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hundreds of tiny pinprick / pinhead red dots on skin - any idea what this could be?

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hundreds of tiny pinprick / pinhead red dots and red flecks on skin for past 2 years. No idea what they are.

They are NOT kilaris pilaris and a typical google search shows petechaie as looking much larger than this. Any ideas?

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Petechiae It's what they look like. Do you have mold/a water damage in your home or workplace? Contamination of some description causes those, even if it's a dirty HVAC system.

They look like petechiae rashes to me, purpura are bigger and can look like a bruise.

I have both most of the time.

Have you been to your doctor and have you been referred to a dermatologist who are better placed in diagnosis and can do the relevant tests as they can be linked to certain conditions.

Mine are because I have Vasculitis and Jessners Lymphocytic infiltration and not any allergies or mold which tends to be a misconception. I found out the hard and long winded way as fungal treatments and then double the maximum dose of antihistamines from doctors didn't touch it.

Don't use Dr Google it's a total waste of time and can give you nightmares.

Just go to the GP and if they haven't already ask for a referral to a dermatologist.

Good luck.


Are they autoimmune illnesses? Are they secondary to anything or primary issues. And lastly what was your treatment? Thank you

Stop worrying not all vasculitis are auto immune and Jessners Lymphocytic infiltration isn't either.

If it's just the skin then that is where it stays, in the skin.

I take it from your reply that you are not seeing a dermatologist or GP for the skin problems you are having. Go and make an appointment so that it can be checked out that is the only way to find out and put your mind at rest.

Petechiae are the tiniest capillaries in the skin breaking for some reason which is why it is not a fungal infection or caused by mold. Mold or water damage in buildings can cause a problem for some people with the lungs not the skin.

Auto immune can cause symptoms in other parts of the body as you haven't mentioned anything else other than the skin then relax and get the skin problems sorted.

Like I have said go and see a doctor and take it from there as without blood tests and a possible skin biopsy they say what is the cause.

Good luck and keep us informed and stop worrying about it as it's probably just in the skin and will more than likely stay there. Remember auto immune diseases are very very rare.


actually autoimmune illnesses are the fastest growing health issue in developed countries. i have had autoimmune issues in the past so it's not a stretch. thanks.

Which one did you have as generally auto immune can't be cured just kept under control.

I sincerely hope you are not one of those who have suddenly been told that you no longer have it since they changed the blood tests to a higher level in diagnosis. I know a few people who have been undiagnosed because of the changes and one ended up very seriously ill in hospital after the change and being told she was "cured" of Lupus.

Where i live there's good knowledge of autoimmune issues. Autoimmune issues are more common than cancer and there's over hundreds of autoimmune diseases from psoriasis to rheumatoid arthritis to celiac to eczema and more. From mild to severe. It depends on genetics, diet, stress, environmental factors and lifestyle and more. What i know is that If i eat well, avoid gluten, dairy and fried food, keep vitamin d high and stress low, I'm good. I have celiac and once had a bout of alopecia areata. That's enough for me to be aware and mindful. Prevention is better than cure. Oo gentle exercise helps me a lot too

Yes when you lump all the auto immune diseases together it is more common than cancer.

But some are not curable the best is to be able to get them under control.

In my family it's pot luck if you haven't inherited Psoriasis, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's and Polyarthritis, lupusand that's not including the lung, abdominal and heart problems a few of us have.

Most of the health issues seems to be on one line of the family going back generation's and back then their life expectancy if they were lucky was around 40 years some younger and it's only since my parents generation that people are getting to the late 60s and older.

Hope you get the answer to your skin problems soon.

Thanks all the best

Did you ever get to the bottom of the cause of your pinprick rash? I have them all over my body.

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I have just developed them too and it's really freaking me out..

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Firstly don't panic! I know this is hard as I have a lot of health anxiety myself. I found these spots a while ago and started having some random nosebleeds. I freaked out and went to the ER. I've had cancer in 2016 so I was freaked out that it might be leukaemia (thanks Dr Google!). They did alsorts of scans (nueculer, ct. Mr ety and nothing came back. I'm not a Dr but I feel it's some sort of cool or bacterial issue causing these spots. Hope this puts your mind at ease a bit.

I have this on my skin as well. Did you ever figure out what it is?

Nope. I'm going to see a dr. Suggest you do the same to be safe

Ok I will. If you find out what it is before me please let me know what it is! Thank you

I have these as well. Sprouted in the thousands this past December at a super stressful time in my life. Doctor pays it no mind and brushes it off even though they give me a lot of panic. My bloodwork is all fine. I also started a couple of new meds around that time so chalk it up either stress or the meds. Would love to know what your doctor had to say about them.

what were your medications for? and so far dr has no clue but inspected and can see they are superficial (not deep) so not worried.

I was on a diuretic for high blood pressure and started zoloft for anxiety. This thread made me think that it might have to do with the zoloft:

I have had these pinprick spots for at least 4 years now, have no autoimmune disorders, and my only blood abnormality is high platelets. I have been on zoloft the entire time i've had the spots (and was on it before i noticed the spots). One thing is that whenever i exercise to the point of getting sweaty, i get an intermittant pruritus (itchy feeling) mainly on my upper arms and torso. It's mild, and I've tried to research a possible connection because the spots (barely visible) happen to be on the same general areas (though also a few on the legs).

I get the itchiness too! I think it could be something to do with histamines and allergic response of some nature.

Yes, that was the impression I got when I tried to research it. So maybe the dots have to do with the histamine response? We may never know for sure...

I'm going to try supplementing iodine (as suggested in a linked blog re. antidepressant use connection with low iodine) and magnesium (been having occasional muscle twitches, trouble sleeping, and slight increase in BP: Mg is supposed to help with these issues). Maybe these supplements will help with the spots .

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Hello. I have new onset petechiae that looks exactly like this. Last lab showed high platelets too. I have a tendency for that. It also showed iron deficiency, high LD, high IgM and high pancreatic amylase and lipase. These are also typical findings for me. I'm going to the ER/urgent care clinic since my GP is absent.

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I just got a CBC that shows high platelets (491), high IgM (3954), and high Kappa light chains. I have researched and it would seem I might have waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia except that I have high platelets. Do you have any feedback for me? I am scared to death. Just got this lab report 2 days ago.

I also have hashimoto's, and suspected Fibromyalgia.

Any answer to this?

Hi, I know this post is somewhat older but I am wondering if you have figured anything out? I have these as well and the dermatologist say they are just cherry angiomas and the only way to remove them is laser treatment. Have you been able to figure out a way to prevent them or have them naturally go away?

Hi i would also like to know cause i have found them on me aswell mostly on my upperbody

Hello! Have you figured out what this is yet? I’m 16 and have them on both of my upper arms and a little bit on my forearm.

Same, im 16 and started seeing these tiny ones on the same areas and im kinda worried ngl

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hey how do you feel now?

Im 18 and i have them too.did u find out what are they. My dr says that this is cherry angiomas but im kinda worried u know.btw have them like 3 years

No and no. Sorry

Hi there this is extremely late reply but if you still have these I'd advise you to go to a new dermatologist. Your doctor shouldn't brush it off because it could be another issue. They are not cherry angiomas, I have them as well and cherry angiomas are completely different.

i just feel like there has to be an underlying cause for me to have hundreds if not thousands. I’ve been to dermatologist, endocrinologist, rheumatologist and none have been able to help. I’ve just been told laser tx. But to remove 20 costs 550 dollars and I have hundreds. Its disheartening to think it’s only going to get worse. I’ve read about Lyme disease and bromine toxicity being causes. Has anyone else had these sx with those dx?

Hi! I know this thread is a little bit old but has anyone got an answer about these tiny red pin prick dots on the skin? I’ve had them for nearly 3 years :-/

Any advice from your experience would be much appreciated! I don’t want to bother the Dr with everything else that’s going on if it’s not urgent...

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I have these too, like all over my arms and on my chest. I’ve been looking online for days I have super bad health anxiety/panic disorder so I went hard on the research and from articles, and other people’s experiences it seems to be quite common and I believe it’s cherry angiomas. Extremely tiny like it looks like someone stuck me with a needle all over. Or tiny little blood spots. Not above the skin or anything.

Apparently it’s harmless and comes with age, or is hereditary. Can remove them for cosmetic reasons as they pose no health risks.

I didn’t want to bother my doctor with everything that’s going on either.

Stay safe!

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Hi I also have heth anxiety and just recently found myself covered in these tiny spots. Like you say it looks like someone stuck me with a needle hundreds of time across my chest and upper arms. Mine came also with a cluster of petechiae on my lower leg and foot. Researching the symptoms has scared to me death.. But I showed my doctor and he was really flippant about it all. Which made my anxiety worse. I really wish doctors knew how terrible heth anxiety can be. Hope you're OK.

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I just had s blood test and because of these spots and it came back that my clotting factor is low. I have Hashimotos and I believe there connected. I'm awaiting to see á haematoligist to get to the bottom of it. My WWC is low also.

Same for me, I've always had platelets on the low end of the spectrum (right at 150 usually) but my last bloodwork the doc said I was on the low end of platelets, WBC, and lymphocytes and wants me to see a hematologist. I've had red spots identical from the original photo for years (it was probably 5 years ago that I went down the leukemia rabbit hole for the first time because of them). So I keep telling myself they're not new and to not freak out, but the fact that I am waiting to see a hematologist and they are always at cancer centers has me freaking out in worry. Hope your appointment goes well!!!

Hi healthanxiety. Did you have leukaemia?

Haven’t been yet, been waiting since February to see a hematologist and still have a month before my appointment. Healthcare system is a let down.

If you had leukemia something would have showed up on your GP blood tests so dont worry. I also have low end of platelets, WBC, and lymphocytes. Do you have Hashimotos or another autoimmune disease?

