Walkaid v Bioness vPace v M?

Well what a morning. I feel as though I have enough electric vaults to land me safely in the states from the uk. Those shock waves take alittle getting used to. To cut a long story short, for those who don't know I went to see if I could tolerate one of the above, to help my drop foot. Well it's truly amazing. When the physiotherapist found the right shock wave for me, wow I could lift my foot and I could walk without tripping. I tried all of them, but the Walkaide was too painful for me and it wouldn't turn my foot enough, so that was a no. The one that I can't remember the name of M something, was too big and clumsy, so no. I tried the Pace and my body just clicked with it, it was really easy to use, very light not as glamorous as the bioness, but when I asked how much they all were, I was pleasantly surprised. The bioness was £4600, the M £4200, the Walkaide was £3900 and the one that really suited me was the Pace at £2200. I am now waiting to see if I can get funding, so it is now in Gods hands, so prayers appreciated please. Unfortunately the physiotherapist couldn't get my knee to bend with any of the contraptions, I guess I did too much exercise before the ms. As my physiotherapist says, how much did I spend on my car that I only use now and again compared to the Pace, which I will use everyday. Just letting you all know as promised. Jimeka

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  • Jimeka, strong vibes sent your way hoping you can get funding for the Pace! 👣👣👣

  • Thank you 🌈

  • I am so sorry I forgot to say thank you to you all for praying for the weather. It rained all the way there and we only had wet snowflakes on the way back, and the other device was MyGait. Again thank you Jimeka

  • Did you have to dodge ❄️☃️ to get there? So happy you made it there and back safely. I'll be praying the finances work out so you can get it. Any idea how long you will have to wait to hear?

  • I started my reply while waiting at an appt, then picked it back up when I was done. I should have exited it and read new posts before I finished it. Happy to hear you only had rain!

  • Great news that you've found something to suit : ) Best of luck with the funding x

  • jimeka , Thank you for taking the time to explain how each of the units tried worked for you specifically. This is helpful to all of us who might potentially need to follow that path. You mention both UK and the States. I wonder if in the UK this type of device is covered under your National Health Plan. If you are living in the US now, what insurer are you using and is there a good probability that they will cover at least part of the cost?

  • Hi Cherie, I have applied for funding through the NHS, U.K. If I lived in the city of York where I had to go to be fitted, I would be 95% sure of getting it funded. Because I live in a different county they have to write to my doctor and wait to see if my condition warrants one. It's a political waiting game. As people have said on here before in the long run its cheaper than drugs. God bless Jimeka

  • So glad that you found one that will work for you. Hope the funding come through for you. let us know if you set up a go fund me account or something similar. Lynn

  • Thank you Lynn, I did ask why I had to hear of these devices through my American friends. Why haven't my NHS physiotherapists ever suggested it? I went private yesterday because it would have taken 3 months to get an appointment with the NHS. If I am eligible for full funding, for eg I fall a lot and trip up constantly, then I never own the device, they pay for all repairs, etc, I just have to pay for the 9v battery and they even pay for the electrodes, which if I own it, it will cost me £300 a year for those, as they have to be replaced every 2 weeks. So hopefully she will call me and let me know, otherwise my hubby will buy it, but there won't be a holiday for us this year. Oh well such is life!!!

    My hubby was quite impressed with it, I could see it going through his mind that our son who is an engineer would be able to make one, he makes me laugh, anything to save a penny!!! 🌈

  • My hubby is also thinking of workable alternatives 😊 But when he needs something mended or a creative solution then it's my turn.

  • How excellent! I've not heard of the pace system however, I'm so glad that you were able to try it! I'll be praying for you to get the funding you need!! God provides 🙏🏾. Blessings

  • Aww that's wonderful jimeka sending prayers your way so you get the funding! How did it feel walking around normally again? :)

  • It was so natural, but I have had a really s**t morning. I travelled all the way to hull, a hours journey, only to be met by an intern or a member of my neurologists team. Well he said the headaches I get are migraines, apparently migraines change with age, so the symptoms I get are not going to be the same as when I was younger. Then he decided I should stop the cocodamols as they can cause headaches and increase my pregablin . I told him I couldn't because of the RLS, increasing pregablin sets off the RLS. Then he said, let's try amytriptlin, I said not in a month of Sunday's, if you read my notes, it says the RLS cannot tolerate it, and then he suggested an antidepressant to which I replied again, read my notes, RLS cannot tolerate any medication that begins with anti. So then I asked how much vitamin D I should be taking, he said do I take it as a supplement, to which I replied no I take it because I have ms, to which he replied, there is no reason to take it. THEN I asked about the flu jab, he said that it was no different to a normal person having it, just because I have ms. Anyway he wanted me to have blood tests to see about the headaches so on the way out I threw them in the bin and have put in a phone call to my ms nurse to report his ignorance of ms. To top it all when I got to the car, I got a call from my physiotherapist saying that I did not qualify for funding. Hope you all have a better day, Jimeka

  • So, so sorry, J.


    Well, I can at least now admit that I now feel silly having a little silent pity party of my own this morning.

  • I'm sorry you are having a 😔 day too, Chrisfrigola.

  • Thank you for your reply Chris, when I read your post I was feeling alittle inside out so I have not acknowledged how you are feeling. I hope that your day has got better, get it off your chest, you may feel a lot better, have a vent, again thank you, Jimeka

  • Oh, Jimeka, I am so very sorry. I am just now reading this. Guess I'm way behind and don't know why I had to really search to find this (following your reference to it on the post on the rainbow).

    My heart and prayers are with you today...and going forward. What a bad day...😔

  • Oh Jeez - just awful Jimeka : (

    It is scary just how clueless some 'professionals' seem to be. Regarding the level of care you receive and funding for treatments, it really is a 'postcode lottery'. Any alternative appliances/suppliers or funding options ?

