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Faith and Family gets me through!!

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I am far from a Preacher or Evangelist, but I truly believe that God has a plan for us all. Sometimes it throws us in a direction that we never thought we would be in, but he gives us the strength to deal with whatever we are faced with. You don't realize how important your Family is, until you are on this path. I was diagnosed March 23, 2006. I'm not sure why I can remember that so vividly!! I find myself trying to remember if I made a phone call just yesterday!! LOL!! I guess what I'm saying is keep your head up as much as you can! Some days you won't but that's okay!!

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Mariannak , you're so true because GOD knows best, and HE never made us sick, but HE'S gonna take us through this journey without a scratch. Now, I am certain HE'LL bring people together, so that, we can show others how GREAT AND MERCIFUL HE really can be through this journey called life!! I've told many people this, and of course, I've been shunned at when I told them we'll receive a HEALING on this side; because WE'LL already receive a HEALING ON THE OTHER SIDE! All I know is I look forward receiving this HEALING GOD says so in Isaiah 53:5!!

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By Your stripes, I am healed, blessings Jimeka

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That is so true, He knows why and that is all that matters.

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I know God is in control. I'd have rather a hard time without my faith, God's mercy and provision, and my wonderful family.

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Hi Mariannak welcome to our chat! Although it looks like you have posted before, l have yet had the pleasure.😊 I hope that you will continue to join in our growing family here.

Having a supporting family is so important to get through this! And your faith, which ever that may be 😊

Hope you had a great holiday!

Love Jes🎄

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I truly believe that in order for us to get through the day to day trials of this disease, we must realize and except a helping hand. I know it's hard because you feel yourself not being able to do things with ease like before. I think that with this New Year maybe we can make a real effort in reaching out even more to one another. Even a HELLO would be sufficient. We never know what one of us may be dealing with at that time, and just to see that someone took the time to say HELLO is encouraging.

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Mariannak , I love your attitude. Sometimes knowing God loves me is the only thing that gets me through a rough time.

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