Yeah, especially since my counts were lower and typically leukemia is associated with higher counts, though not always which is why I have been nervous. I've never been diagnosed with Hashimotos but I honestly have all the symptoms. I have always had clean thyroid levels in my bloodwork though. My mom has thyroid issues and is anemic so I've always gone to the doc asking if I have it too since I deal with the fatigue, always cold, achy, etc. and my levels have always been normal. I do have psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis but from my online searches that doesn't usually affect those counts. I'm at a loss!

Get a copy of your thyroid blood tests from your dr and post the results here. There are loads of people that have so called normal thyroid blood results but they have an underactive thyroid or hashimotos. Including my own mother.!

Hmm that's so strange, I just checked and my TSH levels from my bloodwork in february show 1.44 and from bloodwork I had at the end of 2018 my levels were 1.27 which I'm seeing are all smack dab in the middle of the normal range and the fact that they're lower is better. I have no clue now!

Tsh should be much lower than that! Sign up to the thyroid uk on this site and if you post your full blood work they will be able to tell you straight away if it's hypothyroidism or hashimotos.

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I've never heard or read that those TSH numbers are anything but normal.

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I taught TSH had to be suppressed for normal thyroid functioning.

How do you feel now?

That's weird about the platelets. I have had these very tiny red spots for several years now and happen to always have HIGH platelets as my only blood abnormality

It's definitely a maze to figure out isn't it? I've had these spots for like, 2.5 years now. Nothing else has happened health-wise, in fact, I used to think I had chronic fatigue or fibro, but that went away completely with time. So. *shrug*, i was saying to another poster that I also hope (like them), that it's just something viral. But who knows.

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hey how do you feel now?

Hello all. I visited my doc about these. She confirned they are petechiae in miniature form and it's a type of small vessel vasculitis, for me the cause is yet unknown. She said to confirm it was vasculitis she needed to check my urine for blood and she detected some when she check it. She's asked me to come back next week to do another urine test and the week after that also and if blood is still present then she needs to write a referral to a hematurologist who will check my vital organs and bladder etc to make certain there is no further inflammation in my body caused by vasculitis. Must say, I'm not feeling brilliant about the prospect. Small vessel vasculitis is one thing but other forms of vasculitis can be life changing. My blood count is very good. There was no infection detected in my urine. However, last year after having blood work done for something else, it turns out I had a positive ANA meaning it's possible I have an ungiagnosed autoimmune disease or connective tissue disorder (both of which can cause vasculitis). But also, it could just be that I've had a virus that I didn't know about and that my bodys way of dealing with that is to break out in temporary small vessel vasculitis... ie Tony red pinprick dots (and a few larger ones on my ankles.).

Fun times. Feel free to share with your GP my experience and ask for urine to be checked for blood. X

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How did that urine test go?

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Hello well I gave 3 samples in total. Two of them had traces of blood in but the one I gave the other day was clear. So my doctor won't take it any further and is putting it all down to a possible viral infection causing minor cutaneous vasculitis which is resulting in these petechiae spots. I still have the spots and seem to be finding new ones almost daily. I find it highly stressful if I'm honest but hey. My blood count is good.

And another thing I keep getting now is muscle twitches, eyelid, thigh, tummy muscles keep twitching away and I have a slight achey pain in the thigh muscle where it keeps twitching. Really weird. There's always something and it's so tiresome. Thank you for asking though.

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This is crazy! I used to have the twitching and fatigue too. It has gone now, but it was once a REAL thing and very worrying. I had so many tests and dr visits but they found nothing. I was told it was benign fasciculation syndrome or chrontic fatigue or fibro. The twitching eventually went away totally but for a while it was constant. I hope it's just a viral thing we have fought and with time your twitching and fatigue goes too.

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Wow. You know what, maybe this is all the result of an infection. I was poorly in early March and so were my kids (some kind of virus). Although my pinprick/petechiae dots didn't start til mid April and the twitching is a fairly new thing, that doesn't mean it isn't some kind of immune response to a viral attack on the system. I guess? I know viruses can behave in mysterious ways and so can our bodies immune system. I wish I didn't have these issues but I take great comfort in finding people like you and feeling less alone with it. Hoorah, I'm not the only one!! It's why these groups are so important, to help people feel less scared and maybe even one day we'll share some solid answers on it all.

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Absolutely and to be fair it were sinister i'm rather confident that blood tests would yield revealing outcomes. And, as time has passed (2.5 yrs since onset), i'm further encouraged by that too :). By the way, i'd take these tiny dots any day over the former fatigue i had - that was bloody awful!

Hey, any update on this?

I got a petechial rash on my feet about 10 months ago which then spread into these red dots all over my arms, torso and legs just like in the picture.

I was really ill with a viral infection a few week prior to the first rash. It got better a few months later but then I got ill again, another really bad cold and it all came back, had it now for a solid 7 months.

I also have terrible fatigue and some times small twitching, mainly in my upper legs and arms.

Had Urine tests done with no blood, loads of blood tests including looking for Vasculitis and Auto-immune, blood counts, liver and heart function, vitamin deficiencies, the whole lot with no positive results.

I have also developed purple spider veins on my arms, shoulder and chest now.

Doctors have given up and this point but I am just getting more of these dots every week.

Out of curiosity, have you ever smoked or vaped? Not sure if it might be related to something like that as I was a smoker and have used vape pens to get my self off cigarettes starting around the same time these dots started.

How do you feel now?

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Hey how do you feel now?

I have this same exact condition. Tiny red "pin point" sized dots all over my arms. It started as just a few on my left arm about 2 years ago, but now it’s spread to both my arms. They have even spread to the back of my hands, with the farthest ones reaching my knuckles.

I had a face time appointment with my dermatologist, but he simply dismissed them as cherry angiomas. There are literally tons of them appearing on my arms and hands, with more appearing by the day. I’m dealing with a boat load of stress and anxiety, and I have to say worrying about these spots on my skin is making my situation a lot worse.

The only health condition I’m currently dealing with is a bad case of kidney stones. I’ve been in and out of the hospital quite a bit in the last few months due to the extreme pain caused by the stones. I’ve had a total of two surgeries, and then a bunch of nurses sticking me with needles so I could receive morphine.

Any ideas on what could be causing this condition? I try my best to not let this worry me, but it’s hard to do when you constantly see new spots pop up on your skin.

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Oh bless you. Sorry to say I have no clear answers for you as my doctor has also drawn a blank. It's obvious a reaction to something. They are NOT cherry angiomas, don't be fobbed off with that. I am going to try and seey dermatologist soon and see what he says but his waiting list is long. Maybe you should approach your doctor telling him what mine said about it being a small vessel vasculitis and perhaps ask for blood and urine test (if blood is detected in your urine then it indicates vasculitis), unfortunately though the cause may elude you. Try to take heart that you're not the only one. X

Hey how do you feel?

In my case, they were probably the first symptoms of chronic lyme disease, the rash started to appear 3 years ago. They've been here ever since. But I also have many other symptoms (twitching, numbness, fatigue, etc.). I have a Babesia and Bartonella infection. It is important to note that all tests have become normal, an antibody test (immunoblot) is required for diagnosis. So if you have other symptoms besides bleeding and are "healthy" or according to tests, you may want to think in the direction of lyme. :)

so where did you get your immunoblot? what country?

They do it in every country. In my case, Slovakia.

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I developed these dots approximately two years after discovering I have been suffering from chronic Lyme most of my life. They are getting more widespread and my body is very tired right now. Lyme disease is a hard battle. Most bloodwork comes back normal, except histamine levels and iGg E. Very elevated. Thyroid is struggling too.

Does anybody know what these are yet? I have a few big ones on my chest stomach back neck and thighs and then the tiny pin prick ones all over my arms, chest shoulders and stomach. I want to ring my doctors but because of covid 19 I don't think they will see me

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How do you feel now?

Just noticed these on myself over the past month, literally have hundreds all over my arms, two on my face, one tiny one in the middle of my right index finger on the palm side, my torso and chest and the tops of my thighs. I stopped birth control about 7 months ago and I’ve been reading that a lot of women have these pop up months after giving birth so maybe something hormone related, or viral related (Coronavirus is known to cause weird skin issues). I went to a derm who just told me they were burst capillaries. I had a CBC, PT/PTT, and liver panel which all came back normal. I had a fatty liver back about 7 months ago as well but that went away after I changed my diet and took some liver cleanse supplements. I thought maybe it wasn’t my body detoxing from the cleanse since the skin is a major excretory organ and I have like no fat on my body to store any toxins. I’m going to see about getting them lasered off as I can’t stand to look at them. My mom and sister have a few as well but not as many so maybe genetics play a role. Anyone else go through something similar?

I know you have a health background so I was wondering if you have any friends in the industry who have a clue about this?

Or any update on your research? :)

From what I’ve gathered scouring the internet and my background as a health professional I think I can rule out vasculitis as these spots blanch and vasculitis does not, and vasculitis typically affects the lower extremities. The only blanching red spots I know of are telangiectasias and cherry angiomas to some extent. It’s possible for cherry angiomas to pop up hundreds at a time but something tells me these telangiectasias are different. Just wish I knew the cause or had hope that they would go away. I kept an eye on one in particular near my wrist that was almost bulbous when I saw it a month ago but has now almost completely resolved (still there though). Hopefully some laser tx can get rid of them at least

Yeah I've been keeping track of one spot in particular over 2 months and as of today it has disappeared. Bizarre. Lots of others are there tho. I wonder if it's an allergic reaction to dust or ..gosh I dont know. But I do get an itchy sensation on my skin at times so I wonder.

