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I am suffering with an itchy bottom for ages what is the best cream to use l think it is sorisis

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Hi Tennisball... For itchy skin, you can do several things that might help. If you can get access to some plantain or chickweed (from as local health food store), you can make a tea out of it and soak a cloth, then apply it when cool. Normally, I would recommend an oil with the two in it (works veritable wonders for itching of pretty much any kind), but the oil can soak through clothing if applied too heavily. OR, you can apply a little coconut oil (you know - EV, raw, organic, etc. etc.) right after a shower. That will help too. Same issue though - careful on the amount or you could be sitting in an oil slick. Finally, there are OTC (over the counter) medications like Gold Bond cream that are easily obtained and may be your best bet. If you have some steroid cream, kike Betameth or something, that will work too, but it takes a script. Best of luck sweetie - That is no fun for sure ..

I would also suggest you get to the doc to get a definitive diagnosis and see what their suggestion is in terms of treatments. Hugs


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