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After almost a month of little to no exercise I finally went back to the gym this morning. Seeing first hand how quickly the "use it or lose it" sets in. It sure doesn't take long for weakness to grab hold with ms. I hate going out in the cold and driving in the snow but can't seem to motivate self to exercise at home. Thankfully it's only a short drive.

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  • Good for you lois52! A day at a time, right? I'd say you could add a trip to the gym to erash's blessings or thankful (or whatever it is called) jar.

    Yesterday, and the day before, I went for a walk. It had been nearly a couple weeks since I'd been able to do that. Those were added to my jar for 2017!

    If we lived closer, I'd roll over with my grocery cart and we could go exercise together!

    Congrats! So happy for you!

  • Good for you Lois52! :)

  • Go for it girl! 🏋️‍♀️ It will help you both emotionally and physically, just don't do too much at once, 🌈

  • Congratulations lois52! What a wonderful way to start the new year! It will be hard but really worth it. You can do it.

  • Yay! lois52

    I always feel better afterwards (hope u do 2). Be proud of yourself, pat your back, for pushing thru the inertia. 👍

  • I told myself I had quit going because of the holidays but it was really because I wasn't seeing the improvements that I had hoped for. I need to look at exercise now more as a maintenance plan...

  • So did I, where did years of going to the gym go in a month :-) Royce

  • I just noticed that you want 20's & 30's. I am 73yrs, is this not a good site for me?


  • Hello @Carleen, welcome, this ms site is for all ages, I am 52.

  • Lois52 it's Fancy1959 wanting to say congratulations for getting back to the gym. It is so easy to make excuses to not take the time to do what we know is good for us. I did a lot of physical therapy last year. What I did to be able to keep working on my therapy when my visits ran out for the insurance is to slowly but surely purchase equipment off of eBay that I had used in physical therapy. Then I set about getting my husband to make me a small parallel bars for balance control. As a result Louis I have a small workout room with an incumbent bike with my son's got me for Christmas. An elliptical machine that my balance is if it's good to use right now but I use heavily last year. A mini trampoline assorted weights assorted resistance ribbons just to name a few. It's at I'm on a limited budget but I put it together for an amazingly low cost. A good friend gave me the elliptical machine which was the most expensive item in the workout room because he no longer needed it. And once again everything else was slowly purchased off eBay. What works best for you Louis when you go to the gym, whatever the equipment you might start looking on eBay for it and see what it goes for and if you can find a bargain for it. If you have the space you might slowly but surely set up a small room for those days when it's too nasty outside to travel like snow days, etc. Keep up the great work Louis and keep us informed how your MS is doing. Remember together we are stronger!

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