I expect that it will be plastic (greater durability, and much lower cost).

  • Lois52..... I recently had PF in the opposite leg. It took about 6 months to go away. It went away just AFTER I injured my foot as a result of a fall I took. The injury was in the leg where I wear my afo. Never a problem from PF in my afo leg..... It DOES take awhile to get over for sure. Don't know HOW you would treat it with an afo....good luck!

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