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Happy New Year


Hello, I have had MS for 12 years. I have been on Copaxone and look and feel like a human pin cushion after all these years. I have been retired for 9 years and and have limited mobility. I am new to this site and look forward to being here.

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Happy New Year to you too BigMar7. I was Copaxone for a few tears, then Avonex for few years, and now I'm receiving Tysabri infusions at the hospital every 30days.

Sukie427 in reply to dmaskal1

Dmaskal, did you ever get tested for the JC virus? If so, were you + or -?


Welcome to the site Bigmar7, I'm Lynn, just went numb last June, still undergoing many tests and MRI's to get definite dx. Limbo time.. There's lots of great people here, so hope you enjoy all the interactions. You can feel free to comment, suggest, answer or even vent MS frustrations.


Hi BigMar7 nice to meet you. Hope you have had a good Christmas and all the best for 2017. Human pin cushions seem to be quite common in the States, I live in the uk, we are lucky if we get an appointment once a year with our neurologist and then we are thankful if they do blood tests. Hope next year is less prickly for you, blessings Jimeka

@BigMar7, you've been on Copaxone for 12 years? Congratulations! I lasted only 3 years on it myself. I'm not on anything (except vitamin D3) now but I've had MS for 36 years and any new drug at this point might do more harm than good. Or at least I'm too much of a chicken to try any more drugs just now. I was on Avonex for 3 years before the Copaxone.

Hi BigMar7 and welcome. This is a wonderful and warm place to chat and I will look forward to your additions to the conversations. Happy Ne Year! 🎉

Better living thru chemistry darlin'... Betaseron 8.5 years which left open sores until it ate the tissue under my skin requiring surgery... I am grateful that I'm still mobile after MS since 1986... Have been on Copaxone for 9 years with no problems (took 5 years off between the two). Every year that I'm mobile is a bonus, and I know Ampyra keeps me mobile these dayz... I can TELL when it's time for a dose based on how my legz are working! Pills morning, noon, and nights, shots 3x/week, I'm just happy it keeps me kicking and living my best feisty redheaded life AND that all of my meds are FREE to me through SSDI...

Sukie427 in reply to ddeadred

Hi, ddeadred. My neuro put me on Ampyra quite a few years ago and I started having seizures so I got taken off it. Dr. said seizures were side effect of drug. I'm just so sensitive to meds that there is so much trial and error.

ddeadred in reply to Sukie427

Like you, I often get side effects from the MonSter drugs... I remain vigilant in monitoring the sides--often times they show up later at which point decisions are made... Taking meds morning, noon, and night along with 3 shots a week. Better living through chemistry after these long 30+ years wth the crap... Just keep on keeping on as best I can...

Welcome BigMar7 this support group is awesome!

Welcome, BigMar7. I hope that you will find this chat site helpful. We are all MS Warriors and share many of the same problems. But because MS affects everyone differently, sometimes people post about new or different or unusual symptoms, but the chances are good that someone has had it and posts the benefits of their experience. We are from all different backgrounds and walks of life with many and varied backgrounds and we are also from all over the world so there is usually someone on-line even if it's the middle of the night where you are. We are also very frank here, and there is nothing that anyone is afraid to discuss. So take advantage of the wealth of information you can gain from those who walk in your shoes, and enjoy. Happy and HESLTHY new year to you and yours.



Welcome to this form you will find some wonderful people here that can answer questions. perhaps you can answer their questions. Or just chime in to support one another as we all need that. Thank you for good wishes for my upcoming adventure. Lynn

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