I’ve been walking 7 miles daily from quarantine so maybe exercise induced though I doubt this... I’ve stopped all the walking and stopped taking most of my supplements to rule out allergy but no big difference yet... may stop drinking green tea next and see what happens. We had a plumbing issue with the house main water line so I stopped drinking the tap as I heard bromine toxicity may cause cherry angiomas... I tried an iodine tincture on one of them to see what would happen but no difference. I was eating a lot of processed foods that may have contained bromine and then after my cleanse my skin excreted the bromine. I’m going to start a daily mutlivitamin with iodine so let’s see.

Another person reckons it's a hormonal problem. Possible link to Cushing's? What do you think?

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I had tons pop up this winter and I started a crazy exercise program. I wondered if maybe the hormones stored in the fat I lost being released into the blood stream did it. I researched and found out that fat stores toxins and hormones and when you use it and lose it all of it is released into the bloodstream. It’s actually something they’re currently researching to see what the negative implications are for weight loss do to this.

Red dots and visual snow

what are the symptoms of visual snow? static vision?

It is related to a hormonal problem, according to my dermatologist. I have Cushing's syndrome (adrenal insufficiency, extremely high cortisol levels).

Thanks for sharing! What is the solution?

Did you find out what it was?!

Nope. Noone knows. All blood tests normal.

I have exactly the same ! No idea what’s causing it , it’s so frustrating

do you have an autoimmune disease


Not that I’m aware of !

I found very few pictures on google that are similar to mine, but this wow is just like what I have. The first one appeared on my arm 2 years ago and it has only started to multiply in the last few months. My brother has 1-2 of the same points on his back, but I also have dozens on my hands, chest, and belly. I have read that it can be caused by an autoimmune disease, ana-ena is negative, there is absolutely no difference in blood counts, no hashimoto. I also have muscle twitches, the doctor says it’s just anxiety. can it have to do with small dots? Did you have biopsies? On the 22nd I go to a dermatologist and then report it, but I suspect he will just refuse to be normal .. I have terrible health anxiety since I had chronic sinusitis for years.

high estrogen, high cortisol, but dk what cause

If you find out any more about this would you let us know? Would appreciate that very much.

I have had these same dots for a few years now on my arms, but just in the last few months they have been showing up way more, mostly on my arms but some on my thighs and stomach which is new. I just did a CBC and my platelet count is very high, 491 (it has been high for years but never that high, usually 430ish). I had a bad virus back in March and have not gotten back to 100% since, with breathing difficulty and major fatigue. But now my Dr wants to do more blood work because the platelet count is concerning her. I also have severe health anxiety as I had kidney issues when I was a kid that left me highly aware of any slight changes in my body. I did go down the leukemia research route for a while and now I'm just completely freaked out (and realize was a horrible idea) as I now notice I have been having pains under my right lower rib cage that I was just assuming we're from my chest tightness/difficulty breathing (I have not been coughing very much). Has anyone else had these or similar issues, plus high platelet counts?

I had some tenderness off and on under my ribcage. No idea what that about.

Quite sure if it was leukemia we would all be dead by now. I've had these for years. And been checked by dr. Sounds like u have also been checked by dr too they'd tell u if they suspected leukemia!

Do let us know how it drs investigations go.

hey how are u doing?

Yes for sure high WBC and platelet count my pathology review said it might be CLL

How are you?

I have these as well, just started noticing them popping up this summer along with a low-grade fever that has lasted over a month (still going) and some other symptoms. For me, I'll feel a sharp tiny itch and when I look at where the itch was, I'll see a new dot and as soon as I scratch it, the itching on that specific spot is gone forever.

Among many other tests that did not have particularly alarming results, I had a punch biopsy on one of these spots. The results were that it was just a benign dilated blood vessel, which is what cherry angiomas are, but no info as to the cause or anything!

Any new info would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah no idea either. So odd.

I have the exact same feeling! These dots have been showing up for the past year. My lymphocytes and WBC and platelet count are all high and I also have bowel movement issues seems I get irritated when I have processed food or gluten. I had a bit of alopecia on my eyebrow earlier this year. Autoimmune diseases run in my family. But these dots started to appear in 2018 after travelling to Taiwan and I had come back with rashes everywhere the dr did a punch biopsy and said it was just inflammation. Since then I experienced the alopecia, Folliculitis on my scalp, flaky itchy skin behind my ears and around my nose. I also just moved out of a basement that ha black mould. Honesty don’t know what the cause of these itchy pricks are but they’re annoying and worrisome.

I also have a derm appointment next month so let’s see what she says

We also had mould in our former building! Please let us know what the derm thinks.

I also had alopecia. It's either autoimmune or mould. Do let us know if the derm makes a connection re alopecia or mould! Would help so many people on here

Hey any update post appointment?

how are u doing now?

Sorry guys for not replying ! Turns out the stupid dr had no input and didn’t know. I have moved out of my severe black blinks basement and the dots have significantly decreased/basically gone. I’m pretty sure it was a toxin related issue because my body was trying to figure out how to get rid of the toxins! Hope that helps

I’ve been having these show up for the last 2 months. I had Covid in March wondering if it could be from that.

Dont know about that as have had these for 2 years.

I had them for longer, but they seem to have tripled since I had covid. Idk. It’s weird.

Has anyone figured it out yet?

Certainly not me

Hi I have these just been diagnosed with fibro now they are everywhere. Bloods normal.

Going to go out on a limb here, i have done a lot of research from a lot of different sources. I am 35 years old and last year was diagnosed with 5 different non-contagious skin disorders. Absolute BS if you ask me that these highly trained medical professionals are misdiagnosimg all of us..Not possible...I have these tiny dots as well. I say its a parasite one of 2 different ones: Either candida or scabies. It's the only thing that makes sense. Both of them are extremely contagious and have a very high transmission rate and have the ability to mimic other symptoms of other diseases. The reason I've opened this can if worms is because I am so in tune with my body and there is something very sinister going on here. If you would like further explanation just ask i will share everything I know....I have been through things nobody should ever have to. God bless you all and i pray for each and every one of you.

Hello! I have these and also has other candida overgrowth skin issues... so my question is how to we treat candida

Hmm.. i too have stuff like this. I suspect in my case it’s either a reaction to meds, some infection somewhere, or capillaritis. I first saw the red dots and freaked out and got two blood tests done which came back perfectly fine. So, thats rules out the bad stuff. If you’ve had yours for two years then that’s a little reassuring because something serious would have already shown up, i’m sure. The serious stuff would be low drop in platelets = petechiae. But you don’t have that. Maybe you could get a skin biopsy and they can figure out what it is. It could even be an allergic reaction to something

Just wanted to give an update on my personal situation.

Shortly after making my post on here, I went to see my dermatologist in person. He wrote off these red dots as cherry angiomas during our face time visit I mentioned previously, and he did the same thing during our in person visit too.

He used a machine ‘I’m not sure what’s it’s called' but it’s some type of electronic pen with a needle on the end. He poked each one of the spots on my arm with the needle. Over time the spots grew small scabs and healed with no evidence of them ever being there.

He did this to my left arm only, and so far my left arm is still clear of any of these pin point sized red dots. Unfortunately a new cluster of them just recently appeared on my right arm though.

I showed these spots to my primary care doctor, and she seemed fairly concerned over them. My dermatologist on the other hand keeps insisting they’re harmless cherry angiomas.

Anybody else come up with some possible explanations behind these weird spots? I keep trying to not let this worry me, but as a hypochondriac it’s hard to do.

I have this as well - arms, legs, abdomen. I was hospitalized in 2005 following an unknown infection (likely viral) and they literally popped up overnight while I was in the hospital and continued to multiply. 16 years later I still have them. They don't itch and haven't continued to grow or multiply but they are permanent for me. Doctors are clueless.

Has anyone found ANYTHING out? Any info would be soooo appreciated!

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are you getting them too? like really tiny?

Hi! I’m getting these a ton lately. I had a couple pop up on my face a few years ago that I had lasered. Recently within the last year I have been getting these all over my body, my face, my lips, arms, chest, stomach, everywhere! The dermatologist I was seeing for the laser became concerned when I kept returning for more treatments and is now sending me to be screened for Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia. I’m really nervous but I guess it’s better to find out. She confirmed that my dots were Telangiectasias and spider angiomas. Some are tiny little pinprick dots that are red and blanch when you press on them, they look just like someone poked me with a tiny needle. Others are bigger and slightly raised and have the red spidery capillaries circling around the raised red dot. The majority are the pinprick needle dots though. I also have high cortisol levels, lean PCOS, and high prolactin. I was checked for Cushing’s even though I don’t have the physical appearance for it, I was sent to pituitary clinic and that was ruled out and I was told I had Pseudo Cushing’s. I’m hoping that the red dots are related to having elevated cortisol levels and not HHT however my dad is also covered in these red dots and that’s concerning because HHT is inherited from one of your parents.

I am trying to figure this out too. Just started getting them within the last year. The more I look for them the more I find.

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are they really really tinyyyy???

Has anyone here been tested for celiac or gluten intolerance? Or have you been exposed to mold (yes, the toxicity is real and yes it causes other diseases) or have you been exposed to chemicals? Say from construction at your home or work, or maybe a neighbor had their kitchen redone or what not? Also mold toxicity has a habit of causing food allergies and sensitives especially gluten and many people wind up celiac after mold, it also causes chemical hypersensitivities and other autoimmune illnesses like fibro, chronic fatigue, arthritis, neuropathy, and more, and even diabetes, particularly is mom is exposed while pregnant or recently before becoming pregnant. Babies have a risk of being diabetic. Toxins like mold, lyme, mercury, lead,etc are also the reasons for pseudoautism after vaccination. Also if recently on antibiotics it's a bad idea to give a vaccine, but much of the time the child has toxins in their body unknown to mom and dad. There is no test to see if you have been exposed to mold, but they can do an allergy test where it would show antibodies off the charts.

