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Skin exams during the pandemic?


I have a lot of moles, many of which are on my back or otherwise hard for me to see, and I have had several of them turn out to be atypical after being excised. My dermatologist likes me to come in for a full skin exam every year, but this year is obviously different. Has anyone had a skin exam since the pandemic changed everything? I am curious about what has changed. Has anyone had a full body skin exam via telemedicine? Is that even possible? It seems my dermatologist’s physical office isn’t even open at the moment - they are not answering the phone, only taking voicemails and only seeing patients with urgent issues by telemedicine, although I was able to make an appointment for the fall through their website. I am sort of wondering if my appointment will even happen at the rate COVID is spreading here in the USA. What are other people doing in this situation? I am trying to keep up with self checks and photos but I always feel so much better when I have been looked over by a trained eye.

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Here in the UK some skin clinics are opening but it's not universal, depends on the individual hospitals and if they are Covid free. I am sorry that the situation in the USA is still so bad and I don't want to say more rude things about your President, but it all depends on good leadership as was witnessed in New Zealand.

Hi, here in the UK since "lockdown" all my appointments with my Dermatologist at the hospital skin clinic (NHS) have been via telephone consultation. Which as you can imagine is conducive for skin examination as the dermatologists are effectively having to work blind and totally having to rely on what we can see and describe and very frustrating.

I've had two appointments with my Dermatologist this way so far but at least the next appointment in two months time looks like it's going to be a proper one in person. YIPPEE ☺️. Finally my records can be brought up to date and they will be able to take their photos for the records as well as I have a rare skin disorder and some of the data can be used for research and teaching purposes.

Good luck with your skin and dermatologist and stay safe.


Thanks for writing. It helps to hear anything at all about someone else’s experience, because I have no idea whether I should be doing something, or just being patient, and I am not even sure who to ask!

Good luck to you too!

With this crazy Covid19 the majority of medical are ultra busy and unless it's a emergency that requires blue lights to hospital or a rapid referral by your GP or Primary Doctor it seems to be a case of be patient I'm afraid. I know I would rather the doctors are being careful about the risk of exposing us to the virus.

Yes it's very worrying and at times frustrating for us as we want to know what's going on with our bodies as quickly as possible but in this situation I would rather not be receiving treatment for Covid19.

Good luck with everything.


Dear Oakandcherry,

Yes I had one Yesterday, up at Ipswich Hospital. I was given a 'Time', which was Kept To- actually I was seem a little early, since I was there. All Staff wore PPE, and I wore a mask- except when she examined my face. All, quite 'Easy' and Professional, Top Marks in fact.

I would recommend contacting, your own, Dermatologist- mine was 'more than' prepared.

I hope that this helps.


Thanks! It does help, particularly since I was wondering about how the face was handled. I do have a few spots that a mask will cover. Things definitely work differently here in the US - my dermatologist has her own independent practice and for much if not all of the time since this all started her physical office has been closed and only responding to urgent problems by voicemail so it hasn’t really been possible to ask questions. It helps to know that there is a way to get it done though.

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