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Just not enough time!

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One of my biggest reasons for wanting to truly “cure” my OCD is so I can see how much time I really have. Time in ever aspect is problematic for me. I suffer from short-term memory loss and deja vu everyday but I’m also able to remember events at the age of 3!

I’m usually late because the rituals won’t let me leave and everyone in my family makes me the “joke” about how long it takes me to get ready 🙄

My friendships suffer tremendously because I have no time to devote to them. (No one really knows why). I hate for my time to be interrupted although half of my time goes to rituals. If it wasn’t for bills, my daughter and the need to want to be successful, all of my time and my day would go to rituals.

Anyone else struggle like this? Tips are always appreciated

Signed an exhausted compulsive mommy

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Dear friend, is there a way for you to afford therapy? CBT? You sound like a very determined person, it will probably help you tremendously. I wish you all the best, I have a brother like you and I know how much he struggles...I know you can get better!

I’ve been researching OCD specialists nearby...so far no luck, but I’m doing my best not to give up. I definitely want CBT, but I get so stuck...unable to eat, sleep....without a supportive team, It is really hard.

Thank you so much for the support my friend!

Keep looking! You will find help. The first step is to look for it, and I'm so happy you are doing this! Sending you a lot of positive energy! :)

I can totally relate to this. I sometimes wonder how much time I have wasted on compulsions and rituals in my lifetime. (Maybe I don’t really want to know) It has consumed so much of my time. Leaving for work and getting ready for bed are two of my most difficult times of day. The process is exhausting because of the amount of time I spend doing rituals. Hang in there!

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Yes, all of this. I feel like I don’t really want to know either... I think it would break me down but I’m also ready. OCD is soooo exhausting and I’m ready to breathe!!! Lol. Thank you for this. It gets really difficult when your loved ones laugh instead of expressing empathy. But I choose not to stress over what they don’t understand anymore. My will to live and conquer this has gotten much stronger than the pain I feel from the lack of support. I will do my best to keep you posted!

Hello! I feel your pain. I suffer from OCD too. Cognitive behavioral therapy was the only thing that help me and guide me through the pain. I would definitely reccomend it. Hope you feel better soon. Keep safe! I wish you all the best!

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Hey!!! Thank you so much for your kind words and support! I’m working on CBT, but it’s such a paradox! I need the CBT to help me manage my life, so when it’s time to research CBT treatments and manage my life, I become stuck and, for lack of better words, cannot manage my life. Smh.

So sorry to hear you are struggling so much. I've had OCD since I was 6. It has taken many different forms during the years.

I understand about the rituals. I can't tell you how important it is for you to get good quality OCD therapy to help to get out of these loops you are in. I spent years in therapy, however now I realize the therapy I was receiving was NOT from OCD professionals. I have said this so many times how important it is to receive the correct counselling.

You CAN get better my dear. We will never be 'cured' but we can really REALLY get better and start living our lives fully.

I take meds and also get therapy. The two together for me seem to be the answer. I have gotten so much better because I have learned so many truths about what OCD is, as well as tools and tips to be able to address the OCD when it comes knocking at my door. This is not something you can just get over alone.

Please consider this ❤️. You have life to live!!! :) :)


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Thank you so much, this touched me deeply. I fight extremely hard everyday to make and execute productive plans. The Guilt, shame, embarrassment and other nonstop emotions make your reality seem so unreachable for me. But I definitely don’t want to give up. I have family and 2 friends, but I’m so alone in this battle. When I don’t know how to pull myself out the loops, it would be so efficient to have a loved one grab my hand! I try not to obsess over that as it’s my reality. But I’m curious of my fate. I want treatment so bad, but the paradox completely stops me and the anxiety causes what I’m trying to manage.

I want to live and be happy. But the solution, I can’t seem to find. Thank you again. I will do my best to keep pushing through!

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3BirdLover in reply to Magic214

Sounds like talking with the rest of us may be very beneficial to you. We all do understand what is going on and also working through this process. We are all here to help you work through this.

Here we can help by sharing with you what tips and tools have helped us, however for myself, I wouldn't have been able to do it without my meds, which helps to get my brain working better in order to follow the processes I need to. Our brains aren't working right. It's so interesting when someone explains what is happening with OCD in the brain. It made it, for me, so much more apparent that it is a brain disorder rather than just a weakness that I have. Please remember you are NOT your OCD.

Have you watched any of the live or taped OCD facebook webinars the International OCD Foundation has weekly? I love the "Just Ethan" ones that Ethan Smith does. He has OCD himself and he hosts the programs. I have learned so much about OCD, as well as tools to help me. See iocdf.org

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