A celiac test is probably a good idea if you've come up empty on every other test, it's known to cause petechiae alone, whether you just so happen to get it from genetics or something environmental tipped it.

Hi, I know that this is an old thread but I started with aching muscles in my arms and legs, an itchy rash on my back and then all these tiny red pinpricks started appearing all over my back, belly, arms and legs. I contacted 111 who said it could be a delayed reaction from the Covid vaccine which I had the week before and I should call my GP today. Contacted my GP who sent me for urgent bloods as he was concerned it could be meningitis. Went home and my Son who is 23 years old had started with them too on his back and arms, so we have both been for blood tests. He hasn’t had the vaccine and it must be contagious as he hasn’t left the house in a year so must’ve got it from me. Did anyone get an answer as to what it is?

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Mine started with an itchy rash like deal on my back too, I assume it was related, but you never know. Come back and let us know what your doc says.

If you don't have signs of an infection, maybe start inspecting what you and your son have both ate, taken supplements, go hunt for mold or toxins in the house, think about new anything...... has there been construction? New flooring, cabinets, furniture, or if you share walls, have your neighbors, etc

I woke up this morning with these on my back and chest. A few hours later, my 11 and 12yr olds started to get them. Theirs are spreading slowly, but mine are head to toe now. The kids are only complaining of fatigue, whereas I feel like I'm being poked by needles, severe fatigue, and my legs are really swollen. We went to the hospital but they only did strep tests, which were negative. I'm going to call our doctors in the morning. We have been off and on not feeling well for a couple of weeks. Covid tests were negative a few days ago also, before the dots popped up. The past couple of weeks we have had some throats, gastrointestinal issues, muscle aches and headache.. and now it looks like we have been poked all over with tiny needles. Please someone help! As a mom im kinda freaking out! PS.. our spots do not itch. Kids don't feel anything bothersome where the dots are.

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Sounds familiar. Definitely sounds environmental since you and the kids all have them all at the same time. You'll have to get hunting around your home. But can you take a photo of your dots so we can see if it's the same kind?

Also come back and let us know what your doctor says came up on the tests, I'm sure he or she will run lots of blood tests.

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This is how my legs are looking now.

You might have to zoom in to see them better because they are spread out, but they are some kind of petechiae, and o have them all over now but still spaced out. I'm also getting purple discoloration, resembling bruising, and swelling in my legs.

This is how my legs are looking now

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Yes, I see what looks like some red spots on your back. They look like flecks with irregular borders of blood in person right? Your kids have these same petechiae?

Your legs look like some bruising/blood pooling and mottled skin. Did you actually do something to get that bruise on the inside of your knee? Do the kids have mottled skin too?

Since its all 3 of you, deficiencies of C, K, iron, B vitamins from lack of diet showing all at the same time, literally within a day seems unlikely even if you are all eating the same foods. A reaction to something is more likely. Did all 3 of you eat something imparticular that day? Otherwise could be a reaction to mold, chemicals, VOCs, etc. something you're all breathing in. That can wind up causing deficiencies or celiac and such too though long term. Have you searched your house for mold and chemicals?

You could have low platelets from all this too and easy bleeding. Any gum bleeding or nose bleeds?

Make your doctor do all blood tests. Don't let them just shrug and act like it's not concerning which is their favorite thing to do when someone comes in with petechiae.

heyyy, how do you feelll? have you checked it?

Yes, they look like blood spots. I actually had one on my chest that is scabbed over because it was bleeding after it showed up. The kids have the same petechiae but not as bad as I. I didn't do anything to my knee, it just started turning purple there. The kids only have the red spots and some fatigue. We are actually staying in a hotel right now as of Friday due to my landlord selling the home I was renting and there aren't any homes available to rent in our area right now. I'm going to call our primary physician in the morning. We had went to the emergency department but they refused to do any tests other than strep swabs even though I was being very persistent for more testing.

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That's a pretty pitiful ER. Check your hotel room, they are notoriously unkempt. Check for mold, check the ac/vents/ radiators, bathroom, under the sink, cabinets, closets. Check behind furniture too, hotels will just move furniture to cover water damage or mold stains, or buckling, etc. Also pay attention to the hallways which tend to be hot and stuffy even in some high end hotels, so they can be a culprit too. Also, does it smell? Damp? Or like any kind of chemical or paint, acetone, etc? Environmental is the only thing that really makes sense, but you never know. Persistent is good, don't let your pcp dismiss you.

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Did your doctor shed any light for you?

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The doctors have no idea what its from. Spots are still there. All the tests came back fine except that my WBC was a little elevated. I'm feeling fine now.

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Did they check for deficiencies like iron, C, K? And things like celiac? Did the kids have nothing but elevated WBC too?

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Im not sure if they checked C and K. Kids bloodwork was normal. I was checked for celiac in the past, so its not that.

I have these, some are so small you can’t see them on the photo! On both upper arms slightly spreading to lower arms and a few on my chest! Had a blood test a few weeks ago regarding reoccurring high temperatures, apparently bloods were normal but now I’m not convinced with noticing these again. I have had them for years I think. Has anyone figured out what they’re?

I know its an old thread, but I've been developing these red blood filled dots all over my body, some of which have grown in size, some are tiny and by the hundreds on my arms, chest, back, thighs..all in the last 5 years since I have been 26, I'm 31 now and they crop up at an alarming rate, most internet search and doctors claim its just cherry angiomas.. and whilst I have not complained of them or had them examined, I can share some of my theories since i have a bunch of health issues and feel these are related.. hormonal issues.. thyroid.. adrenals.. pituitary glad.. is the likely cause.. I have adrenal issues due to high stress which caused insulin resistance and Hashimoto's and issues with oestrogen hormone and PCOS, i also have high inflammation marker, although we don't know where in my body it is... other than that I've had EBV and CMV positive on my tests.. plus there were some bacterial and parasitical problems a few years ago.. but i took care of those. I have been on a very clean diet for the past few years, no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no corn, no processed foods and these dots are still cropping up which leads me to believe it may be:

- histamine issue.. since when i get hot or stressed my chest itches a lot... and sometimes i get funny red patches after some foods. - I also have chronic low blood pressure and blood circulation issues.. so possibly there is some other root cause behind it.

- undiagnosed Lyme.

- chronic EBV / CMV, EBV affects T cells and well research led to some links...

- hormonal issue with my untreated Hashimoto's.

who knows, i wish i could get it looked into before they consume my whole body but because of the pandemic, i can't even get seen by my dentist in the last two years.. hopefully, things go back to normal soon so all of us chronic sufferers can get some help!

I have these too. Hundreds to thousands. They started in my late twenties and recently I lost weight and it seems like they’ve doubled. I’m 34 now. I can’t tell if they’re growing any more because there are too many to keep track of. I have a bunch of odd health stuff. Like tingling and pain. Doctors think it’s like fibromyalgia. Tons of stomach troubles they can’t figure out. Had all the testing. I’ve been looking at POEMS syndrome, but I don’t have actual weakness. I’m on nortriptylin for my neuropathy which seems to help. I also have fibrocystic breasts and lots of non cyclical breast pain- don’t know if that’s hormone related. My blood tests always turn out normal, but I’m going in tomorrow to hopefully get bloods done since they have increased. Hopefully it’s all good. I’m worried about lymphatic diseases since they can be related rarely. It’s just so odd to have hundreds.

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I have lean PCOS, Pseudo Cushing’s, and high prolactin. I have the tiny red dots too. My dr confirmed they are telangiectasia and spider angiomas. I’m being screened for HHT now. I’m hoping it’s just the messed up hormones causing them but I’m not too hopeful since my dad is also covered in the red dots and HHT is genetic.

I want to share my progress on this matter as I have been through extensive testing and still waiting for some results to come in. This is the first image that actually shows the type of changes on skin that I have as well. I have been to 4 different dermatologists and some of them thinking it might be petechiae , some say they are tiny hemangiomas and some that they are telangiectasia.

10 years ago I had all sorts of problems making doctors believe that I was maybe suffering from some kind of autoimmune disease and was through many tests which all came back pretty much normal except that when I had a lung biopsy (not pleasant but wanted to rule out sarcoidosis) they punctured it and I got a PTX. Was treated with antibiotics and some steroids. The tissue came showing signs of interstitial fibrosis but they said that it might be due to samples being taken in a bad way. After 2-3 months of steroids and anti depressants I decided that my life was miserable enough so I quit cold turkey. I basically went back to living a normal life soon thereafter.

I have been "diagnosed" with differential diagnosis of Crohn's disease 3 years ago but during my gastroscopy and colonoscopy the doctor saw a couple of red small spots at three different spots and took a couple of biopsy samples. It came back as a surprise that it was most likely due to Crohn's as my intestines really didnt look as that should be the case. The doctor then said that I should start taking mesalamine for a couple of months and we will see if I get better or not. It was looking promising and I was pretty much living a happy life from there on for 2 years. Strange shivers down my thighs from time to time and a bit of fluctuation of weight but nothing major. Around that time I was struck with a crazy virus of some sort that had me sick with fever of 40C! for days. It all went away and I thought I was done with it.

Around when covid started I got a sunburn one day and I seemed to have a more pronounced red burning rash around my body (which I kept getting for the past couple of years, thought I became sun sensitive). It goes away usually after a couple of days but it does feel like proper pain. Soon after I noticed that my feet were burning while taking a shower and they looked really red, like allergy red. When lifting my feet the redness subsided pretty much instantly.

Around that time I started noticing a couple of larger cherry angiomas appearing and a bunch of these small pinprick blood spots.

I had an abdominal /pelvic MRI done , came back normal. I started getting real issues with urinating.

