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Welcome to you all

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Hi welcome to a very friendly chat room. I have never seen as many join at one time as today. I am sorry that we have to meet under these circumstances but we all have one thing in common. MS. I have PPMS, and I don't take any medication, and I live in the uk, so I tend not to comment on insurance or medication, but I will try and help where I can. One thing I have found that you never give in to it, you have to rest, and you will get know your own body and signs better than anyone, so do what is best for you. No question is never too silly or too personal on here, we all try to help each other, so go ahead and ask, vent, joke, laugh, cry, and smile. We all have being dealt a rum hand, but it could be worse. Blessings to you all Jimeka Sorry if I have missed anyone out

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Sorry it should be Aldasia1.


I echo jimeka wise words and warm welcome 👋


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