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I don’t wanna seek reassurance

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Hi all. I’m tired. So freaking tired. Of ocd. Of not being myself. Of my whole like just being about ocd. I’m exhausted. Im seeing a therapist on oct 30 that specializes in ocd but I’m just worried ): it’s not gonna work. Any advice? 💔

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The therapy will only work if you do! Just know that this disorder is causing you fear and making it all about IT! Tell it its time you live your life for you and not something that causes you negativity, which is the ocd. The therapy will so hard and the homework will be almost impossible to do but you can do it. However long it takes, you can be yourself without ocd taking over

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Good Morning Empath245,

So sorry to hear of your struggles with OCD and the exhaustion that comes with it. It’s a pest for sure and I understand. I’m glad you will be seeing an OCD specialist as they will be able to help you. There is great HOPE, I’ve been there! The Best is wished for you😊


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Thank you❤️

Instead of worry about it not working, look at the sessions as a means that potentially could be very beneficial. Force yourself to look at the upsides and all that they mean for your life negating the negative OCD voice. There is a bright side to everything, sometimes it takes a bit of looking to see it.

I'm right there with you. Im am so burned out with my ocd. This year has been really bad. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Best wishes with starting therapy.

This year has been really bad for me too. My heart feels completely shattered. My dreams seem gone. My emotions feel numb. I don't feel like myself. I feel so broken. What happened to me? It feels like I'm not even me anymore. I'm just very sad. I feel like I don't know how much longer I can do this.

My bits of advice are to make sure that your therapist will be using ERP for treating OCD. Given that you're seeing an OCD specialist, hopefully that is the case. Beyond that, try to be honest with your therapist. If you have questions, ask the questions. If you really aren't ready to talk about or do something, say that. You don't have to get into details on everything right away, but don't pretend that something isn't an issue if it is bothering you. The parts of OCD that we are most ashamed of and reluctant to admit are the areas that we really need to work on. Maybe you don't talk about everything right away, but don't feel embarrassed about bring up something that is causing problems.

The therapist is there to help you, but in the end you have to do the work of therapy yourself and your therapist is just your guide. If you want to beat OCD, you can do it when you put in the work.

Good luck this week with your appointment.

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