3 different urologists, most of them said that its an inflamed prostate (just a little) and that it should clear up. Urine came back normal. One of them said that I might have an inflammation around my sacroiliac joint and thats causing the wide-spread pine around my pelvis area. I lived with that for a couple of months when it started clearing up but my urination still isnt what it used to be.

In the meanwhile I ruled out covid (partially) because I had no antibodies but a couple of other symptoms started appearing. My skin was pooling blood and still is ( you can check by pressing lightly if it leaves a white mark more than usual).

Then as I was getting really scared I was instructed to have a really extensive bloodwork with complement C3, C4, ENA panel, ANA panel etc etc. It all came back pretty much normal with C4 being just a tiny bit slightly elevated but still good according to some other lab ranges. It was 0.42. The only other result I had elevated at that time was alpha1 on protein electrophoresis, also just on the upper limit.

So we moved on to having 3-4 ultrasounds done which showed that I have a hemangioma on my liver, who knows, maybe it was there all along...or who knows , maybe its AV from HHT?

After that I started to have feet and hands that turn purple and red from time to time and weird muscle cramps and muscle/joint pain. I went to a neurologist who wanted a brain MRIA/MRA. Came back pretty much normal with some issues regarding my spine.

Then because of the really bad lower back pain that lasted for 3-4 months I said I really should be doing another lumbar MRI just to see whats going on there. The pain was really so bad that I couldnt get out of the bad easily and was awaken by pain during the night 2 times at least.

More problems with the spine there but nothing that is pathological in a way to explain my symptoms. But there were a couple of spots with raised T1and T2 signals inside the corpus of my L2 but the radiologists said they have characteristics of hemangiomas. The largest being 16mm. So its not small.

I had also an EMG done to rule out peripheral neuropathy. EMG was good. Oh I forgot, I also had a heart ultrasound which was fine as well with ballooning of A2 segment but nothing major.

So 3 MRIs , at least 5 ultrasounds , 20 CBC later I decided I wanted to see whats going on in my small intestines as that might be the only area we couldnt check. I ordered a CA19-9, CEA, Chromogranin A test. They came back normal with the exception of Chromogranin A.

ELISA says values below 100ug/L are normal (mine was 97.5) but really it should be up to 40. I wasnt on any PPI so that value should raise concerns. I told my gastroenterologist but he said thats fine (I really dont think so but ok). Shortly after I had another colonoscopy and gastroscopy. Gastro part was fine, no biopsy needed, ileum 2 samples and colon 2 samples.

Ileum was pretty much a normal tissue while colon was classified as reactive colitis. Which basically means not specific. But very mild. Mild macrophage accumulation and slight eosinophilia.

My symptoms start getting worse and I suspect it has to do with histamine so I go back to the hematologist I kept seeing and since she saw that symptoms were indeed progressing in the wrong direction she decides to do a bone marrow biopsy (that was a week ago and still waiting for results) and tons of other blood tests. When I thought it had to do with histamine I asked her if it could be mastocytosis or MCAS she said it very well could be.

So right now I am at a dead end with symptoms not fading other than that really red painful rash on my feet , which is milder now (comes on pretty much instantly after a shower with water of 30C).

Just another note. My fecal calprotectine was 87...which is indicative of some sort of issue which needs further evaluation but isnt anything major. Years before when I felt really healthy (and btw I have been doing sports and was fit for my age) I had complete blood work done just to see if something might be off and to have reference values.

During those I always had a CRP of around 0.2-0.3 and ESR of around 2-3. So no inflammation at all. For the last 9 months my CRP has been around 3 and ESR around 8 which is still fine but not where I usually am.

I even had a visit to a Rheumatologist obviously and she also said that she wants to see the bone marrow biopsy results. She sent me off with a diagnosis of Raynauds and requested a HLA-B27 gene test and is suspicious of many possible diseases but as my ANA and ENA panels were fine she obviously doesnt have a clear direction she could go in.

I myself am not excluding Sjögren's' Syndrome because I had never needed eye drops before and havent been really paying attention to dry mouth but I have been really complaining of not sweating like before and also having extreme mouth dryness from time. It does go back to near normal occasionally. Since it can cause arthritis like symptoms and milder vasculitis (which these spots could be)...I cant exclude it.

Please, if anybody on this thread has managed to get a diagnosis , can you come back to us?

Thank you!

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Hi, do you have HHT? I have the telangiectasia spots too and my derm wants me screened for it.

Hey y'all,So I'm throwing in my two cents because a LOT of people here have a complicated medical history that could be skewing things. I've been seeing these dots since I was little and have had no symptoms. I've been looking at posts like these mostly out of curiosity.

So, it all started at about 13 when I noticed pin-point hole in my hand. It was really hard to see, but I was fascinated by it. One day I showed it to my mom who wrote it off because she couldn't see it. Then I showed it to my doctor who also couldn't see it. As a biology Greek I decided to prove it and see what it was. I got a needle and realized it was covered by the top layer of skin, so I poked through it and it was a little pocket, literally a little hole between the tip layer of skin and the bottom layer of skin. I poked deeper and it finally hurt and bled, but didn't escape the top layer. To this day, I have a red bump where that original hole was. My first pin-prick red hole.

As I got older, a couple more holes appeared in my hands and it got me a bit worried. I was a student and artist who regularly used my hands, cut, bruised, and strained them. I talked to my doctor again, and again it was written off as a weird abnormality. Since they didn't seem worried I left it be and my acne kicked into full gear. (Bad cystic acne that needed meds to fight.) I talked to my dermatologist about it too and she didn't have any answers either.

So here I am, age 25, with no real answers and little red spots on my arms and legs. They have no symptoms that correlate to their presence and they appear more when I'm highly active or in the sun a lot. They are most prevalent on my left arm (driving side) and are accompanied by a smattering of moles.

End of 2019 my family came down with a bad viral infection that put each of us out for a few days. Fever, lethargy, sinus, chills, and aches. We never confirmed it was COVID, and we never lost our taste or smell. In 2020, the family never came in contact with COVID and I was vaccinated as soon as I could.

Heres my theory: it could be an toxicity response to an environmental trigger that only effects myself, or I'm very much concerned it is a degenerative skin symptom. I've been hard on my body since I was young. Between hard pressure writing and swim team, I put my skin through a lot. When I got older, I continued to swim frequently, go outdoors as often as possible without sunscreen, and shrug off injuries. My medication for my acne made sun exposure even more dangerous and I brushed off the possible dangers. Then I went into retail where I break or irritate my skin every day. I'm not helping the matter, but I think it isn't as bad as we are all making it out to be. It may be our bodies fixing taking resources from one place to fix other places.

Whatever the case, I'll be seeing a doctor on the 6th to get blood work and post some more feedback after that.

It may be an unpopular opinion, but this may be small just like the doctors say. No name except dermatitis.

Forearm red dots, old.
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Your red dots look nothing like mine or the original poster. Mine are flecks of blood. I have no idea what your doc will come up with, but good luck!

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I realize that. Mine are just so small compared to the ones shown, but I can assure you it's the same thing. The larger dot is a mole and they are these tiny red pin-pricks of blood. Hard for anyone to see and my camera is bad.

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Out of curiosity, did you get your vaccine? If so, which and how did it go?

I’ve got hundreds of these red pin pricks over the top of my arms mainly but I do have them all over too including my hands. I have bigger cherry angio whatsits. I suffer from health anxiety and my GP has told me twice that they are small cherry angio things and there’s nothing they can do. They’ve been coming up over the past 12-18months but it seems I get some daily.

My no GP actually refuses to see me.

Has anyone just lived with them and not had an underlying problem?

Randomly last September I developed an allergy to the cold. So I take an anti histamine daily to prevent the itchy red rash that comes from that.

Arm with pin prick red spots

Mine are mostly on my arms too, but elsewhere too just more sparing and scattered. I also have thermal regulatory issues and the cold is a major problem. It physically hurts, can't breathe well, shake a lot of course, my hands and feet in particular get a Raynauds like going-ons turning white, but even when I'm inside and it's not wildly cold, but a little too cold my feet turn purple/grey. Have some mild cyanosis. Cold can also make my hand hurt, the one with the most arthritis I got after mold. It's great fun. I have never heard of someone being actually allergic to the cold, and in an anti-histamine way. That makes it sound like you sneeze and such. I definitely get water eyes in the cold, but that's not too strange I don't think. What happens when you are cold?

It’s cold induced urticaria - I don’t even need to be cold… for example if I were outside cutting the grass snd got sweaty then there was a breeder I’d get an itchy red rash that sometimes turns to hives. That rash for example wouldn’t be where my bra and knickers were so where I had to layers on to protect. My fore fingers swell in winter too which I thought was arthritis but the doctor says is chilblains and to wear gloves (rolls eyes!) it’s rare but I’m so far a lucky one in that I can still eat and drink cold stuff - some people can’t even do that. In winter I have to take 2-3 antihistamines- it’s the windy that tends to be the worst.

No I’ve never had a nosebleed, and yes I’ve had both vaccines now.

Also, do you have any other bleeding issues happening? Nose bleeds or whatever and I have fragile blood vessels personally. Do you as well? Have you gotten your vaccine?

I have health anxiety too, isn't it fun? 🤣🙄 Mine look exactly like yours. They're mostly on my arms and I have a few on my chest. Some are a little bigger than others. When I scratch them, they disappear for a second, then fill up with blood again. Most look raised and not underneath the skin, although it's hard to tell. My boyfriend has some and some of my family members have them too so I'm guessing they're not something to worry about? Even though I'm going to worry anyway, hahaha.

This is exactly same as mine. I hate the worry as it’s if they’ve appeared in a shirt space of time and just keep getting more. Are yours getting worse?

I'm not sure if they're getting worse or if I've always had them. It's hard to tell. I only started obsessing over my skin after I noticed an ugly mole (that turned out to be okay).

