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Share your experience with stem cell transplant (bone marrow transplantation)


Please share to let others know what to expect or better inform their decision making with their doctor hey....

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My stem cell transplant went rather smoothly. It was almost seven years ago now, so I might not be able to remember the drug names, but basically this was my experience. I was able to have enough stem cells extracted on my first try. (The extractor is like a dialysis machine. ). Blood is taken out ; stem cells are extracted and blood goes back in. Took about 5 hours for me. I think it was a few days after that I went into hospital and the next day I received a chemo called 'melphalan.' It is a high dose chemo. It will kill everything and this is what takes our immune system down. Over a day or two, I became weak and tired. Hair started falling out. I am not sure on this part when the stem cells were introduced back into my body, but I feel it was only a day or two after the high dose chemo. Every day my blood would get checked and every day I watched my "flow sheet" and watched my hemoglobin and platelet count rise every day....that's a good thing.

I was in isolation for three weeks....most of the time I slept. They try to encourage you to get up and shower and walk every day. Some days I barely got up to pee. Honestly. But after a week or so, you start to come back to life and complain about the hospital food...of course family and friends are not allowed to bring in anything from outside. And be careful of germs. If someone has a cold or anything DO NOT let them visit.

I would say my stem cell transplant was not too bad. And remember, it will take your body about two years to really feel yourself again.

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Thank you so much Margaret! I am certain your experience will comfort (and help prepare) others here - that are going through that journey now.

It's great to have someone with over 7 years experience here. Please stick around, the community is just getting started :)