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Hello Everyone

Hello everyone, I was DX April 2013 with RRMS, I am stubborn and put my cane down because I just don't want to depend on it. I walk funny but I believe I will get better (I have). The key for me is to stay positive and enjoy life as much as I can. I still cut grass, household chores, help with my grandchildren, and what ever needs to be done. I will not give in! I hope I can make friends to spread cheer and learn from each other to have a better life.

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Hi TLBoren, so glad to meet U. I already feel I know what you are going through. I keep busy with my granddaughter's and my 24year old handicap son..I always say I need to keep busy to keep moving. But lately if I go for 2or 3 days straight always being busy I am exhausted by day 4,OHH MY MY. This Gama is in bed...



Yep, I'm the same way, lol. I stay as active as I can. In fact I'm about to go to my room and watch a movie to relax. Have a good evening!


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