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MS December 2004, Breast Cancer 2009, husband of 30 yrs. We gone through alot together & our motto is; God only gives us what we can handle & theses things make our LOVE for each other & our FAITH stronger. I'm also Diabetic & my husband is waiting for his 2nd Kidney Transplant. First transplant was April 1995 & still working, just slowing down, so he was put on the list. Works everyday, not on dialysis! My MS is cognitive & because of this image disabled. Just wanted to join & say Hi

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Hi Isa, hello, you and your husband have a really good, strong faith, I have learnt the same thing, 'you are never given more than you can handle'. Both my sisters have had breast cancer, given the all clear, but unfortunately the youngest one hers has returned and it is turning out to be a hard journey for us all, having ms myself but not being able to help physically is hard, so you end up praying for everyone, and pray your prayers are heard and answered. Hope your husband hears soon about his transplant, stay faithful, hope is a gift, free to all. Cheers Jimeka


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