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Does anyone else suffer with relationship OCD?

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i was diagnosed with OCD today and have relationship OCD. anyone else have this?


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Sorry to ask but what exactly is this.I think I cause or see problems that are not there in a relationship, my friend thinks I sabotage my relationship but I really don’t know. I know he has had enough and don’t want me now cause of the way I am.

I have been diagnosed for like years now and though this is a new strand of ocd im hearing about but i feel like i may have hd a touch of that when i was in my teenage years . I feel like esp when dating i was always worried that i wasnt good enough and was always accusing and it started so many arguments and made me look nuts! And i also have been dealing witht worrying what people think or say within my family or if they favor others over my family so im been highly focused on my relationship with people in my family making things out to be stuff thats not really happening. Like i feel like ppl try to one up you in a way so it lowersMy confidence then i worry ppl think they are better and goves them more attention. Not sure if that’s similar or not but thought id share incase it was similar :) ocd sucks for sure its very painful i hope you feel better 😀

Yes, I do

Also, here’s a really helpful article from a sufferer

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