A lesson learned

I did some major shopping and my cart was filled to the top. I thought about asking for help to push it out to the car but the place was so busy, I didn't want to wait, and then there's that foolish pride. Then I mistakenly went out the exit farthest from where I was parked. There was a lot of snow/slush on the ground and I only got about a fourth of the way and was completely done it. Thank God for the wonderful young women with her young son who saw my struggles and offered to pull while I pushed and we made it to my car. I thanked her profusely and she just smiled sweetly, said Merry Christmas and went on her way. Thank God for the mercy of strangers...

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  • Why should we always have to give in? Well done for trying, and glad someone was willing to help you. You will be tired now so rest up, blessings Jimeka

  • Lois52, it's Fancy1959. I totally agree with you. I am offered more help than I ever imagined was possible. And many a time it is a true blessing from God when the help is offered!

  • Lois52, I, too, as I am sure all of us, have found ourselves depending on the kindness of strangers, and I try to pay it forward and do what I can to help someone else I find struggling with something. And drop the pride. I remember when I first began having serious mobility problems, I had to stop leaning for support on grocery carts and start using those electric carts whenever I went grocery shopping. I felt like a complete spectacle, and when people were kind and offered to reach something or pull something from the freezer for me I wanted to die of humiliation. So I refused their offers and forced myself to stand up and reach too high or walk a bit too far to get it myself, until one day I fell. People came running out of nowhere to help me and the store personnel wanted to call 911 and I just wanted a hole to crawl into. Finally, the breaking point came when I drove my electric cart into the checkout line and ended up right behind a friend, who promptly hung up with the person she was speaking to on her cell phone to greet me. While I felt my face getting hot with mortification, she just started talking with me as if the cart wasn't even there, let alone the giant elephant in the room which I thought it was. She also had my few items emptied onto the counter before I even knew that she was doing it! We each concluded our business at the store and said good-bye. I then started thinking that I was the only one who thought anything of it! Since then, I have entered a checkout line in my cart and the cashier has come around to help me empty it, or a few times the customer in front of me has unleaded his stuff and simply put down the divider and emptied my cart without a word! I guess it's all just a part of learning to accept who you are and what your new normal is until it's not any longer. I have found that acceptance is a big part not only of learning to live with this disease, but toward having a better attitude toward beating it. Sukie427

  • I can totally understand how you feel as I hate to say it,but I am horribly stubborn. I use a cane or a walker of course my walker is currently I storage because I refuse to use it. I am only 43 and have both MS and early onset dementia my pride and stupidity keeps me from using the electric carts when I know I should. Instead I use a shopping cart to lean on or get pushed in a wheel chair if I am tired. Or I stay in the car now how stupid is that? I feel like people look at me being so young and think what is wrong with her lazy but and the looks we get when we park in handicap parking spots due to my disabled tag is crazy. Keep in mind I can't drive anymore because I forget where I am going...,,

  • Happy holidays, @chalk73. You will find your own way; nobody can tell you how to feel or how to perceive what others perceive about us

    I also am experiencing confusion and forgetfulness which way surpasses my.normal disorganization. I will reluctantly discuss it with my neurologist because I feel it's time. . But that's my decision. Just like you will make your own decisions in your own time. Just please don't give up. You are important and you matter. Sukie 427

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