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Getting a 3rd opinion ugh


Venting here a bit.. Grrr

Went to see the ENT yesterday and was a complete waste of my time. The Dr ok let's just call him Doogie Hooser remember that show? I'm sure he is a great dr but he looked no older than my youngest daughter who is 24! He then proceeded to tell me that the noise will go away when l cut back on caffeine and salt :/ l dont do either... so Dr Doogie what else ya got...

He doesn't know.. He then tells me ppl my age :/ just turned 51 remember?Grrrrr Start losing their hearing... But... then tells me that it's not bad enough for an aid anyway. And l wouldn't be able to get it there because of my insurance... Dr Doogie is about to get slugged.

So on a whim l ask... could it be ms related? He jumped on that answer n said yes... lm talking to my nero. I don't believe dr Doogie sry. OK lm done sry lol

Oh yeah an my guy came home last night yeah!

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Sounds like Doogie was my first neuro. Oops reread your post, Doogie isn't your neuro.

I love your humor btw. My first neuro was a Doogie, something about Jeff Dunham and Peanut n Achmad stuff all over his office should've warned me. He kept diagnosing me with everything, but MS.

Caffeine AND salt? Nope not happening!

Good luck to you and just so you know, I haven't lost my hearing...yet... I'm about to turn 54. Mmmmm, too many concerts is more likely why I'd lose my hearing LMAO!

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to jennie62

Thanks jennie62 and he actually tried to tell me l must have been around loud noises :/ I'm thinking not really.. not more than normal so... And l drink water only so it's no problem on the caffeine :)


I'm sure we all have a dr doogie experience. Mine was my first neuro. He called me and gave diagnosis by phone saying, "looks like you have MS. You've had a long life, you'll die from old age, not MS. " Somehow found no comfort in that. He said it again at the next appt and hubby was ready to deck him. I was a very active 68 yr old and plan on being around a long time and get back to my activity. Then he prescribed Tysabri even though I am JCV POSITIVE. Got a referral to new doc and am now waiting for results of all new tests. All this since 1st doc diagnosed in Aug. hang in there! Lynn

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to CalfeeChick

Thanks CalfeeChick l am. I felt like l was his first patient or something yikes. You hang in there also!

CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to Jesmcd2

Sorry that you have to go through all the new testing,etc. Accuracy in our diagnostics is sooo important! Hang in there! Lynn

Wow! And I just left a 40 yr career in healthcare because I was concerned about my brain fog and medical decision making...sounds like I could have kept practicing and still provided better care than the doogies 🙃

Lindy530611 in reply to erash

I really wonder sometimes how people find the right doc I learned the hard way to find the right neurologist but I found him and he's part of a MS Center and that has made a very big difference in helping me stay well with MS these 8 years when I was diagnosed in 2001 just went with first neurologist but he was not really current on how protocol for holistic and coordinated care for treating MS was moving; most importantly a DMT.

Oh Jes, what you will go through to have a laugh!!! It makes you wonder what they are being taught at med school these days. All I ever get when I go to the docs is, " well you do have ms" what I am supposed to deduce from that I don't know, I have never had it before, would someone please tell me exactly what ms does? I think someone who has ms should become a doctor or neuro and then maybe we would get the understanding we deserve. Anyway you hang in there, enjoy your time with your man, and keep laughing. Cheers Jimeka x

I don't think I'd return to (or recommend) that ENT. 😉 Maybe you already told us before, but what does your neuro say about the ringing and MS? Sounds to me you've done your best to rule out non-MS explanations. My understanding is that MS can affect pretty much anything controlled by the CNS. I think your recent ENT needs more practice 'practicing medicine.'


Oh Doogie wanted me to make an appt for 6 months. I just left. They couldn't have helped in the long run anyway, so why go back? I hate middle men. :p

I haven't asked my neuro about it yet. He's going to be my 3rd opinion. I can ask if it can be caused by MS. Also he can get me better hearing testing at URMC who does accept my insurance. Did l say l hate middle men? Lol

Jimeka not everything is MS tho it really can it's against the odds dontcha think? But hearing loss is hereditary and once again l get it 1s:D yeah me. Oh wait, my mom just told me my aunt just got one... l told my mom that my aunt was 80 :/ lol

And erash you definitely know more than dr Doogie there lolol ugh

I shouldn't talk bad about the kid, lm sure he is a great Dr. And lm sure for younger kids it would be a great fit, but not me.

erash in reply to Jesmcd2

Did I say already, I have right sided transient hearing loss with some intermittent tinnitus (buzzing) . Saw 3 ENTs ( the last a neuro-otolaryngologist) and all said MS and my neuro, ironically, didn't think due to MS. 😶

And my neurologist is wonderful! Truly!

It's the practice of medicine, because we are just practicing 🙃

Hearing loss was one of my first symptoms. Nerve damage that can't be helped.To help w ith the noise I keep radio or tv on. MS has many strange things that can happen. Can't wait to see what's next. It is unfortunate that so many Docs don't know much about MS.It is not new .

Too bad we have to be our own advocate. Try to be positive and strong ,not easy to do MS can take over your life.

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to Nani5

Hi Nani5 sry about your ears :( It kind of stinks. I lost my leg for a summer lol lt started "dancing" on its own yikes. Thats what started me on my MS path.

l always keep the TV on, but the noise, almost sounds like the ocean, wakes me up blah. And positive? I'm positive l have MS :b haha sry not awake yet, but it is a little funny...

I have slight hearing loss in my right ear that I did not know about discovered it after a nasty ear infection in both ears caused by sinusitis. They said that ringing in the ears is a sign of hearing loss as you get older and they were ENT

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to KDenes

Hi KDenes that's where l went was to an ENT. No infection tho. Wish it was that simple. Think lm just getting old :(

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