I have been developing these rapidly within the last year even though I had a couple of them that started a few years ago. I do not have any other known bleeding issues, no nose bleeds, nothing like that. But my dermatologist who was treating them with pulse dyed laser wants me to be screened for HHT because she says it is not normal for these to be popping up this way. Apparently telangiectasia can start in the third or fourth decade of life in patients with HHT. I have some other hormonal problems so I’m hoping that is the cause but I guess I’ll find out.

What is HHT please?

Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia. It’s an inherited disorder that causes telangiectasia to form on your skin and internal organs leading to the development of AVMs in many patients. It varies from person to person. It can be mild or severe. Most common symptom is nose bleeds but I don’t have those. My derm wants me screened because of how many Telangiectasias I’m developing and also because my dad has telangiectasia as well but no one in my family has ever been checked for HHT. Hoping I don’t have it! Apparently it is suspected to be extremely under diagnosed because many people don’t have many symptoms aside from the red spots and nose bleeds.

“90-95% of people with HHT have telangiectasia on the skin of the hands, face, and mouth, although they may not be visible until age 30 or 40.

Telangiectasia appear as tiny red or purple spots between the size of a pinpoint and pinhead.

Rupture and bleeding of telangiectasia on the mouth, face, or hands is less common than of those in the nose.

Telangiectasia have a tendency to become more numerous with increased age.”

My telangiectasia dots are all over, face, around the lips, nose, hands, chest, stomach, arms, etc. they keep multiplying like crazy in recent months. 😰

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Hi Gardenia88 did you end up finding out your spots were due to HHT?

Mine look the same. Mostly on my chest and torso and some are larger. I’ve had them popping up for the past 5-10 years. No answers yet. But I also have other seemingly unrelated health issues that supposedly won’t kill me (like fibromyalgia).

I have thousands. Mainly upper arms but forearms chest back and neck. They started developing four months ago when I gave birth to my second child. My bloods are fine. I feel fine. But I'd really love to know what they are. My GP has never seen them before. I'm gonna request an appointment with a dermatologist

Red flecks of blood dots
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Since yours started postpartum, have you had all your hormones checked? That seems the most likely. An endocrinologist may be able to help. If you have an HMO, or elsewhere with universal healthcare you'll have to convince your GP/PCP to refer you which is not always easy, but it's not exactly crazy to think it could be hormonal, including thyroid in your particular case. Pregnancy is a wild ride on the body and it can sometimes get out of sorts in ways not expected.

Do you have fragile blood vessels or capillaries too? Did you get your vaccine?

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Beckywatson in reply to cr1233

I haven't had my hormones checked but I am going to ask at the appointment. My gp is useless though. I don't think I have fragile capillaries or blood vessels. No vaccine. My pregnancy was fine apart from I was diagnosed with sinus tachycardia during my heart rate went from 60 (before pregnancy) to 120 BPM my echo came back ok. My heart rate increased wihin the first couple weeks of being pregnant.. Its how I knew I was pregnant. I never had it with my first. They think it was hormonal. Straight after I gave birth my heart rate went straight down back to 70. Literally 30 minutes later. So weird.

I do have polycystic ovaries too.

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cr1233 in reply to Beckywatson

That is weird. That must have been difficult and a bit scary to do 9.5 months of that.

Why does it seem all GP's are useless? Because they don't know anything and they just don't care and don't want to be bothered? Oh that must be it! ha

A dermatologist will likely say they are cherry angiomas, but if yours look like flecks of blood then that's not true. Cherry angiomas are basically always round or roundish with more defined borders, usually raised, and a different, brighter shade of red. They are almost usually larger than petechiae. If you see flecks of blood, which would have more irregular borders because it's blood cells broken off into your skin and they are a darker, more purple-red then they aren't cherry angiomas. If your hormones come out ok, you could try to push for a hematologist appointment if your GP won't help, because he or she may understand something your GP does not, or the numbers and ranges are shrugged off by the GP, but something or something couple with another symptom may trigger an "aha" moment. Let us know if they figure it out.

Good luck at the doctors. Let us know what’s said. Even though I requested a GP actually look at mine they refused and just said there’s nothing they can do :(

I’ve read that you can get an erreuption of cherry Angiomas after birth and it’s the hormones swinging. It’s actually the most benign cause. If I knew that were my case I’d feel a little safer. Let us know what you find out.

I don't believe cherry angiomas bleed or scab over. Cherry angiomas are raised and usually bright pink

They do actually bleed. Mine do if I scratch them and my derm confirmed it. They are bright red and can be flat when they’re young. They raise over time. I don’t know that its what you have tho of course. That’s just what mine look like and what my derm told me. I actually just had like 30 burned off with this electric pen device.

My upper arm

They're hard to capture

Hi all, so glad I found this page… I have googled and I was fixated on Leukaemia, Leukaemia Cutis to be precise, I suffer with health anxiety and as soon as I notice any change on my body I go into meltdown, I first noticed the tiny pin prick spots about 2 weeks ago and then went looking for more on my body, now I don’t know if they were there before but I certainly know now. I have them on my arms, legs, stomach, neck and also noticed a few on the back of my hands (went looking and they are so so tiny) I think I’ve also noticed a few dots on my face.

I went doctors and had bloods taken, FBC was normal, they checked my Platelets and all was fine, the doctor told me they are cherry angiomas but I’m not convinced, I even took myself to A&E and sat there for 7hrs to see a doctor, again I had my bloods taken and everything was fine. My wife has a few of these and I do have some cherry angiomas but I’m working myself up.

I’m at the doctors next week and going to ask to see a dermatologist. 2 days ago I developed itching all over my body, it’s not causing a rash and I give the area a little tickle and it goes but then somewhere else itches, I’m worried it’s something related but have been told it’s probably dry skin or dehydration, I didn’t eat or drink on Saturday or Sunday, I couldn’t function properly due to the anxiety. I do suffer with rhinitis but my nose is ok, I also have allergies to pollen, grass, bark etc, next door are having their house done up and maybe they have disturbed something that’s irritating me.

Sorry to go on, this is really affecting my health and my anxiety is through the roof atm.

Spots on arm
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cr1233 in reply to Ridds

What are they doing next door and when did it start?

Ridds profile image
Ridds in reply to cr1233

New kitchen, bathroom, plastering, painting, new boiler etc, they started a while ago but it’s stop and start. I went in on Monday and I started itching Monday night/tues morning.

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cr1233 in reply to Ridds

You mean you went into their home to check it out? When did the petechiae start? Do you share walls or are you in single family detached homes?

Ridds profile image
Ridds in reply to cr1233

I went in because we have a leak and we share walls, they are decorating so wanted to make them aware, I went upstairs and showed them where leak was. I noticed it about 2 weeks ago on top of my knee

cr1233 profile image
cr1233 in reply to Ridds

How long do you think the leak has been going on? Do you think there's been other leaks that could have grown mold or do you think its solely chemicals from their reno bothering you? Or their reno disturbing mold. Yours sounds like it may be environmental, just the time line of it all. There's lots of reasons for petechiae which is why everyone here is slightly different, have different suspected triggers, and no one is getting a real answer or one that helps others all that much. I have mold toxicity but had a horrid reaction to my neighbors reno this last year too and causes a whole host of issues including recurring sinus issues, and it was chemical this time because it burned my eyes, nose, and throat all very suddenly like a sock in the face. I do believe its all connected as mold can cause low platelets, small vessel vasculitis, and more, everyone is different, you can have one things but not the other and it generally takes a while for something like platelets to drop from mold, while other issues can crop up quicker. I have also had some bleeding issues and have fragile blood vessels. Chemical exposure can do a lot of this too, I don't know what you've been exposed to. I wrote to someone else the difference between cherry angiomas and petechiae. Doctors love to say they are CA's apparently, but it's not, and it's a cop out. In my opinion it's a cop out because they don't know and they don't care, but they don't want you know they don't know and don't care.

So it started on your knee and then spread everywhere else rapidly? I assume they checked for signs of infection? Even things like chemical exposures can cause infections because of the high inflammatory response. Did you get your vaccine?

Ridds profile image
Ridds in reply to cr1233

I’ve had CAs for years but I noticed 2 weeks ago these on knee (please see pic) then I went looking for others on my body, they might of been there before and I hadn’t noticed but I’m not sure, I only notice them now because I’ve seen them when I went searching my skin. I can’t even go to the doctors next week now because my 9yr old has just tested positive for covid, me and my wife are double jabbed. The itching is really annoying me now, I get an itch and I have to gently rub it, we’ve had the leak for a while on/off. Can I request a toxin blood test? Do they exist? Many thanks

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cr1233 in reply to Ridds

Yes, I can see them, those aren't CA's. What is causing it is another matter. There are toxin and fungal tests, but when it comes to mold they do sort of zero in on it with all the tests because there is no test to show you've been exposed to it. It needs to be in your blood, urine, or lungs. It can grow on your skin and in your sinuses as well. It can also push through your skin from the inside trying to flush it out too. Also, while I am not saying this is a sure fire way to tell, because people are just allergic to mold too, but when I had blood work done after first getting sick from mold the doctor ran an antibody response test (basically like an allergy test without the hives and sharpie all over you) for mold and he said it was off the charts. That he has never seen it that high before. Until you know, stay away from mold derived foods, products, etc... ie. blue cheese, check your food carefully if getting old, peanuts, penicillin and amoxicillin (which is usually given to kids for strep and ear infections), and anything with citric acid listed as it's derived from mold.

When you had blood work, your platelets were fine, so it's not likely the vaccine, which can cause ITP, and other issues. Unless they were lower than normal but still in normal range, and have further tanked. You could also have fragile blood vessels from whatever your body is dealing with like me, which is not fun. When you do get to the doctor they should do another CBC to see if there's any changes. You do clot quickly, right?

