Inspirational Phrases by (Immediate) Family Members

"You are are compromised."

"Everything is a challenge."

"You are 'comprimised'."

"See - you are still smart!"

"Aren't you glad [back then] you didn't know what would happen?"

I always said growing up, "We were put on this earth to be tested". "Everything happens for a reason." "It could ALWAYS be worse."

The past 4 years with PPMS have proven ALL of these phrases true.

Live every day to the fullest...that's all we can do...

6 Replies

  • I agree x

  • kris1973 how about this one... "God never gives you more than you can handle" always my favorite. I quit lol :)

  • Lol! Didn't look up!! Same is already up here 😊. Must be a good one!

  • I swear, if one more person says that to me I am going to bash them!

  • Lol l hear you there!

  • God won't put on you more than you can bear.

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