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Recently learned about the potent and natural healing properties of Aloe Vera for psoriasis.


I recently came across a study that backs up aloe vera as a powerful treatment for psoriasis. 25 out of 30 patients (83.3%) in the clinical trial had the severity of their symptoms greatly reduced.

I wrote an article on my blog about my introduction to and experiences with aloe vera as well as many other alternative treatments here:

Please let me know about your personal experiences and success stories with aloe vera.

I wish everyone clear skin and happiness!

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I have drunk Aloe Vera and used it on my skin, Psoriasis still with me! Tried both types for over a year with no reductions. Waste of time and money.

That's too bad Georje, I've had some really good experiences with it.

Like you, my P is still with me but I found that it helped soothe some of the psoriasis patches and cleared parts of it.

Did you apply it three times a day?

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