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Anyone open to talk?


Anyone with harm, sexual or religious ocd open to talking?

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Hi Lindsey14, I’ve been through this. I’m here to talk. Send me a message whenever you’re around.

Hi Lindsey14, I have religious/harm OCD and can definitely talk! Message me if you'd like ♥

Hi Lindsey14, I have harm and sexual ocd. I know how completely AWFUL it can be! Feel free to send me a message.

Religious OCD off and on for about 40 years. Happy to share experiences.

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Thank you!

I too have had horrible religious OCD that has now calmed down. I'd be happy to talk with you. I've had Harm too related to the religious OCD. Sometimes it goes together for me. It creeps up off and on. To me the religious OCD is the absolute worst.

I feel you :(

Hi Lindsey,

How are you doing? I deal with harm OCD including a sexual theme, which seems to be different than what I have heard with sexual themes. I am happy to talk.

you can write me too. I have Magical thinking (supersticious) ocd paired with harm and religious ocd Themes and Harm Ocd while driving.

Hi Lindsey

I am new to OCD community and never had diagnosis until recently.

I had no idea there was sexual OCD or religious OCD but, I know now and i have them both. I think. Along with room counting and task counting/punishments and larva phobia and contamination issues. I never thought it was OCD but it makes sense now... curious how yours manifests

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I have bad harm ocd

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