    Regarding flu jab - I have this every year due to seasonal ( pollen and funghi spores ) asthma. I get a sore arm muscle and slight temp/fatigue for a while but am otherwise ok. I would rather my body make antibodies in readiness, than leave it to chance. I had flu a few years ago before I started having vaccines and was very ill for a fortnight - lost a stone in weight, definitely one to avoid for me ! It is a dead, not live vaccine so body should 'go through the motions' of an antibody making response without launching an all out attack. I also had the pneumo jab without issues.



    Can't help with the headaches, I'm afraid - I get plenty, with eye pain, paracetamol helps a little. Migraine with the flashing, twirling aura occasionally too. I'm glad you have an MS nurse for support. Take care x

  • Evening Angela, thank you for your kind reply and help. No one in the U.K has ever suggested anything to help me, not even put me in touch with any organisation. I did have a really good nurse but her work load was so high she ended up quitting. The one I have now is a tick the box lady, so no help really, but whenever she does get back to me I will demand that I see my real neurologist. I am supposed to see him every 4 years and his understudies the rest of the time. I have seen him once in 6 years. I see Dr Ming at Hull who do you see and do you have to travel far? I am going to phone the ms society uk tomorrow and see what financial help is available or see if anyone in north Lincolnshire offers the same as York. It is a lot like buying a car if you go private, as it has to have a mot every year, you have to have a check up yourself twice a year at £70 a visit and batteries have to be replaced along with changing electrodes every 2 weeks, for the Pace privately, that's about another £500 a year, so there is a lot to think about. Anyway enough of me, how are you feeling? You can vent as well. Blessings Jimeka

  • Aw man jimeka l am so sorry. I don't even have the words to say how sorry l am. Talk about ignorant. He sounds like my 1st neuro. A complete idiot. I am glad you called on him and hopefully he will get put in his place.

    I truly hope today is a better day for you! Hugs

  • Hi Jes well today I have had a call from my ms nurse, she has requested for me to move to a different neurologist and she is filing a complaint for me about the guy I saw yesterday. I have also had a call from my docs and they are looking into funding for me, so again it's in Gods hands. I will keep you posted. Take care my friend, thank you for your care, Jimeka

  • Jimeka, you deserve the world...be patient! God says we win, and you will! No man can take anything away. Keep up with you research! Where there is a will, there is a way! I'm believing that you will get a unit! It will be yours! Remember, nothing worth having is easy.

    With that said, as MSers, we all know how to fight! Tooth, and nail! So, I'm here to encourage you. Please, don't give up. There exist a way for you...find it! 😉

    Hope this help to continue to encourage you. Blessings

  • Your message broke my heart. It is one of the many things that makes me feel powerless these days. Did they give any reasons why you did not qualify? Is there an appeals process?

  • I didn't live in the York area, so now I have been in contact with my doctor, he is going to ring me in the morning. Meanwhile you can buy it all on line, all the spares and everything.

  • I hope your doctor can help you tomorrow.

  • Glad to hear you had success. I have the Bioness L300...it love it. It works for me. I got funding from the MSAA and the MS Foundation. They were very helpful. Good luck!

  • Thank you but I live in the U.K. So MSAA is not an option

  • jimeka jimekjimeka jimeka i am so angry for you regard the funding and the ms ignorant Dr. You must have wanted to wring his neck. I am convinced that headaches are for sure an MS thing. But then again I am going through menopause so who know!

    You seems blessed w a wonderful hubby!

  • Jimeka, I am so happy that you found something that will work for you! Praying that the funding comes through. Are they pretty good about that? I am so sorry you have foot drop, it is a challenge. I found an MS warrior shirt that I liked on amazon smile and ordered it, thanks so much for showing us yours. I hope you feel good, as always you are in my prayers. Kelly

  • Jimeka, sorry I hadn't read all the postings. I am absolutely heartbroken you did not get the funding. Please start a go fund me account, you have all of us who would help you, I'm sure, as well as others. We all care about you and want you to have what you need. I would have had some choice words for the doctor you saw! Of course your headaches are probably related to ms, I get them all the time. In my prayers. Kelly

  • Thank you Kelly, it's been a tough day particularly as I thought yesterday went so well and gave me hope. I wanted to give the neuro a mouthful but my hubby was with me and he is so polite, I would have embarrassed him, he doesn't like it when I get on my high horse. Tomorrow will be different as I am going to put in a complaint with my ms nurse and see what she has to say.well I guess I should try and get some sleep, it's nearly 11.30 pm . Hope you are having a better day, blessings Jimeka x

  • Jimeka, TUTU said you were finding out today or was it yesterday if he could get your device for you. How did that go? I pray that you got it. If not, I told her that I thought we should all go together to help you get it. I would be so happy to contribute for you. I wanted to tell you two things, first I ordered my ms warrior shirt. Yeah! But even better I ordered my trike! It should arrive in about three days. My husband is wonderful, but not mechanical, so a friend of ours is going to assemble it for me. Enough about me. How are you feeling? Are you managing your symptoms okay? Let me know abou the device and all the U.K. news. Love, Kelly

  • Hi Kelly, wow I am excited for you, Christmas early. I hope you get the same enjoyment as I have done. Unfortunately we haven't had the weather here to use mine, my dogs nails are growing, the roads act as nail files for him. Also great news about the t shirt. Send us all a picture. Today as been a better day. Through my ms nurse, I have fired my neurologist and put in a complaint, and I am now being referred to a lovely woman. My ms nurse also suggested I try for funding through my doctor, so I have set the wheels in motion. Thank you for your offer of help but if all goes well I hope by Christmas it will be settled. I see my gp on Thursday, here's hoping, keep me posted re the trike, blessings Jimeka

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