is this part of foot drop?

I will bring this up at my next neuro appt in April but am hoping to get some ideas here first. I have foot drop when leg gets fatigued but now at rest my right foot really rolls outward and when I try to hold it straight the toes contract upward. The only way to keep the foot straight is to stand on it. I assume this is caused by muscles that are weak or no longer working, as it is my right side that is weak? It seems to be getting worse, don't think it is helping with balance either.

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  • Hi Lois, it is my right side that is weak,, and I have foot drop. My right foot is turned inwards when at rest but also I walk now with it turned slightly inwards. I know you said yours is outwards, so maybe it is to do with muscles. When I was at the physiotherapist a couple of weeks ago she told me to practice when sitting, and lying down, curling your foot up and bring it up towards your shin and back again. It doesn't matter how small a movement you can produce, practice and keep what you have. Take it up with your neurologist and let us know what he says, thanks Jimeka

  • Yes, I will go online to look for other strengthening exercises also. Thanks.

  • I have foot drop (right) with fatigue and heat and at rest there's a slight inward deviation, yes right side weakness upper and lower. I think jimeka 's recommendations are good to preserve range of motion. I also work on strengthening

  • Hi lois52 l couldn't agree more with what they said. Just keep working it! And give you Neuro a call! He might want to see you sooner now. If it's foot drop, you will need to be fitted or prescribe braces. Keep us in the loop.

    And please be very very careful!


  • Me too I have a brace when it's at it's worst but I am working with a therapist and he is working wonders

  • When my legz are done which they usually are by 4 PM (I keep too busy all ay then my legz poop out), I march through the house to avoid issues where the feet "shuffle" and don't pick up right. My pupz think it's funny, but I still get them in and out and in and out this way... (Mind you, I just have to get up and open the back door except after dark when I have to also unlock & open the garage door--safety first I tell the pupz)... Marching helps me to really think about lifting my feet!

  • I have the same problem @lois52. My toes curl up, as if it's a tightening / contraction thing. I can't balance because of the toes... I think foot drop is a different thing having to do with lifting the leg and from the ankle (not sure)

    My right fingers curl up as well, same as my toes, and the neurologist told me it was due to a damaged nerve near my elbow that controls the muscles that help straighten out my fingers . . So I'm wondering if it's a damaged nerve thing with my toes.

    Be careful . Do you use a cane or walker?

  • Good_enough No, I have a brace that I always wear when I leave the house. Maybe I should start wearing it in the house as it keeps my foot from rotating, it's just not that comfortable to wear shoes with the toe curl as I'm sure you know. I also didn't want to become dependent on it indoors like I have when outdoors.

  • Hi everyone! There is also the walkaide to consider. This device has two electrodes that is on a brace and stimulates the muscles and causes your foot to move upward. This even happens on hot and humid days. You can read up on it and get more information at

  • I have foot drop all the time and wear a brace ALWAYS...except during the nite. Perhaps a brace can help during weak right leg time?

  • I wear an AFO - ankle foot orthotic made of carbon fiber. It was recommended by a physical therapist. She wanted to protect my knee while at the same time forcing my foot to go heel toe. I have a problem with my left leg wher my foot drags causing a trip and fall hazard. The AFO is great for level ground but a little more difficult on slopes and stairs. I tried the Bioness 3000 system of electrical stimulation, but I turned my foot out ward and then up. Not good. They increased the level of stimulation but when it worked it was too painful. My insurance covered the AFO but not the Bioness. I am quite happy with the AFO but I do get a lot of questions "what did you do to your leg?" I answer with I have drop foot. most people don't understand and then change subjects.

  • My PT said that foot drop also causes a tightness in the calf. I haven't been able to walk on my toes or heels in forever.

    I, like others here, have been told to flex the foot-up, down and from side to side. I also stand at the kitchen counter and raise up and then down on my toes, while holding on to counter. I've also been given exercises to work on my calf while standing facing a wall. That would take too long to explain and I'd most likely confuse you. 🙄

    I wear my AFO on my right foot all the time. I've also been wearing a lighter, less stable one on my left foot as that has started showing foot drop too.

    You don't want to fall!! Anything to prevent a fall!

    April is a ways off. As Jesmcd2 said (I think it was Jes), you might want to call your neuro and see if they think you should come on sooner. In the meantime, be careful!

  • Lois52, it's Fancy1959. I also suffer from foot drop, especially when I am tired. What I've been working on it strengthening my legs on a recumbent bicycle that my boys got me second hand for Christmas. Overall I would say I'm starting to see a difference. I need to spend more time on it is my only problem and it always seems like life gets in the way. Can your neurologist write a prescription did you get into a physical therapist and do some sessions with a physical therapist that works with MS patients. They willhelp to strengthen and correct ankle giving out and your toes curling under@ Mexercise that give you you can bring home working on strengthening your ankle and teach you how to walk again. My left hand is doing trying to do the same thing your foot is . My hand is trying to curl under due to the tendons being contracted due to my MS. DC monuments and I want to make sure he gets order in to allow me to back to physical therapy. But you need to say keep your chin up and keep us informed. Remember together we are stronger!

  • Hi @lois52 . I have an update . .. I was prescribed Baclofenn today. It's a muscle relaxer. I was told by the nurse practitioner at the ms clinic that I go to that it would help my toes from curling up. It is also supposed to help save energy from all the contracting my muscles do, which causes the fatigue. You may want to check the drug out, if you haven't already 😉

  • Good_enough Thank you for update, I am adding this to my list of things to bring up with neuro. Please let me know how it works for you.

  • Good_enough Hello, I had recent appointment with local neuro and brought this up. Was told muscle relaxant wouldn't help and that it was coming from lesion damage and permanent. I plan to mention it when I see my ms neuro specialist to see if she has a different opinion on this.

    How has the Baclofenn worked for you?

  • What do I know? but is it possible that the brain, due inflammation and possibly plaque, is not able to send the message to the foot's nerve. Hopefully the relapse will stop and you will get back most, if not all, of your use...sorry.

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