Did they run a vitamin and mineral panel? If you are unlucky with mold like me, it does cause deficiencies and malabsorption. When I was first exposed the first deficiency was potassium which still strikes me as odd, it's just strange for potassium to be first effected, still haven't figured out why that would be. That was the easiest one to fix. Then came a massive magnesium deficiency, even while taking magnesium. Caused all kinds of major problems, and some still linger. I have to take 2 mag malate pills to survive on now. This year vitamin C and Iron in particular have been my issue, and if you don't have C you can't possibly have Iron since you need the former to absorb the latter. They were both going in, but that meant nothing apparently. Hello 21st century scurvy. Both C and Iron, as well as things like K can cause petechiae, so ask for them to run tests for deficiencies. I can't seem to absorb them. The only vitamin C I seem to absorb is ester-c which is a metabolite and bound to calcium. I can't take asborbic acid or anything with citric acid in it, and my body wasn't absorbing any food C or arcola cherry vitamin C powder which just caused pain. You see oxlic acid and citric acid are metabolites of mold, so you have a build up of oxalates in your from breathing it, but too much vitamin c also turns into oxalates. Your body can recognize citric acid as you breathe it as C, so I think after leaving the place with the mold, I may have had reactive scurvy. It taught my body to not be able to recognize and absorb real C. So, you see this can cause a whole host of problems and a domino effect. I still have the petechiae even as I try hard to get my body to absorb C and iron, but I believe my levels have been climbing.

Definitely make sure your doctor looks for infection just in case you have a low grade infection, that can cause it too. Be aware, there's a lot of doctors that dont believe in mold and think it can't cause illness regardless of the fact it's been proven without a doubt to do so and capable of killing people. There's loads of info online if you find this is your problem. Even the US gov had info on it online and well, if our government is willing to actually admit it exists...well then. You may have to be a bit pushy with your doctor though, and don't admit to them you have any health anxiety, they will dismiss you are psychosomatic even though you clearly have visual signs of ...something going on. Maybe it's just a chemical they are using next door and not mold, I don't know. A lot of deficiencies can cause itching too. Maybe you can get a list from your neighbors of all the products and materials they've used, including cleaners, paint, flooring brand and style, lacquer, etc. Also if they had mold growing, demo or pulling up flooring may have released it to them, but some people seem to have a gene that handles it worse than others.

You can look for mold, but don't disturb it unless it's green or white on a normal surface, say you find it on a painted wood shelf or something, then you can clean it with stain solver and a then a separate wipe down of vinegar. If it is black, don't touch it and leave. Don't open any walls looking for it, as that's where it most likely is if you have it, you will disturb the spores and it'll be very dangerous. If you feel worse when your hvac system comes on , or when you have the central fan on because it's raining, then it's likely spreading it through the vents. I had that. You'll need a professional for any major mold apart from when I described, and they can test for it too. When you are free of covid in your home or course. Just don't forget to clean everything for them first!

If you've exhausted all the more common reasons for petechiae and you're coming up fine, then I'd say look environmental. It's more common than anyone is willing to acknowledge and more dangerous too!

After reading all that I’m a nervous wreck now, I’m suppose to take a vitamin d tablet every day and tbh I don’t, I forget to take it, I’m also suppose to take omeprazole for my acid reflux but again I forget to take them every day. I had a cbc last Friday and results were fine, i then had another on the Sunday and again they were fine, the last time I had one before those was end of April and they were fine, except my low vitamin d….. I have put my body through a lot lately, I was cycling 20 miles a day and I weighed 19st, 11 weeks later i weigh 16st 9lb, eating very healthy and lots of exercise, I was told that’s probably to much pressure on my body especially been the size I am/was, I shouldn’t of gone straight in with the exercise and maybe should of done a bit of light exercise. I’ve managed to get a doctors appointment tomorrow morning but it’s over a video call, I’m really scared now that I could be dying and they don’t know what’s wrong with me, my doctors already know I have anxiety. They have tried to put me on medication for it but I refuse because I feel I don’t need it (I know I probably do need it).

A quick Google on my NHS website says that vitamin d deficiency can cause petechiae, I’m going to take my tablets every day.

Just taken my first one for weeks, the funny thing is….. I was told about the vitamin D end of April and I was taking them but not everyday, I stopped taking them completely and I’ve noticed these little tiny red dots, my skin is also itchy, i will mention all these to the doctor tomorrow morning.

cr1233 profile image
cr1233 in reply to Ridds

Yes vitamin D can cause petechiae. I take vit d drops, but that's not my cause. Mold also puts a lot of stress on the body to try to protect it, so it goes through nutrients quickly. Also in the UK, you have low sunlight and too much is dangerous anyway. Take you D and look around the house for mold, I hear its a big problem in the UK too. You're not going to die. You just have signals for help that you need to figure out what they are so you can feel better and it doesn't allow your body to slowly continue south, but you're not going to die.

How low were your D levels? You also need magnesium for D, btw and vice versa, and you need proper D for proper calcium and to keep calcium out of your arteries.

Ridds profile image
Ridds in reply to cr1233

Thank you for the reassurance, with covid and lockdowns I bet there are loads of people who got low vitamin d, I don’t know how low they were but I have to take 1000iu a day which is 25µg, I have tried to lose weight quickly and probably not been eating a balanced diet, I definitely don’t drink the 6-8 pints of water a day that I should, I maybe drink 1-3, Ive always been like that though but I suppose I could be dehydrated. I will ask my doctor tomorrow to send me for blood test to see if I have any more deficiencies. I will actually ask what blood tests were checked last Sunday and also how low my vitamin d was at the end of April.

cr1233 profile image
cr1233 in reply to Ridds

No problem. Nutrient levels are very important for staying alive and healthy, in fact some deficiencies can actually make some people gain weight. Like low iron. Work on getting proper nutrient levels, see what's up with you blood work and what's been tested, and investigate your potential mold issues, but stay calm. Even if you do find mold from these leaks, it's better to know and face it head on, then not know. It's also better to find it when it's not spread as much, you'll have a better chance at full remediation, or if you must make the choice as to whether you want to remove yourself completely. But basically, it's something you just need to know either way. To face it or peace of mind.

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Beckywatson in reply to cr1233

There is black mold in a hole behind our toilet. I've asked the landlord to do something about it, weeks ago and still waiting. He's talking about getting a plumber in 😑 I have a child with a heart condition and hate bathing him in there. There's no fan or anything so have to open the window. Who shall I get out to come and look at it?

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cr1233 in reply to Beckywatson

Oh that is very worrying. You need more than just a plumber. Yes, the leak or whatever needs to fixed, but remediation to remove mold and it's spores not just from the surfaces, but the air needs to be done. The surfaces it's on, the wall, plasters, etc also need to be cut out and disposed of properly, as hazardous materials, and fixed with new materials. There are professional mold testers and remediators. This is something that should be paid for by your landlord, but if you must have them in, they should reimburse you. Look at your local laws on that one, they should tell you your rights. Also, if your landlord is not doing anything, there should be somewhere to call under renters rights to get help as you would have the right to live in a safe environment.

Spoke with doctor who said it wasn’t Petechia and said my platelets were 184 and are normal, the range is 150-400. The blood test looked for infections, cbc etc and all was fine. I’ve got to make sure I take my Vitamin D tablets everyday and also these (see pic), also recommended I take piriton for the itching and to be moisturising with e45 cream 3 times a day.

cr1233 profile image
cr1233 in reply to Ridds

If its not petechiae then what are the flecks of flood broken off into your skin? Mine are definitely flecks of blood personally, I can see irregular borders and it's a purple red, plus my blood vessels became fragile so it's a duh for me. All kinds of things can cause it even with normal platelets, but it's good to know at least your platelets are fine! That's good. That means the solution will be an easier fix. Since it's not an infection and all other nutrients are fine. Either take your vitamin D and it will resolve, or an allergy which you can generally remove or remove yourself from it! Let us know if it goes away with D.

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cr1233 in reply to Ridds

And get that leak looked at! Just in case, all leaks should be looked at and carefully watched because even the small ones can turn to mold on you and it's best to get it right away when small and manageable.

I know this thread is older, but I just stumbled across this and its the first time I’ve come across anyone else with this issue too! I first discovered these dots when I was about 11 or 12, probably almost a 100 across my forearms, one or two on my hands. I brushed them off initially as my mum and grandad have cherry spots (can’t remember the medical term) however I went to the GP eventually who was dumbfounded by them. Had lots of bloodwork done which showed no indication of anything so I was referred to a paediatric dermatologist. Had more blood work done again and he inspected them, saw they were above the skin and disappear when scratched before filling back up with blood. He was confident it was burst capillaries and nothing sinister as I had no other underlying symptoms and put it down to hormones considering I was going through puberty. I’m 17 now and they’re still present, don’t really change but I think there’s less of them now if anything. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and have had a hard time with OCD and anxiety so reckon he was right about the hormone theory - exacerbated by stress. Hope this helps anyone just discovering them and feeling worried, as I genuinely believe most of the time they’re not something to worry extensively about like how health anxiety will tell us to lol.

cr1233 profile image
cr1233 in reply to houndsoflove

That's very interesting, I do believe hormones is a common reason behind them, or at least it seems to be for a lot of people since so many things can cause this. And it is a bit like chasing your own tail trying to figure out which one it is for you. Though I am not sure if there is a common thread in what type of hormonal problem it is, it could be many. Are you receiving treatment for PCOS? Has there been less since if you are getting treatment?

houndsoflove profile image
houndsoflove in reply to cr1233

Absolutely, looking through the replies here it seems a lot of people have had hormonal issues as a suspected cause too. Just frustrating there being so many other possible causes as you mentioned it’s a nightmare working things out! For the PCOS I’ve been taking the combined pill for a few months now (oestrogen and progesterone) and I do think the dots are less prominent since then. The difference is minor but there are less - whether that is linked to the hormone changes from taking medication I’m not sure, but it certainly could be. I’ve been considering swapping from the combined pill to another form of PCOS treatment due to the side effects so it will certainly be interesting to see if there’s any changes in the dots with either no added hormones in my system or different ones from a different medication all together.

