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TRIGGER WARNING: OCD and suicidal ideation

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First off, let me say that I am NOT suicidal, however when my psychiatrist asked me:(as he does every visit) whether I have thoughts of suicide, I told him ‘no, but I understand why someone could get to the point of thinking about it’. He then asked again if I had thoughts of it, I said no.

Am I the only one that is asked this at every visit? Was my answer inappropriate?


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Hi keepontrying7, I've only just started to get help, but I've been asked that question many times as well. I think it's just a standard question and part of their duty of care because I suppose your mental health can change really quickly. Also no your answer wasn't inappropriate at all. Hope you're getting the help you need

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Thanks.....I have Real event ocd so it’s a tough one to deal with but meds and therapy are helping slightly....Hope your help is successful also.

You're not alone. I get asked that question all the time too. I think it's pretty common to ask, especially when you're starting medication or seeing a new doctor/therapist.

I think many ask it if you have ever said anything about it or if you show signs of being depressed to that point.

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