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Hello to everyone ☺

I wanted to say hello again to everyone! We have so many new "faces" that it's taking Fancy1959 and l bit to get to you all. And as hard as we try, we might miss someone. We apologise for that 😊

We want to say a special shout out to our friends that have been here the longest and jumped in and welcomed them. Thank you!

~ Please use the @ in front of the post name so that they receive it. Making sure there are no spaces. IE @jesmcd2 ~

Thanks guys ☺

I Wish Everyone a Warm and Safe Holiday Season, Filled With Family, Friends, and Love 🎄


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Thanks Jes, and only 4 more sleeps, blessings Jimeka


Ugh can I borrow your grandson jimeka ? I have presents to wrap. 😅

Now if l can get the bf out of the house for more than 5 mins 😕😅


Thanks, Jes. Unfortunately, this has been my year of The Broken Bones!

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How are you feeling Sukie427 ? Did you go on vacation yet? I can't remember, l have MS remember? 😁😅


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