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I need help


I had written this a few days ago. And many kind people replied me it was a relief for a few days. I am religious so asked God about signs. Now every time I think I am going to be punished the phone bell rings as an answer to my thoughts. Has anybody been through this please help me. Below is my intrusive thought

"A couple of days ago it started with blasphemous thoughts about god. I didn't want to think them. Then came thoughts about a mythological character who was raped. I started having thoughts like what happened to her was right. I thought if I think so I will have to go through some torture. I then came across junko furuta case. I started having thoughts that what happened to her was right for apparently no reason. I explained myself that if I think so same would happen to me ( It has happened earlier that something I thought came true.). I started thinking maybe I am already punished. Next day I had a very angry intense thought. That if it happens to me what happened to her was right. The thought still feels real. I do not want to think that way. I am scared something same would happen to me. It's been 4 months I have this thought every day. I sometimes think maybe subconsciously I think this way. How can I confirm that I do not think this way?"

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Hi Starling, I'm sorry your struggling so badly! I know how nasty OCD can be! This is going to be really tough to hear probably. 😐 But the best way to handle a OCD thot is just to let it be there. When it comes just say "oh you again. Ok maybe I do want that to happen." Then bring your attention back to the present, to what your doing. And if the thot is still there, that's fine. When you try to fight the thot and push it away it just makes it worse. Your never gonna be able to prove to ocd that your right and it's wrong. He will always find some way to make you feel wrong. So the best way to handle him is just to agree with him and keep on going about your life.

Just like if your having an argument with someone and you say " you know what your right." Then just go back to what you were doing, they can no longer fight with you. Oh they'll probably try just like OCD will but as long as you don't fight back the argument will probably die soon.

Anyway hope this helps!

Thank you for your kind words

Hi dear friend

I am a Muslim like you and I have had an experience similar to your thoughts. That's why I understand you so well.

First I must say do not be afraid. You do not commit any sin. Because these thoughts come to your mind unintentionally.

These kinds of thoughts are signs of obsession. Because obsessive-compulsive disorder is a type of allergy. Sensitivity to things that are important to us, and because it is important for us to respect religion and religious leaders, so thoughts contrary to our beliefs enter our minds and bother us.

The best way to get rid of these thoughts is to ignore them. I know it's hard, but you have to.

The more you pay attention to these thoughts, the greater their number and power.

If you can cope with your thoughts on your own, that's fine, but if you can't, I suggest you get help from a psychologist. Of course, if your obsession is severe, you will also need medication.

If you are from Iran, you can call Dr. Leila Jebeli and ask for her help.

phone number : 02188881984 or 02191014996

And , You can contact her through Ms. Doctor's website.


OCDneedshelp in reply to pn-7128

Wow, I have never thought of OCD as an allergy, but that is a great way to put it. It is there and it bothers you like an itch that is so hard to ignore but ignoring it is what we need to do.

To original poster, I get the feeling of fear about thoughts but they are only thoughts and while I may come from a different faith background, know that god wouldn’t punish you for a thought that you can’t control. Hope that you find a way to let the thoughts be. Good luck.

Thank you for your support.

Starling2411 in reply to pn-7128

Thank you for your kind words I will surely see a psychologist very soon

It is not you, it is your OCD. And God knows you have this condition and is not going to punish you for this. God knows that this is not you but your OCD. Your OCD is a total liar and would have you believe that you are evil.

You must ignore these thoughts and stop fearing them and they will lose their grip on and will fade away. Please read the book called Brain Lock by Jeffrey Schwartz and it will convince you to see that it is not you, but your OCD. God's blessings to you

Thank you for your advice I will soon read the book

Oh Starling.....I feel for you! I so much know what you are going through and it is torture.

Around 2016-2018 I went through this time with a horrific blasphemous thought about God that made me sick (physically). I love the Lord so much and couldn't understand WHY WHY WHY my mind was doing this to me. I just couldn't cope at all.

I KNEW I didn't really feel this way....there was NO WAY I felt that way.

There are so many things that I needed to know. I figured it was some OCD but I didn't realize there was something called "Religious OCD" that was causing this.

Some tips that I learned a little later:

* These thoughts going through our minds are only fleeting thoughts. It doesn't mean we truly feel this way... it's OCD. People without OCD will have a fleeting thought that just goes in and back out in a flash. We, with OCD, tend to latch onto these thoughts and are totally devastated that our minds can think this. We go over and over and over in our minds trying to figure out WHY they came through and trying to convince ourselves that it isn't true. (which is actually RIGHT...it ISN"T US).

* God is a loving God and He knows you don't feel that way. He knows everything going on with you right now. He knows it's OCD...

* There REALLY is something called "Religious OCD" that is doing this to you. We have to learn to separate our OCD from US. OCD is a disorder we have.....it is NOT us. Try separating this.

* I often tell my OCD to get out of my head in words that I will not use here. My husband used to tell me to "kick those thoughts to the curb". I actually did....I actually kicked out my leg telling my OCD to take a hike...that "you are not welcome into my head!!!!" This really helps.

I realize I may be re-assuring you by telling you these things, but they are tools that really have helped me.

My awful thoughts like this are pretty much gone. Are you seeing an OCD therapist? Are you on any meds to help you? It's so important..!!! Feel free if you want to talk more.

Thank you for your kind words. You are really strong that you fought those thoughts. I have completely avoided the religious books and it's exhausting. The worst is about the rape victim. There are multiple times I am convinced that few years later I am going to be in her place. It's distressing and exhausting. Today has been a good day. But it's exhausting. I will be seeing a therapist soon after my exams

The problem is also that in the past my thoughts have been intuitive than intrusive and I can no longer differentiate between them. Rather before June I was much easy going. One of my close friends lied to me about a life threatening disease after than this started just 7 days after I came to know the truth. Thank you for helping me and listening to me it feels relief to talk to someone

Your friend lying to you might have been an OCD trigger. Sometimes something traumatic will start it all off again.

It is hard to differentiate between what is OCD and what isn't. I always remember that Ethan Smith on the OCD videos says "if you think it might be OCD, it probably is". Try to work on thinking this and try to let it lie as that. It's not easy..... I know it sounds like I'm making it easy, but it isn't and I know it.

Glad you will be seeing a therapist. Please be sure they are trained in OCD as that is sooooo very important. I went to therapists most of my life and I really missed out because they were NOT versed in OCD. They tried to help but they were really unable to do as much good as if I would have found someone that knew what OCD really is.

Best to you and blessings!

Thank you so much. You are brave and strong I wish there will be one day I will be able to fight this as strongly as you are fighting. Thank you for listening to me

I will surely check for the right therapist trained and well versed for OCD problems

I am a Christian and I’ve been struggling with intrusive thoughts about God for around 2 years. My therapist told me to remember that just because I think something doesn’t mean I agree or approve of it. She tells me to tell myself, “I am not my thoughts” and also to remember that God knows everything. He knows these thoughts are not me, that they are OCD, and He loves me anyway.

Really like what you shared I have struggled with this too. This was encouraging. Thank you

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