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New & Seeking Support

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Hi Everyone,

I’m new to this community and app. I was diagnosed with OCD this January. It all happened before getting off Nexplanon and got worse afterwards. I obsess over things and have false memory OCD badly. I look things up for reassurance and also search my own memories for reassurance but the memories change. It’s affecting my career so much so that I want to switch careers because it’s too much of a trigger. I guess with this quarantine stuff it’s amplified. I wish I had support and people to truly talk to who understand. 😢

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This is good place to talk about OCD aspects. I suffer from this condition since January of the 2015 year. The best way to face this uncomfortable illness is going to psychological therapy and taking the medication. What's your minor/major?

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I’m doing both. My therapist doesn’t specialize in OCD I don’t believe. But I take Setraline 25 mg, and she increased to 50 mg but haven’t started yet. I think I’ll start today.

Welcome to the forum! We are here for you

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Thanks. I hope I can provide the support back that I receive as well.

I would like to welcome you to the OCD Support Network.

We are here to offer hope and support.

We are in this together battling OCD.

I have symptoms of many obsessions, reassurance seeking.

I know it is very painful.

I hope you get better.

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Thanks! I’m glad I found this group

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Welcome to this support group. I'm sorry for the struggles you are having. I having been struggling with ocd since a child. I suffer with scrupulosity and guilt. Im trying to stop asking my husband for reassurance. This disease is so hard! When I try to not lean on him and try using talk therapy to myself it can cause problems! You cant reason with ocd. I'm thinking and praying about getting back into therapy.

Best wishes to you!

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