I’m starting to think it’s a vitamin deficiency, I haven’t had a balanced diet since may, I have dieted hard, salads and weetabix, you could be right regarding my vitamin c and k, I’m going to speak with doctor in the morning and also start taking multivitamins because these dots are spreading and skin is really itchy.


I have received my bone marrow biopsy and it needs to be further stained with CD25 to definitely rule out mastocytosis. Other than that I started treatment for Lyme as my Western Blot Igm was positive for 3 bands, 2(very B.Burgdoferi specific). Even though my Elisa was IgG and IgM negative , treatment was still warranted. I have received 2g ceftriaxone intramuscularly + metronidazole 2x500 orally for 9 days when I switched to doxy yesterday. Some of my symptoms seem to be improving but the red dots keep appearing. So I wondered if it was hormone related. I am a 36 year old male and when I said I would like my estrogen (estradiol) checked they really thought I was crazy. My testosterone was normal while estradiol was less than 5! Males should be in the range of 11-43. Less than 5 could mean 0.1 as well, machine cant spit out the exact number.

So I think I need my progesterone evaluated as well as these go hand in hand and upregulation of DAO enzymes also is carried out by hormones which contribute to breakdown of histamine (or accumulation) which can cause MCAS.

So basically If I am making cortisol instead of fair amount of progesterone as well then I might be in a viscous cycle of histamine buildup.

So I think finally I might be on the right track.

Will keep posting.

Have a great day all,

Hey Andy, any update here? How are you?

Hello! I'm 14 years old and I get these on my leg, however I found one patch of skin on my it has a yellowish tint to it with a few of these on it. Its not itchy at all. I also get them when I itch my skin or bug bite, it seems when I itch my skin get irritated and makes them appear. I've been worried about it for sometime I am going to the doctor but still stressing that it could be some kind of strange disease

It might as well be but I am here to help you guys rule out some of the things. I do have HHT ( a very mild form in my 30's) so that can be a thing. Furthermore if not related to covid, it is worth looking into Borrelia Burgdorferi, Bartonella, Babesia. I am on Doxycycline now and I have not felt this good in a year. I am taking DAO enzymes as well with quercetin.

So, as it is really hard to pinpoint the exact cause (hormonal imbalance may as well be a consequence of something - as I explained above, defensive long term immune actions hider our organisms to break down histamine and we are producing way too much cortisol (you can see the symptoms if that may be the cause of you being stuck in flight or fight), it is worth checking out these bacteria/parasites. My Western Blot IgM came back positive so a round of doxycycline cant harm (it can but the risk reward is worth is especially after being sick for a year and undergoing bone marrow biopsies etc.)

If this doesnt work , I will have too look into other hormonal imbalance causes. One simple explanation would be covid wreaking havoc on testicleless (due to abundance of ACE2 receptors).

These things could as well be consequences of small fiber neuropathy brought on by a viral infection. If your capillaries dilate too much and there are pathogens (or just a false overactive autoimmune-like response) on the endothelial wall, leaks could happen. As to why some end up being angiomas while others just simple petechia or telangiectasia that is another question.

So many possible factors but I am determined to help you figure it out.


Has anyone been genetically screened for HHT here? I have telangiectasia/spider angiomas and was going for cosmetic laser and they kept popping up everywhere. My derm became concerned when I kept coming back for more treatments and is sending me to be screened for HHT. I also have lean pcos, pseudo cushings (high cortisol), and up and down prolactin levels. My dad is also covered in the red dots so I’m concerned about HHT now. Anyone get checked for that? My derm is fairly concerned, which is a first lol most drs are very flippant about my health concerns. I never even knew the red dots could mean anything until she said she was concerned about HHT.

Andy1985 profile image
Andy1985 in reply to Gardenia88

I have not been screened but I do have my gene map and can search for variants through promethease. Altough some genes have been recognized and associated with HHT not all are known. I am 90%+ sure I do have HHT unfortunately as my dad (who is 61 now) has had 2 major nose bleeds. His father died at 58 and for the last 15 years of his life he kept having nosebleeds on a weekly basis. Some so severe that the bleeding had to be stopped at the ER. My grandfather had 2 brothers, one of them just died 2 years ago at the age of 73 , also kept getting nosebleeds weekly for the last 10 years. The oldest of them 3 was not affected by nosebleeds and lived 78 years.

So I am fairly certain I do have HHT. Due to my whole struggle with susp covid/lyme I was screened and dont have anything major showing up on brain MRI/MRA , chest CT. Will have to do checkups every 3-5 years at least.

has anyone found that they got a lot more of these dots after getting their vaccine? that happened for me but it could just be a coincidence. but after i got my first dose i had new dots pop up for a few days and then stop. then the same thing happened once i got my second dose. i had some dots long before getting vaccinated, though. furthermore, i was wondering if it has sometime to do with a heavy vitamin deficiency, specifically vitamin c deficiency? the red dots kind of line up to the symptoms of scurvy but i'm not sure.

Yes, the vaccine can cause ITP or low platelets so watch that very carefully and get immediate help if it keeps going, you see bruising for no reason, purpura, or you start getting nose and gum bleeding, or blood in your urine/stool. Deficiencies can also cause petechiae: C, K, iron, even D are common ones, but it's possible even with others. Also if you have no C or not absorbing it, you won't absorb iron and therefor fall into anemia. Which vaccine did you get?

Ridds profile image
Ridds in reply to sameoldsameold

This is a good shout, I had the Astra Zeneca and now I’m thinking what you say might be right, I had my 1st jab in march and end of April my platelets were 205 I think, I had 2nd jab in may and that’s when I started noticing them, I had blood test taken 2 weeks and my platelets were 187, I’m on vitamin d tablets because I had a very slight deficiency but I asked them today to test me for c and k and they said they can’t, told me to take multi vitamins

cr1233 profile image
cr1233 in reply to Ridds

They can't? That's a weird response. Why did they say they can't? Have you seen any signs of relief from your vit D pills? Usually ITP from vaccines happens within a couple of weeks, and have a sudden effect, but it is possible for it to slowly chip away at your count which is less dangerous, of course, but still potentially problematic. 187 was 2 weeks ago or 2 weeks after your second jab? You wouldn't have petechiae with 187 though. At least I have never heard of it that high even if someone starts much higher, but I'm not a hematologist. I suppose it's possible, anything is, really, and everyone's body responds differently to changes. Or maybe you have fragile blood vessels like me, I'm not sure if the vaccine can cause that, but it can cause most everything really, so who knows. It's definitely suspicious though that they would occur right after the second shot. Common sense says there is likely a connection.

As for the vitamins, well it won't hurt you to eat more C and K. It's better to eat it than pills. Especially K, K pills can cause hyper-coagulation, but if you just eat your greens you'd be fine and still increase your K. C, I mean if you think you may have scurvy signs you can take a supplement and see and then taper back to just food or a lower dose plus food, but I wouldn't take more than 1g or 1000mg a day unless your doc finally does test and finds you need a temporary extra high therapeutic dose. Too much vit C is bad for your kidneys and liver.

I have gotten a lot more this winter and I had covid symptoms that lasted for 6 months starting in fall. There is one study about covid causing erruptive cherry Angiomas and other skin manifestations so it’s possible it’s related- after all it does attack the blood vessels. Anyway the vaccine could maybe have the same effect since it puts the spike protein in the body. Idk just musings.

I believe the vaccine has done something and i they all started appearing after my 2nd jab in may, I have been exercising daily since may 5th, I didn’t go out for 10 days starting 14th July due to my daughter having covid and mine started to dry up, disappear etc but I’ve since hit the gym again and I have noticed more, so exercise is def doing something.

cr1233 profile image
cr1233 in reply to Ridds

Wow, so when you just sit on the sofa and hang out they go away and when you work out they come back? Mine definitely don't ha. But they do sometimes look a little less when I first wake up in the morning, then once I get up and moving and blood is pumping the rest show up and get brighter. Some don't budge at all though. I can also blanch some of them with my nail, but not all. Some also have a white ring around them, but yep, not all. I definitely have some kind of blood vessel issue though, they are fragile and I bleed easily. When you work out, your blood vessels are dilated too. It seems something is going on with your blood vessels too.

Ataraneh_697 profile image
Ataraneh_697 in reply to Ridds

I wonder if it is tied to exercise too. I got tons rbis winter- like thousands. And the only changes were I had covid and I started exercising. When you exercise and burn fat toxins stored in the fat are released into the bloodstream. Wonder if it’s related to they.

I noticed these red spots recently, one on my forehead, rest on arms. They're not clustered but I'm very worried. I had a bad cold a couple of weeks ago and low grade fever. Got prescribed antibiotics for 5 days. Also got a HRCT scan of my lungs to check for infection since I had covid once and was scared my lungs were in bad shape. Results came out fine. Ever since getting off the antibiotics, my kidneys have started to hurt. Nothing too intense, just bursts of mild to moderate pain on both sides. I have health anxiety and am really scared about what's happening. I stopped looking anything up online since it always leads to cancer. Have a derm appointment later this week but can't stop worrying.

Blood speck

Hi everyone, I also have red pinprick dots spreading over my arms over the last few months. The dots are hardly visible but I get a few more everyday. They blanche when you put pressure on them, at least most of them do. I'm a male, 27 years old, and very worried this is related to an STD, although all my test (urine and blood) for all known STDs came back negative. Any thoughts?

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