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Thank you for your support with my wreck! 🙏🏻😊

Thanks everyone 🙄 For the advice and input about my wreck it really does help. My MS affects my hands and arm strength, it also affect my awareness. I only drive to work and back and to run a quick erran like that day to get my roots done after work...not again. I usually have family or friends that drive me places. It's just hard this disease because to look at me I'm normal...whatever that is 😋

This is an amazing group. Where I live there isn't any group or organization so your really by yourself. Thanks again.

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Pbargal it was my pleasure to get to share ideas with you. I think, by sharing information, it chips away at the isolation this monster causes us to feel. It is good to feel accepted, wanted, and needed by this community since MS tends, at least for me, to make me feel broken as it ravages different areas of my nervous system. Thanks for sharing with us too! Remember, together we are stronger!


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