What will today hold?

Yesterday (Friday) was beautiful here in the Uk, so I challenged myself. I managed to vacuum all downstairs, do the washing then I went for a bike ride with Razor my dog for a 3 mile return journey to see my terminally ill sister. When I had made it home I went to have a lay down, 2.5 hours later I thought I would cut the lawns, as it predicts rain, for today Saturday. I have a ride on but driving it can be difficult as my right foot is needed to do the accelerator. Anyway what I am trying to say is, that I have had a great day but what today holds in store, watch this space. I never get 2 good days ina row, ms doesn't like to give you too many treats. Wishing you all well, Jimeka

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  • Think positive thoughts, sometimes they shape your day πŸ‘

  • Yes you are so right erash.

  • Jimeka, it's Fancy1959. One of the first thing I learned about MS it is that no two persons disease is exactly alike. I also believe that everyones MS is affected by the strength and condition of their body at the time the disease hits. I ran a horse farm and was extremely physical in my 40s. It was probably the best shape I was in most of my adult life. Unbeknownst to me my body, MS had already attacked my body but I kept powering through the symptoms. When I changed jobs into a very high-stress job the MS was no longer silent. Once MS made itself known to me and started robbing my body of some of its strength, stamina, and coordination I soon learned that this is a disease of moderation. It sounds to me perhaps on your good day you expect too much of a body bearing the heavy burden of MS. Perhaps if you could cut your work load down to half on the good day then you would be able to do the second half of that workload on the next day and thus have two good days in a row. Listen to your body and understand your body is an unsure of itself as you are of your body. We never give up and we never give in, but we do need to learn to adjust and protect our bodies while they fight this terrible monster we call MS. Remember together we are stronger. I would like to invite you to become an MS Warrior and fight on with us!.

  • That was a crazy amount of work to do but I bet you were glad to have been able to do it. Maybe a few days rest and then the energy rush again. Sometimes I wonder is it lack of energy or lack of motivation when I feel unable to do things- maybe a bit of both. How are you doing now ?

  • Hi Featherhead, love the user name, I am slowing down, unfortunately winter is around the corner and the weather makes it harder to get out and about. I actually drove my car for a 10 mile return journey to the post office the other day, but even that made me sleep for 2 hours when I got back. I finally had my flu shot today, again the excursion to the doctors influenced how I felt, I just want to feel well like we all do, I can put up with the immobility, but the feeling of Un wellness really gets to me, as I am sure it does us all. How's things at your end, blessings Jimeka

  • jimeka how come l never saw this post? :'( lm sorry.

    When does winter start over there? Or have you gotten snow already?

    Please be careful when you get those bursts, they can take so much out of you.

    Jes β™‘

  • Hi jimeka you are great to push yourself to go out. Winter is harder in every way but we've gotta keep going as one of you said, positive thoughts in the morning helps. Did you have any side effects to flu shot ? Here in Ireland it is very dull but mild today. I went to my choir practice so that brightened me up alot :-) hope your day is goen ok.

  • Feather head is what I am- - always forgetting and in the ms fog :-)

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