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Multiple sclerosis treatment, faster MRI diagnosis method helps reduce brain inflammation

New multiple sclerosis treatment has been uncovered, along with faster MRI diagnosis method to help reduce brain inflammation. Researchers from the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry have uncovered a new pathway for multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment. The aim of the new treatment is reducing inflammation in the brain, as it is a contributing factor for muscle disability in multiple sclerosis.

Current multiple sclerosis treatments target the immune system in order to reduce inflammation in the brain. Unfortunately, the increasing strength of the medications weakens patients’ immune system, making them more susceptible to side effects and other illnesses. For the current study, the researchers examined the enzyme called granzyme B in cytotoxic cells as a possible therapeutic target to combat inflammation without significant suppression of the immune system.

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Thanks latill, that was an extremely interesting article :)


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