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Unsure on what exactly this is?

Unsure on what exactly this is?

I've been to see around 3 Different Doctors about this & i've not had one good response.. Basically i've had this for about a year & it's safe too say it's doing my heading.. I'm not sure what it is, I Thought it was ringworm but according to the 3 Doctors i've seen it's not, It's causing me a lot of stress & as i suffer with depression already it isn't doing me very good.. It's on my side & on my one arm, It appears like a light brown colour most times, But then at time it'll flare up & go bright red.. But now i've realised that it's starting to spread & i'm unsure on what it is.. It's kinda worrying me..

It's not always red, It's normally the light brown colour, I've just noticed it's spread quite a bit & has changed colour.

I'm hoping someone on here can tell me what it is?

What's causing it?

Possibly any other advice you could give.

I've tried searching online didn't get much luck & then i found your community, I hope you can help. I've posted an image below so hopefully someone could shed some light on the matter..

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Sorry I am not sure but are the doctors that you have seen skin specialists? Think you should be referred to a dermatologist for a better analysis.


Not at all, They were just your normal everyday doctor, Apparently its pityriasis rosea. Although i don't believe that's the case. I've had it over a year and pityriasis rosea is supposed to clear within 12 weeks. Max 5 Months, I've had it almost 2 years. It's just spreading continuously


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